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Disciplinary power.   2
Disciplinary power -- Australia.   8
Disciplinary power -- England. : Disciplinary and regulatory proceedings. / Brian Harris ; contributing editor Andrew Carnes  2009 1
Disciplinary power -- History -- Congresses : La régulation sociale entre l'acteur et l'institution : pour une problématique historique de l'interaction / sous la direction de Jean-Marie Fecteau, Janice Harvey = Agency and institutions in social regulation : towards an historical understanding of their interaction / edited by Jean-Marie Fecteau, Janice Harvey  2005 1
  Discipline -- 10 Related Subjects   10
Discipline.   14
African American young men -- Louisiana -- New Orleans -- Discipline. : The prison school : educational inequality and school discipline in the age of mass incarceration / Lizbet Simmons  2017 1
African Methodist Episcopal Church -- Discipline. : The doctrines and discipline of the African Methodist Episcopal Church  2017 1
Armed Forces -- Discipline -- Bombay Army : A compilation of all the government and general - government - general - brigade and garrison orders - minutes of council - commands of the Hon. company - or regulations, from whatever authority promulgated, from the year 1750 to the 31st July 1801, that are now in force and operating on the discipline or expenditure of the Bombay army : the whole arranged according to priority of dates, under appropriate heads. To which are added a supplementary head, comprizing orders issued between the 31st July and 30th November 1801; an explanatory preface, and a copious index, in the manner of a digest or code. Interspersed with references throughout and occasional notes. Compiled from the records of the public offices, by Captain Edward Moor  1801 1
Associate Synod of North America -- Discipline. : The several trials of the Reverend David Barclay : before the Presbytery of New-Brunswick, with their judgment at Oxford, an appeal to the Synod of New York and New Jersey, with their judgment in the city of New York : remanded by the Synod, to the Presbytery of New Brunswick, with their judgment, at Hackettstown : and a vote of censure on Jacob Kerr, one of the complainants / by Jacob Kerr  1814 1
Auditors -- Australia -- Discipline. : Review of requirements for the registration and regulation of company auditors / report of a Working Party of the Ministerial Council for Corporations  1997 1
Australia. Australian Defence Force -- Discipline.   2
Australia -- Officials and employees -- Discipline. : Efficiency audit, underperforming officers in the Australian Public Service : a question of efficiency / Rod Nicholas, Grant Caine  1993 1
Australia. Parliament. Senate -- Discipline. : Unauthorised disclosure of committee proceedings in relation to the committee's inquiry into options for additional water supplies for South East Queensland / Standing Committee on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport  2007 1
Australia. Royal Australian Navy -- Discipline. : The administration of discipline in the Royal Australian Navy, 1911-1964  1992 1
Australian Labor Party -- Discipline. : Australian Labor Party platform, resolutions and rules as approved by the 39th National Conference, Hobart, 1991 / [Australian Labor Party]  1991 1

Discipline, Biological Science -- See Biological Science Disciplines

All of the divisions of the natural sciences dealing with the various aspects of the phenomena of life and vital processes. The concept includes anatomy and physiology, biochemistry and biophysics, and the biology of animals, plants, and microorganisms. It should be differentiated from BIOLOGY, one of its subdivisions, concerned specifically with the origin and life processes of living organisms
Boys -- Discipline. : Managing boys' behaviour / Tabatha Rayment  2006 1
Buddhism -- Discipline   3
Buddhism -- Discipline -- Bibliography : A survey of Vinaya literature / by Charles S. Prebish  1994 1
Buddhist monks -- Discipline. : Mortified: The Chosen One - Series 1, Ep 5 of 13 / Director: Amenta, Pino  2006 1
Catholic Church -- Discipline.   8
Catholic Church -- Australia -- Discipline : Acta et decreta Synodi Provincialis Melbournensis 1ae : apud Melbourne habitae 17-24 Novembris, 1907  1909 1
Catholic Church -- Australia -- Queensland -- Discipline : The trouble with St Mary's : the story of Father Peter Kennedy, the rebel priest who led his community into exile / directed by Peter Hegedus ; produced by Veronica Fury and Peter Hegedus  2011 1
Catholic Church. Diocese of Novara (Italy) -- Discipline -- History. : Punishment and penance : two phases in the history of the bishop's tribunal of Novara / Thomas B. Deutscher  2012 1
Catholic Church -- France -- Clergy -- Discipline -- History -- 18th century : Scandal in the parish : priests and parishioners behaving badly in eighteenth-century France / Karen E. Carter  2019 1
Catholic Church -- Discipline -- History.   2
China -- Officials and employees -- Discipline. : State and agents in China : disciplining government officials / Yongshun Cai  2015 1

