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Title [Agriculture]
Published 1872-
Table of Contents
Box 4:1Agreement establishing the International Fund for Agricultural Development, 1977 / United Nations 
Box 1:1Agriculture bill : explanatory memorandum, 1946 / Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries 
Box 1:2Agriculture of Samoa, Cook Islands and Fiji, [1947?] / G. S. Peren 
Box 5:10Ancient enemies : objectives in the war on want, 1961 / Derek Walker 
Box 1:3Annual report, 1943 / Federal Viticultural Council of Australia 
Box 1:4Asparagus : investing in Victoria Australia, 1996 / Food Victoria 
Box 1:5Attitudes and expectations of wheatgrowers in New South Wales : a report on a co-operative survey ..., [1953] / D. B. Williams 
Box 6:1Australian agricultural policy : the Joseph Fisher Lecture in Commerce given in Adelaide on October 15, 1952 / J. G. Crawford 
Box 5:13Australian wheat harvesting scheme : the necessity for government intervention / F. W. Hagelthorn 
Box 1:6Avocado fertilization, 1965 / G. E. Goodall 
Box 1:7Bananas : a study of the crisis in the Jamaican banana industry, [196?] 
SERIESBeyond the Bale, The Supplement 
  Box 6:4Land, Water & Wool, No.3 2007 / Land Water & Wool 
Box 1:8Blackberry culture in British Columbia, 1965 / Alan E. Littler 
Box 1:9Boundaries of arable cultivatin in Victoria, 1930 / S. M. Wadham 
Box 4:2Bovine contagious abortion, 1946 / Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries 
Box 4:3Brief story of wool promotion / Associated Wool Industries 
Box 1:10Bulk-handling of wheat, 1912 / H. V. Jackson 
Box 4:4Case for world war on foot & mouth disease, 1925 / J. J. Keevil 
Box 1:11Citrus : investing in Victoria Australia, 1995 / Food Victoria 
Box 1:12Clean agriculture : a sustainable competitive advantage for Victoria, 1996 / Agriculture Victoria 
Box 5:16Conference of Northern Irrigation Districts Advisory Boards, Bendigo, 1st and 2nd August, 1945 / State Rivers and Water Supply Commission Victoria 
Box 5:14Crisis in farm costs and incomes : a study of factors affecting primary producers and export industries, 1960 / Australian Country Party 
Box 4:5Dairy investing in Victoria, Australia,1995 / Food Victoria 
Box 6:2Defeating the weed menace : research and development / Land & Water Australia 
Box 1:13Descriptor list for almond (Prunus amygdalus), rev. ed. 1981 / International Board for Plant Genetic Resources 
Box 1:14Directors' report : season 1923-24 / Victorian Wheatgrowers Corporation Limited 
Box 1:15Fallout on the farm, 1961 / Canada Department of Agriculture 
Box 4:6Farm fire safety / Fire Prevention Branch, Department of Public Works Canada 
Box 4:7Feedlots investing in Victoria, Australia, 1995 / Food Victoria 
SERIESForest operations series 
  Box 1:16Establishment of hardwoods by sowing or planting, no. 2, 1947 / Forestry Commission 
Box 1:17Forestry in its relation to the farmer, 1903 / Robert McNab 
Box 1:18Forestry program strategic plan 1997-2001 / Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research 
Box 2:1Gascoyne research station, [1966] / Department of Agriculture Western Australia 
Box 4:8Geographical basis of keyline, 1960 / J. MacDonald Holmes 
Box 2:2Gilruth Plains : notes for visitors to the C.S.I.R.O. national field station, Cunnamulla, Queensland, 1960 / C.S.I.R.O. Division of Animal Genetics 
Box 2:3Grape pests in California, 1955 / Leslie M. Smith 
Box 2:4Green manure and soil fertility, 1933 / J. J. Theron 
Box 6:6Farm sustainability dashboard making sustainability meaningful / Land & Water Australia 
Box 2:5Handbook of woodcutting, 1946 / P. Harris 
