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Taylor & Francis eBooks 10 mindframes for visible learning : teaching for success / John Hattie and Klaus Zierer
Taylor & Francis eBooks 3D bioprinting in regenerative engineering : principles and applications / edited by Ali Khademhosseini and Gulden Camci-Unal
Taylor & Francis eBooks Aboriginal protection and its intermediaries in Britain's Antipodean colonies / edited by Samuel Furphy and Amanda Nettelbeck
Taylor & Francis eBooks Accelerated expertise : training for high proficiency in a complex world / Robert R. Hoffman ... [and others]
Taylor & Francis eBooks Acrylic fiber technology and applications / edited by James C. Masson
Taylor & Francis eBooks Adapting idols : authenticity, identity and performance in a global television format / edited by Koos Zwaan and Joost de Bruin
Taylor & Francis eBooks Advances in discourse studies / edited by Vijay K. Bhatia, John Flowerdew and Rodney H. Jones
Taylor & Francis eBooks Advancing quantitative methods in second language research / edited by Luke Plonsky, Northern Arizona University
Taylor & Francis eBooks Advanced statistics for kinesiology and exercise science : a practical guide to ANOVA and regression analyses / Moh H. Malek, Jared W. Coburn, and William Marelich
Taylor & Francis eBooks Advancing the profession of exercise physiology / Tommy Boone
Taylor & Francis eBooks Agamben and law / edited by Thanos Zartaloudis, University of Kent, UK
Taylor & Francis eBooks The age of Oprah : cultural icon for the neoliberal era / Janice Peck
Taylor & Francis eBooks Agricultural adaptation to climate change in Africa : food security in a changing environment / edited by Cyndi Spindell Berck, Peter Berck, and Salvatore Di Falco
Taylor & Francis eBooks Alternative approaches to second language acquisition / edited by Dwight Atkinson
Taylor & Francis eBooks Alternative criminologies / edited by Pat Carlen and Leandro Ayres Fran├ža
Taylor & Francis eBooks Alternative dispute resolution and domestic violence : women, divorce and alternative justice / Dafna Lavi
Taylor & Francis eBooks Alternative solutions to higher education's challenges : an appreciative approach to reform / Laura M. Harrison, Peter C. Mather
Taylor & Francis eBooks An analysis of John Berger's Ways of seeing / Emmanouil Kalkanis
Taylor & Francis eBooks An analysis of Francis Fukuyama's The end of history and the last man / Ian Jackson with Jason Xidias
Taylor & Francis eBooks Animation : from concept to production / Hannes Rall