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Author International Symposium on Nuclear Structure Physics (2001 : University of Göttingen)

Title International Symposium on Nuclear Structure Physics : celebrating the career of Peter von Brentano : University of Göttingen, Germany, 5-8 March 2001 / editors, Rick Casten [and others]
Published Singapore ; River Edge, NJ : World Scientific, [2001]
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Description 1 online resource (xix, 447 pages) : illustrations
Contents The large probability of the 0+ ground states / A. Arima, N. Yoshinaga and Y.M. Zhao -- Renormalization of one-particle moments due to core polarization -- Drip line nuclei vs. [symbol]-stable nuclei / I. Hamamoto -- New class of dynamic symmetries / F. Iachello -- Real photon scattering close to the neutron threshold / A. Zilges [and others] -- E1 two-photon excitations in nuclei near shell closures / H.H. Pitz -- Shape changes and coexistence in the neutron-rich A = 100 mass region / J.L. Durell, A.G. Smith and W. Urban -- Structure of high-spin states in 90Sr and 92Sr / E.A. Stefanova [and others] -- Decay out of a superdeformed band / H.A. Weidenmuller -- The special nuclear structure of the Te isotopes / T. von Egidy [and others] -- Vibrational and intruder structures in 116Cd / S.W. Yates [and others] -- Structure of elementary matter: Superheavies, hypermatter and antimatter / W. Greiner -- Partial dynamical symmetries in quantal many-body systems / P. Van Isacker -- Properties of isomers by laser ionization spectroscopy / J. Billowes -- Recent developments of the nuclear shell model / T. Otsuka -- AB-initio no-core shell model / B.R. Barrett [and others] -- Randomly interacting bosons, mean-fields and L = 0 ground states / R. Bijker and A. Frank -- Exotica near 56Ni -- Exploiting the 'big arrays' / D. Rudolph [and others] -- Coulomb energy differences: A magnifying glass to probe nuclear structure / S.M. Lenzi -- Nuclear structure of the A = 46, T = 1 triplet / P.E. Garrett [and others] -- Aspects of nuclear structure at low isospin / D.D. Warner -- Generic and non-generic features of chaotic systems: Billiards and nuclei / A. Richter -- Cluster interpretation of parity splitting in alternating parity bands / T.M. Shneidman [and others] -- Towards prolate deformed ground state in polonium nuclei: In-beam and alpha-decay studies of 190,191Po / A.N. Andreyev [and others] -- Medium heavy nuclei with Z = N and isospin symmetry / P.G. Bizzeti -- Isovector valence shell excitations in heavy nuclei / N. Pietralla -- B(M1) values in the band-crossing of shears bands in 197Pb / R. Krucken [and others] -- Investigations of 159-163Dy using incomplete fusion reactions / A. Jungclaus [and others] -- Structure studies of light neutron-rich nuclei / U. Datta Pramanik [and others] -- Structure of nuclei beyond the dripline / M. Thoennessen -- An empirical manifestation of the SUspdf (3) dynamical symmetry / N.V. Zamfir -- Lifetimes and structure of low-lying positive parity bands in 120Xe and 118Te / A.A. Pasternak [and others] -- The development of better gamma-ray detector arrays / D. Bazzacco -- The status of the EXOGAM spectrometer / J. Simpson -- Prom Euroball to gamma-ray tracking arrays -- New developments in Ge detector technologies / J. Eberth [and others] -- Applications of high resolution gamma spectroscopy in low energy nuclear structure research / H.G. Borner, M. Jentschel and P. Mutti -- Lifetime measurements with the Euroball spectrometer / A. Dewald [and others] -- Light neutron-rich exotic nuclei / T. Glasmacher -- Chiral rotation in 188Ir / D.L. Balabanski [and others] -- An IBM-4 like model for the calculations of N = Z nuclear binding energies / E. Baldini-Neto and C.L. Lima -- Neutron radiative capture to discrete states: Model calculations / E. Betak [and others] -- Interacting boson fermion fermion model description of proton rich odd-odd Pr nuclei / S. Brant
