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Sea squirts -- Antarctica.   2
Sea squirts -- Development. : Developmental genomics of ascidians / by Noriyuki Satoh  2014 1

Sea Star -- See Starfish

Echinoderms having bodies of usually five radially disposed arms coalescing at the center
  Sea stars -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Sea stories.   29
Sea stories, American.   4
Sea stories, American -- History and criticism.   23
Sea stories, American -- Illustrations. : Unpainted to the last : Moby-Dick and twentieth-century American art / Elizabeth A. Schultz  1995 1
Sea stories, Australian   4
Sea stories, Australian -- Juvenile fiction : Tambai island / by R.S. Porteous  1955 1
Sea stories, Australian -- Juvenile literature : Tambai island / by R.S. Porteous  1955 1
Sea stories, English.   7
Sea stories, English -- History and criticism. : Fictions of the sea : critical perspectives on the ocean in British literature and culture / edited by Bernhard Klein  2002 1
Sea stories, English -- Juvenile fiction.   5
Sea stories, English -- Juvenile literature. : Seascape : [poems and prose] / compiled by R.H.C. Fice and Iris Simkiss  1972 1
Sea stories -- History and criticism. : Travels in translation : sea tales at the source of Jewish fiction / Ken Frieden  2016 1
Sea stories -- Illustrations. : The wretched stone / Chris Van Allsburg  1991 1
Sea stories -- Juvenile fiction.   26

Sea survival -- See Survival at sea


Sea swallows -- See Terns


Sea-sweetgrass -- See Schoenoplectus pungens


Sea temperature -- See Ocean temperature


Sea, The -- See Ocean

Here are entered geographical descriptions of the world's oceans, including popular accounts of their various features and "mysteries." Works on the scientific study of the ocean and its phenomena are entered under Oceanography

Sea thermal power plants -- See Ocean thermal power plants


Sea transportation -- See Shipping

Here are entered general works on the transportation of persons or goods by water, as well as on the vessels used in this activity. Works confined to inland or coastal water transportation, in general, are entered under the headings Inland water transportation or Coastwise shipping. Works on water transportation on individual lakes, rivers, etc. are entered under Shipping subdivided by the name of the lake, river, etc. Works on ocean-going merchant fleets are entered under the heading Merchant marineWorks on shipping in the sense of the dispatch of goods by any means of transportation are entered under the heading Shipment of goods when relating to the activities of the shipper, or Freight and freightage when relating to those of the carrier
  Sea travel -- 2 Related Subjects   2

Sea Travels -- See Travel


Sea trenches -- See Submarine trenches


Sea trials (Ships) -- See Ship trials

--subdivision Trials of vessels under navies, e.g. United States. Navy--Trials of vessels

Sea trout -- See Also Brown trout

Sea trout -- Congresses.   2
Sea trout -- Conservation.   2
Sea trout -- Ecology.   2
Sea trout -- Effect of habitat modification on.   2

Sea trout (Salvelinus) -- See Arctic char


Sea Turtle -- See Turtles

Any reptile including tortoises, fresh water, and marine species of the order Testudines with a body encased in a bony or cartilaginous shell consisting of a top (carapace) and a bottom (plastron) derived from the ribs
  Sea Turtles -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Sea turtles.   20
Sea turtles -- Atlantic Coast (U.S.) : Sea turtles of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the United States / Carol Ruckdeschel and C. Robert Shoop with Meg Hoyle, photo editor  2006 1
Sea turtles -- Australia. : Sea Turtles : Natural History and Conservation  1972 1
Sea turtles -- Australia -- Great Barrier Reef Marine Park (Qld.) : Turtle and dugong conservation strategy for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park / edited by Nicole Ellis  1994 1
Sea turtles -- Australia -- Great Barrier Reef (Qld.) : Turtle and dugong conservation strategy for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park / edited by Nicole Ellis  1994 1
Sea turtles -- Australia -- Queensland -- Juvenile fiction.   2
Sea turtles -- Australia -- Tasmania. : Sea turtles round Tasmania : the first record of the green turtle Chelonia mydas (Linne, 1758) and the hawksbill turtle Eretmochelys imbricata bissa (Ruppell, 1835) from Tasmanian waters / by R.H. Green  1971 1
Sea turtles -- Behavior.   14
Sea turtles -- Congresses.   2
Sea turtles -- Conservation.   4
Sea turtles -- Conservation -- History. : The case of the green turtle : an uncensored history of a conservation icon / Alison Rieser  2012 1
Sea turtles -- Conservation -- Pacific Ocean. : Conservation of Pacific sea turtles / edited by Peter H. Dutton, Dale Squires, and Mahfuzuddin Ahmed  2011 1
Sea turtles -- Conservation -- Research -- Case studies. : Using ethnographic methods in a fluid and ephemeral research site / Hannah O'Mahoney  2014 1
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