Box 2:6Harvest table Australia 1987-88 : summary of seasonal crops normally requiring labour during harvestin periods, 1987 / Commonwealth employment service 
Box 2:7Harvest table Australia 1989-90 : summary of seasonal crops normally requiring labour during harvestin periods, 1988 / Commonwealth employment service 
Box 5:11Hay-harvesting trial : report of the judges appointed by the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of South Australia to act at the Spring Exhibition, held at Adelaide, on 24th and 25th days of September, 1884 
Box 2:8Healthy soil healthy people / Congress of Industrial Organizations 
Box 4:9Improved pastures : a survey of carrying capacity of sheep farms in the Apsley District of Western Victoria, [194?] / J. E. Harrison 
Box 2:9Innovative agricultural marketing program / Austrade 
Box 4:10International bimetallism : a cure for agricultural depression, 1895 / H. L. Wethered 
Box 2:10Land and agriculture, 1933 / Labour Party 
Box 2:11Magnificent Columbia : CVA an over-all plan for the valley, [1949?] / CIO Department of Education and Research 
Box 4:11Market milk industry : a consumer's guide, [1948] / T. P. J. Twomey 
Box 2:12Mushrooms : mushroom culture in British Columbia, 1962 
Box 4:12Modern equipment for feeding live stock, 1959 / British Columbia Department of Agriculture 
Box 6:5NPSI Factsheet 2007/2 / National Program for Sustainable Irrigation 
Box 2:13Nutritional deficiencies in California walnuts, 1961 / E. F. Serr 
Box 2:14Oilseeds : investing in Victoria Australia, 1996 / Food Victoria 
Box 2:15Olive and olive oil : being notes on the culture of thre tree and extraction of the oil as carried out in South Australia and the continent of Europe, 1887 / J. H. Maiden 
Box 2:16On the making of ensilage without soils and without pressure, 1893 / C. H. Lyon 
Box 2:17Operational guidelines on monitoring and evaluation / International Fund for Agricultural Development 
Box 4:13Outline of the Australian export meat industry, rev. ed. 1971 / Australian Meat Board 
Box 2:18Pears : investing in Victoria Australia, 1995 / Food Victoria 
Box 4:14Planning a dairy farm / K. M. Sillcock 
Box 4:15Practical shearing shed design, 1974 / Department of Agriculture, South Australia 
Box 4:16Practical treatise on flax culture explaining the whole system and methods, 1895 / J. J. Wilson 
Box 2:19Preventing spring frost damage in vineyards, 1962 / H. B. Schultz 
Box 2:20Proceedings of the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of South Australia for the year ending March 31st, 1886, 1886 
Box 2:21Production : wheat meat dairying fruit education, 1918 / Alex Hay 
Box 2:22Prune avocado trees cautiously, 1962 / Robert G. Platt 
  Box 4:17Farmers without land / Rupert B. Vance 
Box 4:18Remember : seven wonders of wool, 1936 / Associated Wool Industries 
Box 4:19Report of the Committee of Inquiry into the Sale and Distribution of Apples and Pears on the Local Market, 1961 
Box 3:1Report of the Committee on Soil Erosion, 1931 
Box 3:2Report of Victorian Railways Commissioners on bulk handling of wheat, 1916 / Victorian Railways Commissioners 
Box 3:3Report on the vine culture and wine trade of Germany, 1907 
Box 3:4Report to the Department of State on the forests and forest-culture of Sweden, 1872 / C. C. Andrews 
Box 4:20Report to the Joint Legislative Committee on Agriculture and Livestock Problems concerning the fixing of the price of fluid milk in California, 1948 
Box 5:1Review of factors influencing production in the sheep and wool industry, 1960 / G. D'A. Chislett 
Box 3:5Scrub land to rich pasture, [1960?] / Frank Johnson 
Box 3:6Seed conservation and distribution : the dual role of the CIMMYT Maize Germplasm Bank, 1986 
Box 3:7Shaoshan irrigation area, [1971?] 
