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Literature, Comic

-- See Burlesque (Literature)

Here are entered works on burlesque as a literary composition. Works on burlesque as a theatrical entertainment are entered under Burlesque (Theater). Collections of burlesque literature are entered under Burlesques

-- See Comedy

--headings for drama of individual countries or languages with qualifier (Comedy), e.g. English drama (Comedy)

-- See Farce

Here are entered works on the farce as a literary form. Collections of farces are entered under the heading Farces

-- See Parody

Here are entered works on the literary form of humorous or satirical imitation of a serious piece of literature. Collections of parodies in several languages or of several literatures, in the English language, or of English and American literature are entered under Parodies. Collections in other languages or in other literatures are entered under Parodies qualified by language or nationality, e.g. Parodies, French
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