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Description Karnac Books is dedicated to psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and related subjects such as organizations, family, child, and adolescent studies.
Subject area Psychology
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Karnac e-books Adolescent breakdown and beyond / edited by Moses Laufer, for the Brent Adolescent Centre/Centre for Research into Adolescent Breakdown ; [contributors] Anthony Bateman [and others]
Karnac e-books After Winnicott : compilation of works based on the life, work and ideas of D.W. Winnicott / Harry Karnac
Karnac e-books Alienation in perversions / by M. Masud R. Khan
Karnac e-books The analytic attitude / Roy Schafer
Karnac e-books Analyst of the imagination : the life and work of Charles Rycroft / edited by Jenny Pearson
Karnac e-books The analysand's tale / Robert Morley
Karnac e-books Anna Freud, Melanie Klein, and the psychoanalysis of children and adolescents / Alex Holder ; translated by Philip Slotkin
Karnac e-books The anorexic mind / Marilyn Lawrence
Karnac e-books Anxiety at 35,000 feet : an introduction to clinical aerospace psychology / Robert Bor ; with contributions by Brett Kahr ; foreword by Jane N. Zuckerman
Karnac e-books Anxiety and neurosis
Karnac e-books Arctic spring : potential for growth in adults with psychosis and autism / Laura Tremelloni ; edited by Judith Edwards
Karnac e-books The art of inspired living : coach yourself with positive psychology / Sarah Corrie
Karnac e-books The art of counselling and psychotherapy / Rainer Matthias Holm-Hadulla ; translated from German by Andrew Jenkins
Karnac e-books Attachment and Its Significance for Human Survival
Karnac e-books Attachment and sexuality in clinical practice : the John Bowlby Memorial Conference monograph, 2004 / edited by Kate White and Joseph Schwartz
Karnac e-books Autism and childhood psychosis / Frances Tustin ; foreword by Victoria Hamilton
Karnac e-books Autism in childhood and autistic features in adults : a psychoanalytic perspective / edited by Kate Barrows
Karnac e-books Autism, the way forward : a self-help guide to teaching children on the autistic spectrum / Stephanie Louise
Karnac e-books Becoming a person through psychoanalysis / Neville Symington
Karnac e-books Beyond belief : psychotherapy and religion / edited by Samuel M. Stein