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Trials (Adultery) -- England -- London -- Early works to 1800. : The trial with the whole of the evidence, between the Right Hon. Sir Richard Worsley, bart., comptroller of His Majesty's household, governor of the Isle of Wight, member of Parliament for the Borough of Newport in that Island, one of the verdurers of the New Forest, colonel of the South Battalion of the Hampshire Militia, one of His Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council, F.R.S., and A.S., plaintiff, and George Maurice Bisset, Esq., defendant : for criminal conversation with the plaintiff's wife : before the Right. Hon. William, Earl of Mansfield and a special jury in His Majesty's Court of King's-bench, Westminster-Hall, on Thursday the 21st of February, 1782 / taken in short hand by Robert Pye Donkin  1782 1
Trials (Adultery) -- Great Britain.   17
Trials (Adultery) -- Great Britain -- Early works to 1800.   3
Trials (Adultery) -- Illinois. : The only complete report of the Burch divorce case : containing a comprehensive history of the case, the preliminary movements, the "confession" of Mrs. Burch, opening speeches of counsel, the deposition of parties implicated, and all the testimony in full, together with the letters offered in evidence but ruled out by the court / specially reported by the Law Reporter of the "New York Daily Times."  1860 1
Trials (Adultery) -- Ireland.   2
Trials (Adultery) -- Massachusetts -- Boston.   4
Trials (Adultery) -- New York (State) -- Cases. : The great Brooklyn romance : all the documents in the famous Beecher-Tilton case, unabridged  1874 1
Trials (Adultery) -- New York (State) -- New York.   6
Trials (Adultery) -- North Carolina. : God's revenge against adultery awfully exemplified in the following cases of American crim. con. : I. The accomplished Dr. Theodore Wilson, (Delaware,) who for seducing Mrs. Nancy Wiley had his brains blown out by her husband. II. The elegant James O'Neale, Esq., (North Carolina,) who for seducing the beautiful Miss. Matilda L'Estrange was killed by her brother / by Mason L. Weems  1818 1
Trials (Adultery) -- Rhode Island. : Gross misbehavior and wickedness : a notorious divorce in early twentieth-century America / Jean Elson  2017 1
Trials (Adultery) -- Scotland. : Correspondence between Mr. Granville Sharpe Pattison and Dr. N. Chapman  1821 1
Trials (Anarchy) -- Illinois.   3
Trials (Anarchy) -- Ireland. : A report of the proceedings in the cases of Thomas Kirwan, merchant and Edward Sheridan, M.D. : for misdemeanors charged to be committed in violation of the Convention Act / by William Ridgeway  1811 1
Trials -- Anecdotes. : A faithful report of the trial of Hurdy Gurdy : tried and convicted of a seditious libel in the Court of King's Bench, on the testimony of French Horn, the approver : with the arguments of counsel, and the charge of the learned chief justice to the jury  1806 1
Trials (Arson)   2
Trials (Arson) -- England -- York. : Report of the trial of Jonathan Martin : for having, on the night of the first of February, 1829, set fire to York Minster which trial took place at the Yorkshire Spring Assizes, on Tuesday, March 31st, 1829, before Mr. Baron Hullock / taken in short-hand, by Mr. Fraser ; with an appendix, containing some depositions and other documents not appearing on the trial  1829 1
Trials (Arson) -- Great Britain. : The trial at large of James Hill, otherwise James Hind, otherwise James Aitken, commonly known by the name of John the Painter : who was tried and convicted at the assizes held at Winchester, on Thursday March 6, 1777, and executed and hung in chains, at Portsmouth, on Monday March 10, for setting fire to the rope-house in his Majesty's dock-yard at Portsmouth, on Saturday the 7th of December, 1776 ; together with the confession he made before magistrates and to Commissioner Gambier ; and an account of his behaviour at the time of his execution ; also, the particulars of his life, previous to his setting fire to the dock-yard, which he gave to Mr. White, Keeper of the Goal at Winchester  1777 1
Trials (Arson) -- Massachusetts. : Moses S. Wheeler, or, The eight years' imprisonment of an innocent man  1876 1
Trials (Arson) -- Massachusetts -- Boston.   2
Trials (Arson) -- Massachusetts -- Dedham. : Report of the trial of John Wade for arson : before the Supreme Judicial Court holden at Dedham, Oct. term, 1835  1835 1
Trials (Arson) -- Massachusetts -- Gloucester. : Trial of Marshall and Ross for barn-burning : a brief exposure of a systematic attempt to mislead the public mind, and to create a false sympathy in behalf of convicted incendiaries / by "a looker-on in Vienna."  1859 1
Trials (Arson) -- Michigan -- Detroit.   2
Trials (Arson) -- Missouri -- Kansas City. : Justice on fire : the Kansas City firefighters case and the railroading of the Marlborough five / J. Patrick O'Connor  2018 1
Trials (Arson) -- New York (State) -- Cases. : The People, respondents, against Hugh O'Neil, appellant  1887 1
