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Substance-related disorders

-- See Substance abuse

--subdivision Substance use under classes of persons and ethnic groups

-- See Also Alcohol-Related Disorders

Disorders related to or resulting from abuse or mis-use of alcohol

-- See Also Codependency (Psychology)

A relational pattern in which a person attempts to derive a sense of purpose through relationships with others

-- See Also Designer Drugs

Drugs designed and synthesized, often for illegal street use, by modification of existing drug structures (e.g., amphetamines). Of special interest are MPTP (a reverse ester of meperidine), MDA (3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine), and MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine). Many drugs act on the aminergic system, the physiologically active biogenic amines

-- See Also Drug and Narcotic Control

Control of drug and narcotic use by international agreement, or by institutional systems for handling prescribed drugs. This includes regulations concerned with the manufacturing, dispensing, approval (DRUG APPROVAL), and marketing of drugs

-- See Also Drug Overdose

Accidental or deliberate use of a medication or street drug in excess of normal dosage

-- See Also Street Drugs

Drugs obtained and often manufactured illegally for the subjective effects they are said to produce. They are often distributed in urban areas, but are also available in suburban and rural areas, and tend to be grossly impure and may cause unexpected toxicity
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