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Description DBpia is a fulltext database of scholarly journals published by Korean academic societies and research institute. Provides different fields of society, literature, economics & business, medical science, humanities, theology, law & administration, arts, engineering, natural science, and education. All the back issues of each journal title are available and title, author, keyword, journal title and publisher searchable.
Subject area Business
  Education and Teaching
  Engineering and Design
  Media, Communication and Creative Arts
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Other name D B pia
  Nuri Media


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Nuri Media: DBpia (?)???????? 01 Jan. 1974 - 31 Dec. 1995
Nuri Media: DBpia ???? 01 Jan. 2015-
Nuri Media: DBpia ?????????? 01 Jan. 2011-
Nuri Media: DBpia Journal of the Korean Society of Civil Engineers 01 Jan. 1982-
Nuri Media: DBpia Chinese Language and Literature 01 Jan. 1979-
Nuri Media: DBpia Moral Ethics and Education Research 01 Jan. 1990-
Nuri Media: DBpia Happy Rich Man Study 01 Jan. 2012-
Nuri Media: DBpia Social Enterprise Magazine 01 Jan. 2009 - 31 Dec. 2012
Nuri Media: DBpia Information Society and Media 01 Jan. 2000-
Nuri Media: DBpia Institute of Electronics Engineers of Korea Research Report 01 Jan. 1991 - 31 Dec. 1993
Nuri Media: DBpia Korean Institute of Electronics Engineers special lecture 01 Jan. 1987 - 31 Dec. 1998
Nuri Media: DBpia Abstract of the Korean Society for Ultrasound Medical Imaging Conference 01 Jan. 2016 - 31 Dec. 2019
Nuri Media: DBpia Korean Labor Law Association Academic Conference 01 Jan. 2003 - 31 Dec. 2003
Nuri Media: DBpia Proceedings of the Korean Society of Marine Engineering 01 Jan. 2000 - 31 Dec. 2012
Nuri Media: DBpia Korean Society for Life Science Academic Conference 01 Jan. 1998 - 31 Dec. 2001
Nuri Media: DBpia Korean Society of Energy Academic Conference 01 Jan. 1992 - 31 Dec. 2019
Nuri Media: DBpia Korean Women's Research Institute Other Publications 01 Jan. 1989 - 31 Dec. 1991
Nuri Media: DBpia Korean wellness society academic presentation 01 Jan. 2011 - 31 Dec. 2019
Nuri Media: DBpia Korean Society of Japanese Language Academic Conference 01 Jan. 2003-
Nuri Media: DBpia Journal of Korean Society for Community Living Science 01 Jan. 1991 - 31 Dec. 2019