Discipline, Church -- See Church discipline

--subdivision Discipline under names of religions, religious denominations, etc., e.g. Buddhism--Discipline; Catholic Church--Discipline
Church of England -- Discipline. : A Manual for confessors : being a guide to the administration of the sacrament of penance for the use of priests of the English Church / by Francis George Belton  1936 1
Church of England -- Discipline -- History. : Ecclesiastical law, clergy and laity : a history of legal discipline and the Anglican church / Neil Patterson  2018 1
Church of Scotland -- Discipline. : Continental Calvinian Influences on the Scottish Reformation : the First Book of Discipline (1560)  2009 1
Church of Scotland -- Discipline -- History -- 18th century. : Mr. Simson's knotty case : divinity, politics, and due process in early eighteenth-century Scotland / Anne Skoczylas  2001 1
Clergy -- Discipline. : Scandal in the parish : priests and parishioners behaving badly in eighteenth-century France / Karen E. Carter  2019 1

Discipline, College -- See College discipline

College students -- Discipline. : Student Conduct Practice : the Complete Guide for Student Affairs Professionals / edited by Diane M. Waryold and James M. Lancaster  2020 1
College students -- United States -- Discipline.   2
Congregational churches -- Discipline. : John Cotton on the churches of New England / edited by Larzer Ziff  1968 1
Congregational churches -- New Hampshire -- Discipline. : Review of the proceedings and result of the council in the case of Mr. Fairchild  1844 1

Discipline, Ecclesiastical -- See Church discipline

--subdivision Discipline under names of religions, religious denominations, etc., e.g. Buddhism--Discipline; Catholic Church--Discipline

Discipline, Employee -- See Employee Discipline

Regulations or conditions imposed on employees by management in order to correct or prevent behaviors which are counterproductive to the organization
Episcopal Church -- Discipline.   2
Episcopal Church -- Clergy -- Discipline. : The proceedings in the trial of the Rev. O.S. Prescott, rector of St. Clement's Church, Philadelphia : before the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Pennsylvania for an alleged infraction of Canon 22, Title I., in the alleged introduction of ceremonies or practices setting forth or symbolizing erroneous or doubtful doctrines during the celebration of the Holy Communion  1880 1
Episcopal Church. Diocese of New York -- Clergy -- Discipline.   2
Episcopal Church. Diocese of Pennsylvania -- Discipline. : Trial of Rev. H.T. Widdemer, 1888  1888 1
Evangelical Association of North America -- Clergy -- Discipline. : In the Court of Common Pleas of Berks County Pennsylvania, in equity : Augustus Krecker and others vs. Jonas H. Shirey and others : no. 544 equity docket, 1891 : report of master and examiner and opinion of the court  1893 1
Government attorneys -- New York (State) -- Discipline. : Alleged official misconduct of H. Snowden Marshall  1916 1
Governors -- Oklahoma -- Discipline. : Transcript of proceedings of the Senate of the Ninth Legislature, extraordinary session, state of Oklahoma, sitting as a court of impeachment  1923 1
High school students -- Discipline.   7
High school students -- Australia -- Discipline. : It's all because we're girls : an exploration of classroom practices and girls' learning with a focus on discipline / A Project of National Significance  1992 1
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