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  Microbial metabolites -- 5 Related Subjects   5
Microbial metabolites.   3

Microbial mineral recovery -- See Bacterial leaching


Microbial motility -- See Microorganisms Motility


Microbial mutation -- See Also the narrower term Gene fusion

Microbial mutation breeding. : Molecular breeding and genetics of applied microorganisms / edited by Kenji Sakaguchi and Masanori Okanishi  1980 1
Microbial peptides. : Pore-forming peptides and protein toxins / edited by Gianfranco Menestrina, Mauro Dalla Serra, and Philip Lazarovici  2003 1
  Microbial pesticides -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Microbial pesticides.   5
Microbial pesticides -- Research -- Technique. : Bioassays of entomopathogenic microbes and nematodes / edited by A. Navon and K.R.S. Ascher  2000 1

Microbial Phenomena -- See Microbiological Phenomena

Physiological processes and properties of microorganisms, such as ARCHAEA; BACTERIA; RICKETTSIA; VIRUSES; and FUNGI

Microbial physiology -- See Microorganisms Physiology


Microbial pigments -- See Also the narrower term Bacterial pigments


Microbial plant pathogens -- See Phytopathogenic microorganisms

  Microbial polymers -- 3 Related Subjects   3
Microbial polymers.   3
  Microbial polysaccharides -- 4 Related Subjects   4
Microbial polysaccharides.   2
Microbial populations -- Mathematical models. : The Population dynamics of infectious diseases : theory and applications / edited by Roy M. Anderson  1982 1
Microbial populations -- Measurement. : A guide to methods for estimating microbial numbers and biomass in fresh water / by J. Gwynfryn Jones  1979 1

Microbial products -- See Also the narrower term Microbial pesticides

Microbial products. : Microbial production : from genome design to cell engineering / Hideharu Anazawa, Sakayu Shimizu, editors  2014 1
Microbial products -- Industrial applications. : Drug discovery from natural products / edited by Olga Genilloud and Francisca Vicente  2012 1
  Microbial proteins -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Microbial proteins -- Spectra. : Mass spectrometry for microbial proteomics / edited by Haroun N. Shah and Saheer E. Gharbia  2010 1
Drinking water -- Purification -- Microbial removal -- Congresses : Water treatment and pathogen control : process efficiency in achieving safe drinking-water / Mark W. Chevallier and Kwok-Keung Au  2004 1

Microbial removal (Water purification) -- See Water Purification Microbial removal

Water -- Purification -- Microbial removal.   4

Microbial respiration -- See Also Energy metabolism

Microbial respiration.   2
Microbial respiration -- Mathematical models. : Design and operation of activated sludge processes using respirometry / Alan F. Rozich, Anthony F. Gaudy, Jr  1992 1

Microbial Sensitivity Test -- See Microbial Sensitivity Tests

Any tests that demonstrate the relative efficacy of different chemotherapeutic agents against specific microorganisms (i.e., bacteria, fungi, viruses)
  Microbial sensitivity tests -- 3 Related Subjects   3
Microbial Sensitivity Tests.   11
Microbial sensitivity tests -- Laboratory manuals. : Antibiotic susceptibility testing by the CDS method : a manual for medical and veterinary laboratories 2009 / S.M. Bell, J.N. Pham, G.T. Fisher  2009 1
Microbial Sensitivity Tests -- methods.   3
Microbial Sensitivity Tests -- standards.   2

Microbial susceptibility tests -- See Microbial sensitivity tests


Microbial synthesis -- See Microbiological synthesis

  Microbial toxins -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Microbial toxins.   8
Microbial toxins -- Analysis -- Handbooks, manuals, etc. : The bad bug book : foodborne pathogenic microorganisms and natural toxins handbook / U.S. Food & Drug Administration, Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition  2004 1
Microbial toxins -- Mechanism of action. : Microbial toxins : molecular and cellular biology / edited by Thomas Proft  2005 1

Microbial transformation of chemical compounds -- See Microbiological synthesis

Microbial Viability.   3

Microbial virulence -- See Virulence (Microbiology)


Microbially influenced corrosion -- See Microbiologically influenced corrosion


Microbicidal Cationic Proteins -- See Antimicrobial Cationic Peptides

Small cationic peptides that are an important component, in most species, of early innate and induced defenses against invading microbes. In animals they are found on mucosal surfaces, within phagocytic granules, and on the surface of the body. They are also found in insects and plants. Among others, this group includes the DEFENSINS, protegrins, tachyplesins, and thionins. They displace DIVALENT CATIONS from phosphate groups of MEMBRANE LIPIDS leading to disruption of the membrane

Microbicides -- See Anti-Infective Agents

Substances that prevent infectious agents or organisms from spreading or kill infectious agents in order to prevent the spread of infection

Microbicides, Local -- See Anti-Infective Agents, Local

Substances used on humans and other animals that destroy harmful microorganisms or inhibit their activity. They are distinguished from DISINFECTANTS, which are used on inanimate objects
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