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Title Encyclopedia of phenomenology / edited by Lester Embree ... [and others]
Published Dordrecht ; Boston : Kluwer Academic Publishers, [1997]


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Description xiv, 764 pages ; 27 cm
Series Contributions to phenomenology ; v. 18
Contributions to phenomenology ; v. 18
Contents Machine derived contents note: Preface. Introduction; L. Embree, J.N. Mohanty. Action; B. Waldenfels. Aesthetics; J.C. Evans, E.A. Behnke, E.S. Casey. Analytic Philosophy; D.W. Smith. Anthropology, Cultural: see Ethnology. Anthropology, Philosophical: see Philosophical Anthropology. Architecture; T. Casey. Hannah Arendt; J.F. Burke. Artificial Intelligence; H. Dreyfus. Australia; P. Bilimoria. Austria; B. Smith. Simone de Beauvoir; J. Allen. Behavioral Geography; D. Seamon. Henri Bergson; P. Kerszberg. Ludwig Binswanger; A. Mishara. Body; E.A. Behnke. Franz Brentano; D. Münch. British Empiricism; R.T. Murphy. British Moral Theory; D. Willard, B. Smith. Buddhism; M. Odagawa. Canada; L. Fisher. Ernst Cassirer; E.W. Orth. China; I. Kern. Cognitive Science; O.P. Wiggins, M. Spitzer. Communication, Philosophy of: see Philosophy of Communication. Communicology; R.L. Lanigan. Constitutive Phenomenology; F. Kersten. Constitutive Phenomenology of the Natural Attitude; L. Embree. Critical Theory; M.W. Schnell. Cultural Anthropology: see Ethnology. Cultural Disciplines; L. Embree. Czechoslovakia; J. Moural. Dance; E.A. Behnke, M. Connolly. Dasein; J.D. Caputo. Deep Ecology; M.E. Zimmerman. Jacques Derrida; J.C. Evans, L. Lawlor. Wilhelm Dilthey; R.A. Makkreel, J. Owensby. Ecology; U. Melle. Ecology, Deep: see Deep Ecology. Economics; G. B. Madison. Education; K. Meyer-Drawe. Ego; J. Mensch. Eidetic Method; J. Scanlon. Emotion; A. Mickunas. Empiricism, British: see British Empiricism. Empiricism, Logical: see Logical Empiricism. Epoch and Reduction; W.R. McKenna. Ethics in Husserl; U. Melle. Ethics in Sartre; T.R. Flynn. Ethics in Scheler; P. Blosser. Ethnic Studies; S.M. Lyman, L. Embree. Ethnology; J. Weiner. Ethnomethodology: see Sociology. Evidence; E. Stroker. Existential Phenomenology; J.J. Compton. Existentialism; J.J. Kockelmans. Expectation; W.R. McKenna. Feminism; M.J. Larrabee. Johann Gottlieb Fichte; T.M. Seebohm. Film; V. Sobchack. Eugen Fink; R. Bruzina. Formal and Material Ontology; G.T. Null. Michel Foucault; S.H. Watson, D. Vessey. France; J.-F. Courtine. Gottlob Frege; J.N. Mohanty. Fundamental Ontology; T. Kisiel. Hans-Georg Gadamer; R.J. Dostal. Generative Phenomenology; A.J. Steinbock. Genetic Phenomenology; D. Welton. Geography, Behavioral: see Behavioral Geography. Geography, Social: see Social Geography. Germany; E.W. Orth, T.M. Seebohm. Gestalt Psychology; L. Embree. Great Britain; W. Mays, J. Hodge, U. Haase. Aron Gurwitsch; L. Embree. Nicolai Hartmann; R.W. Jordan. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel; F.M. Kirkland. Martin Heidegger; T. Nenon. Hermeneutical Phenomenology; G. Nicholson. Hermeneutics; T.M. Seebohm. History; D. Carr. Human Sciences; L. Embree. Hungary; B.M. Mezei. Edmund Husserl; R.P. Buckley. Husserl and Heidegger; T. Kisiel. Imagination; E.S. Casey, E.A. Behnke, S. Kanata. India; J.N. Mohanty, D.P. Chattopadhyaya. Roman Ingarden; A. Przylebski. Intentionality; F. Kersten. Intersubjectivity; I. Kern. Italy; C. Sini, F. Vimercati. William James; R. Cobb-Stevens. Japan; H. Kojima. Karl Jaspers; O. Wiggins, M. Schwartz. Immanuel Kant; F.M. Kirkland. Felix Kaufmann; H.P. Reeder. Fritz Leopold Kaufmann; C. Skarda, F. Kersten. Korea; Kah-Kyung Cho, Nam-In Lee. Alexandre Koyre; K. Schuhmann. Language Analysis, Ordinary: see Ordinary Language Analysis. Language after Husserl; A.L. Kelkel. Language in Husserl; A.L. Kelkel. Law; W.S. Hamrick. Emmanuel Levinas; A. Peperzak. Lifeworld: see World. Literature; M. McDuffie. Logic; T.M. Seebohm. Logical Empiricism: see Logical Positivism. Logical Positivism; L. Hardy. Gabriel Marcel; T. Busch. Marxism; A. Mickunas. Mathematics; R. Tieszen. Meaning; J.N. Mohanty. Medicine; R.M. Zaner. Memory; E.S. Casey. Maurice Merleau-Ponty; H. Pietersma. Modern Philosophy; S. Cunningham. Music; L. Ferrara, E.A. Behnke. Natural Science in Constitutive Perspective; E. Stroker. Natural Science in Hermeneutical Perspective; J.J. Kockelmans. Naturalism; L. Embree. The Netherlands and Flanders; T. Kortooms. Kitar Nishida; T. Ogawa. Noema; J.J. Drummond. Nursing; J.R. Scudder Jr., A.H. Bishop. Objectivism: see Naturalism. Ontology, Formal and Material: see Formal and Material Ontology. Ontology, Fundamental: see Fundamental Ontology. Ordinary Language Analysis; S. Cunningham. Jose