The new form of representation of a spectrum of 7-radiation / T.V. Chuvilskaya and Y.G. Seleznev -- Clusterization and composite symmetries / J. Cseh -- Microscopic and self-consistent study of scissor and hexadecapole modes / H. Dancer, M. Girod and J.F. Berger -- An alternative approach to shell model calculations in the mass region [symbol] / P. Das -- Recent results from the mistral mass measurement program at isolde / M. de Saint Simon [and others] -- Changes in neutron shell closures far from stability line / Z. Dlouhy -- Coherent pion production as virtual pion scattering / V.F. Dmitriev and M.A. Kagarlis -- Nuclear structure of the N = Z odd-odd nuclei around N = 28 closed shell interpreted with IBFFM / E. Dragulescu -- Investigating mixed-symmetry states in 94Mo / C. Fransen [and others] -- Low lying collective excitations in 132Ba / A. Gade, I. Wiedenhover and A. Gelberg -- Coincidence lifetime-measurements in 101Ag / E. Galindo [and others] -- Gyromagnetic factors of isomers in the neutron-rich N = 40 region: The case of 69Cu / G. Georgiev [and others] -- Cross section measurements of (p, [symnol])-reactions relevant to the nucleosynthetic p-process / S. Harissopulos [and others] -- Big bang entropy / G.S. Ioannidis and C. Syros -- A scissors-like excitation on the quadrupole vibrational state in 88Sr / L. Kaubler [and others] -- Comparison of mixed symmetry states in 94Mo and 96Ru / H. Klein, C. Fransen and N. Pietralla -- Energy and angular distributions in the reaction of 6He photodisintegration / Y.A. Lashko and G.F. Filippov -- Correlation between cluster systems: A supersymmetric approach / G. Levai -- Proton versus neutron excitations in the high-spin spectrum of 102Cd / K.P. Lieb [and others] -- Investigation of magnetic rotation around 142Gd / R.M. Lieder [and others] -- Influence of quadrupole deformation on Ml transitions in odd-odd N = Z nuclei / A.F. Lisetskiy [and others] -- Structure of the exotic nuclei near 70Ni probed by advanced time-delayed coincidence methods: The interpretation of the 1.76 [symbol]s isomer in 72Cu / H. Mach [and others] -- Isomers in the vicinity of 132Sn produced by in-flight fission of 238U / M.N. Mineva and the GSI isomer collaboration -- Fine structure of rotational bands and quadrupole-octupole collectivity in heavy nuclei / N. Minkov [and others] -- Competing collective and quasiparticle structures in the transitional nucleus 104Cd / G.A. Muller [and others] -- Phase instabilities in nuclear matter and droplet formation / R. Ogul and U. Atav -- Investigation of two-body relaxation times in heated nuclei / V.A. Plujko -- Competition between octupole and shell model states near the doubly closed 146Gd / Z. Podolyak [and others] -- Attenuation of the intensity within superdeformed bands / A.J. Sargeant [and others] -- Gamow-Teller strength distributions in 72,73,74,75,76 Kr isotopes / P. Sarriguren, E. Moya de Guerra and A. Escuderos -- Transition strengths in magnetic dipole bands in 82Rb, 83Rb and 84Rb / R. Schwengner [and others] -- Algebraic approach to multiphoton excitations in near spherical nuclei / N.A. Smirnova [and others] -- The pseudo-spin symmetry and spin symmetry in the relativistic mean-field with deformed potential / K. Sugawara-Tanabe -- Fundamental information from nuclear data / S.I. Sukhoruchkin -- The role of neutrons in the black hole hypothesis / C. Syros -- Study of the quantum number-projected GCM / K. Enami, K. Tanabe and N. Yoshinaga -- Astrophysical S-factors from peripheral transfer reaction with radioactive beams / L. Trache [and others] -- The scissors mode near shell closures / P. von Neumann-Cosel [and others] -- Quadrupole shape invariants and simple E2-relations in the Q-phonon scheme / V. Werner and R.V. Jolos -- Density and energy dependent relativistic mean field approach for nuclear structure and reactions / S. Typel [and others] -- Lifetime measurements of a magnetic shears band in 104In / O. Yordanov [and others]
Summary Nuclear structure physics is undergoing a major revival, full of activities and excitement. On the experimental side, this is being made possible by advances in detector technology and accelerator capabilities that give access to data and nuclei (especially exotic nuclei far from stability) never before accessible. On the theoretical side, new concepts, ideas and computational techniques are advancing our understanding of effective interactions, nucleonic correlations, and symmetries of structure. This volume covers a broad range of topics on nuclear structure, including collective excitations, proton-neutron excitation modes, phase transitions, signatures of structure, isospin, structure at both high and low angular momenta, recent developments in nuclear theory, the vast new realm of exotic nuclei far from the valley of stability, and the latest technological advances of detectors and facilities which will lead this branch of physics into the future
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Author Brentano, Peter von.
Casten, R.
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