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Description Bentham Open Access Books publishes open eBooks in all areas of science, technology, medicine, social sciences and humanities.
Subject area E-books
Other name Bentham Science Publishers Books


Special terms When accessing electronic resources, please ensure that you carefully read the publisher's privacy policy and information collection statement. Resources which require you to log in or, enable content sharing, may collect and store your data in jurisdictions outside of Victoria. Deakin is not responsible for the use of that information by the Publisher. Any queries can be sent to the Publisher Licensing Consultant.
Authorised users Open Access
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Bentham Open Access Books The 1st International Conference on Drug Design and Discovery February 4-7, 2008, Dubai, UAE
Bentham Open Access Books Atmospheric flow fields : theory, numerical methods and software tools / G. Latini, R. Cocci Grifoni and S. Tascini
Bentham Open Access Books Consanguinity its impact, consequences and management
Bentham Open Access Books Drugs, Sex, and Crime : empirical contributions
Bentham Open Access Books Ecological impacts of toxic chemicals / editors, Francisco Sánchez-Bayo, Paul J. van den Brink, Reinier M. Mann
Bentham Open Access Books An Ecological Perspective on Health Promotion : Systems, Settings and Social Processes
Bentham Open Access Books Experiential teaching for public health practice / edited by Bud Nicola and Amy Hagopian
Bentham Open Access Books Four dimensional fetal echocardiography / editors, Giuseppe Rizzo, Domenico Arduini
Bentham Open Access Books Frontiers in RNAi Volume 1
Bentham Open Access Books Functional molecular imaging in hepatology / editors, Susanne Keiding, Michael Sørensen
Bentham Open Access Books Grasping the future : advances in powered upper limb prosthetics / edited by Vincenzo Parenti Castelli & Marco Troncossi
Bentham Open Access Books Health policy in ageing populations : economic modeling of chronic disease policy options in Australia / edited by Agnes E.G. Walker, James R.G. Butler and Stephen Colagiuri
Bentham Open Access Books Hepatic elastography using ultrasound waves / edited by Ioan Sporea and Roxana Sirli
Bentham Open Access Books The impacts of skiing and related winter recreational activities on mountain environments / editors: Christian Rixen, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL, Switzerland and Antonio Rolando, Turin University, Italy
Bentham Open Access Books Male Infertility
Bentham Open Access Books Multifunctional two- and three-dimensional polycrystalline X-ray diffractometry / editors, Cong Qiuzi, Yu Xiang, He Li
Bentham Open Access Books Oocyte maturation and fertilization : a long history for a short event / editors, Elisabetta Tosti, Raffaele Boni
Bentham Open Access Books OPHTHALMOLOGY : current and future developments - diagnostic atlas of retinal diseases (1)
Bentham Open Access Books Research on corporate environmental responsibility in China / Wang Hong
Bentham Open Access Books Ricin Toxin