Ortega y Gasset; J. García-Gomez. Perception after Husserl; M.C. Dillon. Perception in Husserl; W.R. McKenna. Phenomenology: see Constitutive Phenomenology, Constitutive Phenomenology of the Natural Attitude, Existential Phenomenology, Generative Phenomenology, Genetic Phenomenology, Hermeneutical Phenomenology, and Realistic Phenomenology. Philosophical Anthropology; E.W. Orth. Philosopy, Analytical: see Analytical Philosophy. Philosopy, Modern: see Modern Philosophy. Philosophy of Communication; D.J. Miller. Philosophy of Psychology; J.J. Kockelmans. Philosophy, Political: see Political Philosophy. Physical Education; M. Connolly. Poland; K. Gorniak-Kocikowska. Political Philosophy; B.P. Dauenhauer. Political Science; S. Kruks. Positivism: see Logical Positivism. Portugal; A. Fidalgo. Possible Worlds; J.N. Mohanty. Post-Modernism; Hwa Yol Jung. Psychiatry; O.P. Wiggins, M.A. Schwartz. Psychoanalysis; H. Drue. Psychologism; J. Scanlon. Psychology; P. Richer. Psychology, Gestalt: see Gestalt Psychology. Psychology, Philosophy of: see Philosophy of Psychology. Reading; W. Iser. Realistic Phenomenology; B. Smith. Reason; T.M. Seebohm. Reduction: see Epoch and Reduction. Regional Ontology: see Formal and Material Ontology. Relativism; G. Soffer. Religion; J.G. Hart. Re-presentation; E. Marbach. Paul Ricoeur; C.E. Reagan. Russia; V. Moltchanov. Jean-Paul Sartre; R. Holmes. Scandinavia; D. Føllesdal. Max Scheler; M. Frings. Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling; A. White. Alfred Schutz; F. Kersten. Science, Natural: see Natural Science. Science, Political: see Political Science. Sciences, Human: see Human Sciences. Georg Simmel; J.E. Jalbert. Social Geography; B. Werlen. Sociology in Germany; M. Endress, I. Srubar. Sociology in Japan; H. Nasu. Sociology in the United States; G. Psathas. Somatics; E.A. Behnke. South Africa; P.S. Dreyer. Space; J.J. Drummond. Spain and Latin America; R. Walton. Edith Stein; K. Haney. Structuralism; R.L. Lanigan. Technology; D. Ihde. Theater; J.M. Edie. Time; J.B. Brough. Tran Duc Thao; D.J. Herman. Truth; D. Lohmar. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; M. Kule. United States of America; L. Embree, J.M. Edie, D. Ihde, J.J. Kockelmans, C.O. Schrag. Value Theory; R.W. Jordan. Max Weber; T. Nenon. Ludwig Wittgenstein; H.P. Reeder. World; D. Welton. Worlds, Possible: see Possible Worlds. Yugoslavia; M. Uzelac. Index
Summary The Encyclopedia of Phenomenology presents phenomenological thought and the phenomenological movement within philosophy and within more than a score of other disciplines on a level accessible to professional colleagues of other orientations as well as to advanced undergraduate and graduate students. Entries average 3,000 words. In practically all cases, they include lists of works ̀For Further Study'. The Introduction briefly chronicles the changing phenomenological agenda and compares phenomenology with other 20th Century movements. The 166 entries are about matters of seven sorts: the four broad tendencies and periods within the phenomenological movement; twenty-three national traditions of phenomenology; twenty-two philosophical sub-disciplines, including those referred to with the formula ̀the philosophy of x'; phenomenological tendencies within twenty-one non-philosophical disciplines; forty major phenomenological topics; twenty-eight leading phenomenological figures; and twenty-seven non-phenomenological figures and movements of interesting similarities and differences with phenomenology. Concerning persons, years of birth and death are given upon first mention in an entry of the names of deceased non-phenomenologists. The names of persons believed to be phenomenologists and also, for cross-referencing purposes, the titles of other entries are printed entirely in SMALL CAPITAL letters, also upon first mention. In addition, all words thus occurring in all small capital letters are listed in the index with the numbers of all pages on which they occur. To facilitate indexing, Chinese, Hungarian and Japanese names have been re-arranged so that the personal name precedes the family name. Concerning works referred to, the complete titles of books and articles are given in the original language or in a transliteration into Roman script, followed by literalistic translations and the year of original publication in parentheses or, where the date of composition is substantially earlier than that of publication, by the year of composition between brackets
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Author Embree, Lester, 1938-
Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology.
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