Box 5:2Sheep and wool in Victoria, [196?] / Sheep and Wool Service 
Box 5:3Some economic and social accompaniments of the mechanization of agriculture, 1930 / E. G. Nourse 
Box 5:12Some properties and applications of D.d.T., 1946 / Ministry of Supply, Great Britain 
Box 3:8Spray irrigation of pasture and fodder crops, 1956 / Bank of New South Wales 
Box 3:9Start right with young avocados, 1956 / Calvin C. Delphey 
Box 3:10Stone fruit : investing in Victoria Australia, 1995 / Food Victoria 
Box 3:11Story of sugar, 1932 / J. B. Brigden 
Box 5:4Studies of range livestock production systems under induced change, 1980 / International Livestock Centre for Africa 
Box 5:5Sugar surplus and the solution of overproduction, 1929 / Ernest C. J. Hunter 
Box 6:3Summary of the Report on a Research and Development Strategy for the Defeating the Weed Menace Programme / Land & Water Australia 
Box 3:12Sweet corn production in British Columbia, 1965 / E. M. King 
Box 5:6Taints in milk, 1946 / Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries 
Box 5:7Testing your woolclip, [1982?] / AWTA Limited 
Box 3:13This worry of wheat : a general survey of the wheat problem, 1933 / T. H. Bath 
Box 5:8Tractor safety is deadly serious : what every family should know about tractor safety / Department of Labour, Occupational Health and Safety Division 
Box 3:14Visit to ... two-bays Nurseries 
Box 3:15Veery 'S' : bread wheats for many environments, 1986 / CIMMYT Wheat Staff 
Box 3:16Vineyard fertilizers & cover crops, 1960 / James A. Cook 
Box 5:20Vom grabstock zum Pflug : ein gang durch die Wirtschaftsgeschichte, 1949 / Dittmer, Kunz 
Box 5:9fWhat you need to know about wool / Australian Wool Board 
Box 3:17Wheat handling in Australia, 1919 / David H. Clarke 
Box 3:18Wheat varieties of the southern cone region of South America, 1986 / M. M. Kohli 
Box 3:19Wind erosion of soils in the agricultural areas, 1936 / R. L. Griffiths 
Box 3:20Wonderful story of Australian honey / Australian Honey Board 


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Series [Pamphlet collection]
Summary Consists of pamphlets collected over an extended period of time covering the broad subject area of agriculture. Includes material from a variety of countries, from 1872-, more specifically on crops, forestry, individual agricultural industries, and farming.
Notes Title and series title supplied by Cataloguer
Subject International Fund for Agricultural Development
Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of South Australia
Agricultural assistance -- International cooperation
Agricultural development projects
Agricultural machinery -- Safety measures
Agriculture -- Economic aspects
Apples -- Australia
Banana trade
Bee culture
Citrus fruit industry
Conservation of natural resources -- Australia
Dairy cattle
Dairy farming -- Australia
DDT (Insecticide)
Endemic plants
Farm mechanization
Farm tenancy
Fishes -- Effect of dams on
Food supply -- International cooperation
Foot-and-mouth disease -- Control
Forest management
Forests and forestry
Fruit trade -- Victoria
Grapes -- Growth
Hay -- Harvesting
Land use, Rural
Meat industry and trade -- Australia
Milk yield -- Australia
Mushroom culture
Oilseed plants
Olive industry and trade
Organic fertilizers
Pears -- Australia
Pear industry
Radioactive contamination of food
Ranches -- Queensland
Seasonal labor -- Australia
Shearing sheds -- Design and construction
Sheep-shearing -- Australia
Soil erosion
Soil management -- Australia
Sprinkler irrigation
Stone fruit
Wheat -- Harvesting -- Australia
Wind erosion
Wine and wine making
Wool -- Australia
Wool industry -- Australia
Gascoyne Research Station (W.A.)