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Author International Conference on Advances in Materials and Pavement Performance Prediction (2018 : Doha, Qatar), creator

Title Advances in materials and pavement prediction : papers from the International Conference on Advances in Materials and Pavement Performance Prediction (AM3P 2018), April 16-18, 2018, Doha, Qatar / edited by Eyad Masad, Amit Bhasin, Tom Scarpas, Ilaria Menapace, Anupam Kumar
Published [Place of publication not identified] : CRC Press, 2018
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Description 1 online resource (596 pages)
Contents <I><P><STRONG>Keynotes</STRONG></P></I><P>Building durable and sustainable pavements <BR><I>I.L. Al-Qadi</P></I><P>Multiscale modeling for performance prediction of asphaltic materials <BR><I>R. Blab</P></I><P>Empirical-fundamental: A meeting of the minds <BR><I>D.N. Little</P><P><STRONG></STRONG> </P><P><STRONG>Session 1: Modeling distress in flexible pavements</STRONG></P></I><P>Modeling the relationships between pavement distress and performance <BR><I>Y. Qiao, S. Chen, M. Alinizzi & S. Labi</P></I><P>Case study for overweight vehicle pavement damage associated costs <BR><I>D. Batioja-Alvarez, S.-F. Kazemi, E.Y. Hajj, A.J.T. Hand & R.V. Siddharthan</P></I><P>Calibration of a mechanistic-empirical fatigue model under different moisture conditions <BR><I>E. Arias-Barrantes, J.P. Aguiar-Moya, L.G. Loría-Salazar & E. Camacho-Garita</P></I><P>Low volume road damage-load and environmental factors <BR><I>D.J. Alabaster, T.F.P. Henning & G.K. Arnold</P></I><P>Effect of moisture infiltration on flexible pavement performance using the AASHTOWare Pavement-ME <BR><I>S.W. Haider & M. Munum Masud</I></P><P><I></I> </P><P><I><STRONG>Session 2: Integrating material and structural response</STRONG></P></I><P>The effect of asphalt layer stiffness modulus variation to top-down cracking <BR><I>A. Nikolaides & E. Manthos</P></I><P>Implementation of VECD model in the incremental-recursive CalME approach <BR><I>M.A. Lanotte & M.E. Kutay</P></I><P>Stress state of asphalt layers in hybrid pavements <BR><I>J. Patzak</P></I><P>Design and cost effectiveness of perpetual pavements <BR><I>K. Loganathan, M.I. Souliman, Z. Chamoun & M.M. Isied</P></I><P>Performance modeling of a highly modified asphalt pavement <BR><I>R.Q. Kluttz, Y.R. Kim & R. Dongré</P><P> </P><P><STRONG>Session 3: Structural health assessment</STRONG></P></I><P>Evaluation of airfield pavement responses from HWD deflections <BR><I>H. Wang, M.Y. Li & R. Ji</P></I><P>Damage progression identification in asphalt concrete pavements: A smart self-powered sensing approach <BR><I>H. Hasni, K. Chatti, N. Lajnef, K. Aono & S. Chakrabartty</P></I><P>Moving deflectometer devices to predict critical pavement responses <BR><I>R.V. Siddharthan, E.Y. Hajj & M. Nasimifar</P></I><P>Effect of fiber bragg grating sensors installation on pavement responses <BR><I>L. Al Khateeb, T. Tang, S.M.J.G. Erkens, A. Scarpas, K. Anupamb & C. Kasbergen</P></I><P>Study on integral processing of pavement vibration acceleration <BR><I>G.N. Yan, Z.J. Ye, M. Guo & L.B. Wang</P><P> </P><P><STRONG>Session 4: Measuring and modeling mixture performance -- 1</STRONG></P></I><P>Laboratory evaluation of foamed warm mix asphalt <BR><I>A. Abbas, M. Nazzal, A. Ali, A. Roy & S. Dessouky</P></I><P>Characterisation of air voids in W-FAM samples using X-Ray CT imaging <BR><I>M. Sadeq, E.A. Masad, H. Al-Khalid & O. Sirin</P></I><P>Characterizing the behavior of warm mix asphalt using a visco-elasto-plastic continuum damage model <BR><I>H.A. Kassem & G.R. Chehab</P></I><P>Effects of different loading conditions on fatigue properties of SMA <BR><I>B. Ding, X. Zou & Z. Peng</P></I><P>Laboratory evaluation of polymer-based mixes <BR><I>S. Khoeini, S. Dessouky, A.T. Papagiannakis, L. Walubita & A. Abbas</P><P> </P><P><STRONG>Session 5: Measuring and modeling mixture performance -- 2</STRONG></P></I><P>Frequency of fatigue tests and decay of modulus of asphalt concrete <BR><I>S.P. Atul Narayan & R. Gupta</P></I><P>Application potential of warm mix asphalt for airport pavements <BR><I>N. Garg, H. Kazmee & L. Ricalde</P></I><P>Asphalt mixture performance-related specifications <BR><I>Y. Richard Kim</P></I><P>Performance-based QC/QA procedure for HMA airport pavements: A case study <BR><I>Y.S. Hamdar & G.R. Chehab</P></I><P>Accurate prediction of laboratory permeability of hot mix asphalt using machine learning techniques <BR><I>M.K. Nivedya & R.B. Mallick</P><P> </P><P><STRONG>Session 6: Computational modeling to understand mixture production and behavior</STRONG></P></I><P>Experimental and numerical investigation on RAP mixtures at low temperature <BR><I>A. Cannone Falchetto, K.H. Moon, D. Wang, C. Riccardi, B. Soo Yoo & M.P. Wistuba</P></I><P>Simulation of asphalt mixtures made by different compaction methods <BR><I>P. Liu, H. Xu, D. Wang, C. Wang, C. Schulze & M. Oeser</P></I><P>Cumulative distress curve estimation from micromechanical asphalt model <BR><I>I.O. Onifade, Y. Dinegdae & B. Birgisson</P></I><P>Effect of aggregate packing on open AC: Micromechanical analysis <BR><I>H. Zhang, K. Anupam, A. Scarpas & C. Kasbergen</P></I><P>Numerical modeling of aggregate drying and heating in a rotary dryer <BR><I>K. Zhang & B. Muhunthan</P></I><I><P> </P><P><STRONG>Session 7: Measuring and modeling performance of asphalt binders</STRONG></P></I><P>Evaluation of degradation of polymer due to aging in asphalt binder using a novel and DSR-based extensional deformation test <BR><I>R. Hossain, W.M. Omer & N.M. Wasiuddin</P></I><P>Shear rate dependence on mixing and compaction temperatures <BR><I>N. Saboo, P. Kumar, A. Gupta & R. Ranjeesh</P></I><P>Development of PG for asphalt binders on Libyan desert road network <BR><I>H. Awadat Salem & B. Matic</P></I><P>Modeling of rubber swelling in bituminous binders <BR><I>H. Wang, P. Apostolidis, X. Liu & A. Scarpas</P></I><P>Effects of using re-refined engine oil bottoms as an asphalt binder modifier <BR><I>W.S. Mogawer & A.J. Austerman</P></I><P>Relation of modified bitumen microstructure to cracking indicators <BR><I>R. Hajj, N. Sakib, A. Bhasin, A.S. Ramm & M.C. Downer</P><P> </P><P><STRONG>Session 8: Binders and emulsions: Workability, adhesion and rheology</STRONG></P></I><P>Using surface free energy to study adhesion between asphalt and FRP <BR><I>T. Wang, M. Guo, L.B. Wang & D.W. Wang</P></I><P>Influence of dosage of warm mix additives on the rheological behavior of asphalt binders in the mixing and compaction temperature regime <BR><I>K. Lakshmi Roja, P.S. Divya, N. Dhanya & J. Murali Krishnan</P></I><P>Nano-Fiber modified asphalt emulsion residues at high temperatures <BR><I>F. Xiao, R. Li, H. Huang & Z. Chen</P></I><P>Research on the adhesion property of asphalt-ceramsite system <BR><I>M. Zhang, Z. Qian, Y. Liu, D. Xia, Y. Zhou & R. Jing</P></I><P>Performance of emulsion residue obtained from oven evaporation and MAB <BR><I>Abhishek & D. Singh</P><P><STRONG></STRONG> </P><P><STRONG>Session 9: Recycling in asphalt mixes</STRONG></P></I><P>A simple approach for modification of RAP bitumen <BR><I>S. Purohit & M. Panda</P></I><P>Investigation of cracking resistance of recycled superpave mixtures <BR><I>Y. Gao, S. Islam & M. Hossain</P></I><P>Optimal waste cooking oil dosage in blends containing aged binder <BR><I>M. Orešković, G. Mladenović, S. Bressi & M. Losa</P></I><P>Case study on balancing mixtures with high recycled materials contents <BR><I>E. Arámbula-Mercado, A. Epps Martin & F. Kaseer</P></I><P>Recycling efficiency evaluation of asphalt plant <BR><I>Y. Ding, B. Huang & X. Shu</P><P> </P><P><STRONG>Session 10: Modeling and measurement of noise and tire-pavement interaction</STRONG></P></I><P>Evaluation of traffic noise in the State of Qatar <BR><I>Md. Ohiduzzaman, O. Sirin & E. Kassem</P></I><P>Determining the effect of damping layers in flexible pavements on traffic induced vibrations <BR><I>J. Huang, M. Losa & P. Leandri</P></I><P>Holistic simulation of tire-pavement-system: Mechanics and uncertainty <BR><I>M. Kaliske, I. Wollny, F. Hartung & M
Subject Pavements -- Cracking -- Mathematical models -- Congresses
Pavements -- Design and construction -- Congresses.
Pavements -- Performance -- Congresses
Road materials -- Testing -- Congresses
Pavements -- Cracking -- Mathematical models.
Pavements -- Design and construction.
Pavements -- Performance.
Road materials -- Testing.
Genre/Form Conference papers and proceedings.
Form Electronic book
Author Bhasin, Amit, editor.
Kumar, Anupam, editor
Masad, Eyad, editor.
Menapace, Ilaria, editor
Scarpas, Tom, editor.
ISBN 0429855796