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Description Brill E-books EBA includes collections in the subject areas of Human Rights and Humanitatian Law, International Law, Language & Linguistics, and Literature & Culture.
Subject area Law
  Languages and Linguistics
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Brill E-books The 1982 Law of the Sea Convention at 30 : Successes, Challenges and New Agendas / edited by David Freestone
Brill E-books "A Russian-Yakut-Ewenki trilingual dictionary" / by N.V. Sljunin ; annotated edition and introduction by José Andrés Alonso de la Fuente
Brill E-books The abject of desire : the aestheticization of the unaesthetic in contemporary literature and culture / edited by Konstanze Kutzbach and Monika Mueller
Brill E-books Abstract machines : Samuel Beckett and philosophy after Deleuze and Guattari / Garin Dowd
Brill E-books Access to environmental justice : a comparative study / edited by Andrew Harding
Brill E-books Achieving autobiographical form : a twentieth century perspective / by Nicholas Meihuizen
Brill E-books The acquisition of Africa (1870-1914) : the nature of international law / by Mieke van der Linden
Brill E-books The Acquisition of Hebrew phonology and morphology / edited by Outi Bat-El
Brill E-books Standard-setting at UNESCO. French.
Brill E-books Standard-setting at UNESCO. French.
Brill E-books Acts and texts : performance and ritual in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance / edited by Laurie Postlewate and Wim Hüsken
Brill E-books Acts of visitation : the narrative of J.M. Coetzee / María J. López
Brill E-books Addressing modernity : social systems theory and U.S. cultures / edited by Hannes Bergthaller and Carsten Schinko
Brill E-books Adjudicating international human rights : essays in honour of Sandy Ghandhi / edited by James A. Green, Christopher P.M. Waters ; with a foreword by Dame Rosalyn Higgins
Brill E-books Admission to the United Nations : Charter Article 4 and the rise of universal organization / by Thomas D. Grant
Brill E-books Advances in Italian dialectology : sketches of Italo-Romance grammars / edited by Roberta D'Alessandro, Diego Pescarini
Brill E-books Advocating for human rights : 10 years of the Inter-American Moot Court Competition / edited by Claudio Grossman, Claudia Martin, Diego Rodríguez-Pinzón
Brill E-books Aesthetic anxiety : uncanny symptoms in German literature and culture / Laurie Ruth Johnson
Brill E-books Affaires de famille : the family in contemporary French culture and theory / edited by Marie-Claire Barnet and Edward Welch
Brill E-books African-Jamaican Aesthetic