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Description Karger eBook Collections are comprised of titles in the areas of medical, scientific and biomedical subjects. Similar to the Karger journals in terms of content, the eBook series cover all fields of biomedical science, ranging from "Advances in Cardiology" to "World Review of Nutrition and Dietetics". Each volume offers a self-contained scientific treatise on a current topic in a specific area.
Subject area Health Sciences and Allied Health


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Karger eBooks Collection Abnormalities in puberty : scientific and clinical advances / volume editor, Henriette Delemarre-Van de Waal
Karger eBooks Collection Active middle ear implants / volume editor, Klaus Böheim
Karger eBooks Collection Acute appendicitis : standard treatment or laparoscopic surgery? / volume editors, L. Krähenbühl [and others]
Karger eBooks Collection Acute blood purification / volume editors, Hiromichi Suzuki, Hiroyuki Hirasawa
Karger eBooks Collection Acute kidney injury / volume editors, Claudio Ronco, Rinaldo Bellomo, John A. Kellum
Karger eBooks Collection Adequate HLA matching in keratoplasty / volume editor, R. Sundmacher
Karger eBooks Collection Adipose tissue development : from animal models to clinical conditions / volume editors, Claire Levy-Marchal, Luc Pénicaud
Karger eBooks Collection Adrenal disease in childhood : clinical and molecular aspects / volume editors, Ieuan A. Hughes, Adrian J.L. Clark
Karger eBooks Collection Advanced glycation end-products in nephrology / Meeting on Advanced Glycosylation End Products in Nephrology: Much More Than Diabetic Nephrology, January 14, 2000, Padua, Italy ; volume editors, Angela D'Angelo, Silvana Favaro, Giovanni Gambaro
Karger eBooks Collection Advances in pediatric pulmonology / volume editors, E. Kerem [and others]
Karger eBooks Collection Advances in spinal stabilization / volume editors, Regis W. Haid, Jr., Brian R. Subach, Gerald E. Rodts, Jr
Karger eBooks Collection Advances in the management of testosterone deficiency / volume editor, T. Hugh Jones
Karger eBooks Collection Adverse cutaneous drug eruptions / volume editor, Lars E. French
Karger eBooks Collection Aesthetics and functionality in ear reconstruction / volume editor, Rainer Staudenmaier
Karger eBooks Collection Aging and the gastrointestinal tract / volume editors, Alberto Pilotto, Peter Malfertheiner, Peter R. Holt
Karger eBooks Collection Aging in nonhuman primates / volume editors, Joseph M. Erwin, Patrick R. Hof
Karger eBooks Collection Allergy and Asthma in Modern Society : a Scientific Approach
Karger eBooks Collection Allergy and the nervous system / volume editor John Bienenstock
Karger eBooks Collection Allergic diseases and the environment / editors, Erika Isolauri, W. Allan Walker
Karger eBooks Collection Alzheimer's disease : modernizing concept, biological diagnosis and therapy / volume editors, H. Hampel, M.C. Carrillo