Trials (Arson) -- New York (State) -- New York. : Report of the trial of John Quay vs. the Eagle Fire Company of New-York : before the Honourable William W. Van Ness, one of the justices of the Supreme Court of Judicature of the state of New-York, at the City-Hall of the city of New-York, commencing on Friday the sixth and ending on Tuesday the tenth days of December, 1816 / by Daniel Rogers  1817 1
Trials (Arson) -- North Carolina -- History -- 20th century. : Smoke signals from Samarcand : the 1931 reform school fire and its aftermath / Barbara Bennett  2018 1
Trials (Arson) -- Rhode Island. : The trials of William H. Bowen and Dora Avery  1883 1
Trials (Assassination)   2
Trials (Assassination) -- China. : Public passions : the trial of Shi Jianqiao and the rise of popular sympathy in Republican China / Eugenia Lean  2007 1
Trials (Assassination) -- France. : The trial of Francis Ravaillac for the murder of King Henry the Great : together with an account of his torture and execution : extracted and translated from the registers of the Parliament of Paris, 1610 / edited by Edmund Goldsmid  2009 1
Trials (Assassination) -- Guatemala.   2
Trials (Assassination) -- Illinois -- Chicago. : The crime of the century, or, The assassination of Dr. Patrick Henry Cronin : a complete and authentic history of the greatest of modern conspiracies / by Henry M. Hunt  1889? 1
Trials (Assassination) -- Kentucky -- Frankfort. : Great speech of Caleb Powers : before the jury that sentenced him to death upon the charge of being an accessory before the fact to the murder of William Goebel ; observations on the trial and incidents of the delivery of this masterly address / by Llewellyn F. Sinclair, of counsel for Powers  1903 1
Trials (Assassination) -- Massachusetts. : Two hard cases : sketches from a physician's portfolio / by W.W. Godding  1882 1
Trials (Assassination) -- New York (State) -- New York. : The Assassination of President Lincoln and the trial of the conspirators David E. Herold, Mary E. Surratt, Lewis Payne, George A. Atzerodt, Edward Spangler, Samuel A. Mudd, Samuel Arnold, Michael O'Laughlin / compiled and arranged by Benn Pitman  1865 1
Trials (Assassination) -- United States.   3
Trials (Assassination) -- Washington (D.C.)   8
Trials (Assault and battery)   10
Trials (Assault and battery) -- Australia. : On trial collection series. Pt. 1-5  2014 1
Trials (Assault and battery) -- Australia -- New South Wales. : An ordinary man / Alexander McLeod-Lindsay  1984 1
Trials (Assault and battery) -- Canada : Defending battered women on trial : lessons from the transcripts / Elizabeth A. Sheehy  2014 1
Trials (Assault and battery) -- England. : In the King's Bench : between Thomas Redford, plaintiff, and Hugh Hornby Birley, Alexander Oliver, Richard Withington, and Edward Meagher, defendants, for an assault on the 16th. of August, 1819 : report of the proceedings on the trial of this cause at Lancaster, on Thursday the 4th., Friday the 5th., Saturday the 6th., Monday the 8th., and Tuesday the 9th. days of April, 1822, before Mr. Justice Holroyd and a special jury, and the judgment of the Court of King's Bench in Easter term following, upon an application on the part of the plaintiff, for a rule to shew cause why a new trial should not be granted / taken from the short-hand notes of Mr. Farquharson  1822 1
Trials (Assault and battery) -- England -- Bury St. Edmunds. : The tryal and condemnation of Arundel Coke, alias Cooke Esq., and of John Woodburne labourer, for felony, in slitting the nose of Edward Crispe gent. : contrary to the 22 & 23 Car. II, cap. I intitled, An act to prevent malicious maiming and wounding : who were found guilty at the assizes held before the Right Honourable Sir Peter King Knt., Lord Chief Justice of His Majesty's Court of Common Pleas, at Bury St. Edmonds, Tuesday the 13th of March, 1721, and received sentence the day following  2013 1
Trials (Assault and battery) -- England -- London. : Defence of Rhynwick Williams, who was tried for assault upon Miss Porter / by Theodore Swift  1790 1
Trials (Assault and battery) -- England -- London -- History -- 17th century : Gender and Petty Violence in London, 1680-1720 Jennine Hurl-Eamon  c2005 1
Trials (Assault and battery) -- England -- London -- History -- 18th century : Gender and Petty Violence in London, 1680-1720 Jennine Hurl-Eamon  c2005 1
Trials (Assault and battery) -- Great Britain.   2
Trials (Assault and battery) -- Maine -- Portland. : Report of the trial of Major Mitchell : for felonious assault and maiming on the person of David H. Crawford : before the Supreme Judicial Court of the state of Maine at the term for the county of Cumberland held at Portland on the first Tuesday of November 1834 : with the arguments of counsel / by James F. Otis  1834 1
Trials (Assault and battery) -- Maryland. : Report of the trial of Dr. Wm. H. Stokes and Mary Blenkinsop, physician and sister superior of Mount Hope Institution : before the Circuit Court for Baltimore Co., Md., held at Towsontown, Tuesday, February 6, 1866 / by Eugene L. Didier  1866 1
Trials (Assault and battery) -- Massachusetts. : Two hard cases : sketches from a physician's portfolio / by W.W. Godding  1882 1
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