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Ethnic relations

-- See Also the narrower term Antisemitism


-- See Also the narrower term Communalism

Here are entered works on a system or principle of community organization in which rival groups, religious, ethnic, etc., are devoted to their own interests rather than to those of the whole society

-- See Also the narrower term Ethnic attitudes


-- See Also the narrower term Ethnic conflict


-- See Also the narrower term Islamophobia


-- See Also the narrower term Mass media and ethnic relations


-- See Also Minorities

Here are entered general works on racial, religious, ethnic, or other minority groups. Works on the discipline of ethnology, and works on the origin, distribution, and characteristics of the elements of the population of a particular region or country are entered under Ethnology, with appropriate local subdivision. Theoretical works on the concept of groups of people who are bound together by common ties of ancestry and culture are entered under Ethnic groups. Works on the subjective sense of belonging to an individual ethnic group are entered under Ethnicity

--individual races, ethnic groups, or other minority groups, e.g. German Americans; People with disabilities; etc.; and subdivisions Ethnic relations and Race relations under individual countries, cities, etc

-- See Also Race relations

--subdivision Race relations under names of countries, cities, etc.; and headings for individual races and ethnic groups with pertinent topical subdivision, e.g. African Americans--Relations with Jews; Mexican Americans--Civil rights
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