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Human body

-- See Also Body image

Here are entered works on the visual, mental, or memory image of one's own body or someone else's, and one's attitudes about that image. Works on the overall pattern of one's direct or sensory awareness of the spatial aspect of one's body are entered under Body schema

-- See Also Human anatomy

--subdivision Anatomy under individual organs and regions of the body, e.g. Heart--Anatomy; Foot--Anatomy

-- See Also Human physiology

--subdivision Physiological aspects under activities and mental conditions for works on the relationship between an individual's activity or mental state and his physiology, e.g. Soccer--Physiological aspects; Mental illness--Physiological aspects; also subdivision Physiological effect under individual chemicals and groups of chemicals, individual materials and groups of materials, individual plants and groups of plants, and under environmental phenomena or conditions for works on their effect on the functions of living organisms, e.g. Copper--Physiological effect; Heat--Physiological effect; and subdivision Physiology under individual organs and regions of the body, classes of persons, and ethnic groups, e.g. Heart--Physiology

-- See Also Mind and body

--subdivision Psychophysiology under individual parts of the body, e.g. Heart--Psychophysiology

-- See Also the narrower term Photography of the human body

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