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World Trials Library Address to the Jury by Edwin Countryman: in the Case of the People agt. Thomas C. Platt, at the Albany Circuit, January 12, 1888
World Trials Library Address to the Jury by Col. John Hallum in Self Defense in the Case of the State of Texas against Him : An Indictment for Shooting a Minister of the Gospel: Together with the Extraordinary Facts and Remarkable Incidents Connected with the Trial and Prosecu
World Trials Library Address to the Jury by Hon. N.C. Moak, in the Case of the People agt. Thoams C. Platt
World Trials Library An address to the Whig Club : with an essay on the judicial discretion of judges, on fiats, and on bail
World Trials Library Adelina T. Bergholtz, Plaintiff-Respondent, against Ithaca Street Railway Company, Defendant-Appellant. State of New York Appeal Book
World Trials Library Adelina T. Bergholtz, Plaintiff-Respondent, against Ithaca Street Railway Company, Defendent-Appellant. Supreme Court Appeal Book
World Trials Library Administration of equity jurisprudence : caveat filed February, 1874, in the case of Lawrence vs. Staigg in the Supreme Court, of Rhode Island, in equity / by William Beach Lawrence
World Trials Library Adolf Beck
World Trials Library Adventures and exploits of the Younger brothers : Missouri's most daring outlaws and companions of the James boys / by Henry Dale
World Trials Library Affaire de Saint-Cyr : assassinants 1 de Jeanne Robier, veuve Desfarges, âgée de 72 ans ; 2 de Jeanne-Marie Desfarges, veuve Gayet, âgée de 38 ans ; 3 de Pierrette Gayet, âgée de 13 ans : viols - vols - recel : cinq accusés / [Jean Joanon [and others]
World Trials Library Affaire de la Salette : Mademoiselle de Lamerlière contre MM. Déléon et Cartellier demande en 20,000 fr. de dommages-intérêts / recueilli et publié par J. Sabbatier
World Trials Library Affecting History of Tom Bragwell, an Unhappy Young Man, Who Was Cut off for His Crimes in the Morning of His Days, with Some Account of His Companions in Iniquity; Wherein, Are Strikingly Delineated the Rise, Progress, and Fatal Termination of Juvenile De
World Trials Library Affidavit of Andrew Jackson, Taken by the Defendants in the Suit of Robert Mayo vs. Blair and Rives for a Libel, Analysed and Refuted
World Trials Library Affray at Brownsville, Tex
World Trials Library Affray at Brownsville, Tex., August 13 and 14, 1906; Proceedings of a General Court-Martial Convened at Headquarters Department of Texas San Antonio, Tex., April 15, 1907, in the Case of Capt. Edgar A. Macklin
World Trials Library African Captives. Trial of the Prisoners of the Amistad on the Writ of Habeas Corpus, before the Circuit Court of the United States, for the District of Connecticut, at Hartford
World Trials Library Alabama Claims: Argument of the United States Delivered to the Tribunal of Arbitration at Geneva
World Trials Library Alarming Developments Connected with Our Courts: The Wrong Member of Middlesex Bar Convicted of Perjury, and the Means by Which it Was Accomplished Exposed
World Trials Library An alarum to the House of Lords against their insolent usurpation of the common liberties and rights of this nation : manifested by them in their present tyrannicall attempts against that worthy commoner, Lieutenant Col. John Lilburne, defendour of the faith .
World Trials Library Albany: the crisis in government The history of the suspension, trial and expulsion from the New York state Legislature in 1920 of the five Socialist assemblymen by their political opponents. / By Louis Waldman. With an introduction by Seymour Stedman
World Trials Library Albert G. F. Goersen, Plaintiff in Error, vs. the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Defendant in Error. In Error to the Court of Oyer and Terminer for the County of Philadelphia
World Trials Library Alexander S. Turner, respondent, vs. William Weston, Orrin Weston, and Abijah Weston, appellants : appeal book
World Trials Library Alfred B. Woodworth, and others, ag'st Edward C. Seymour ; The same, ag'st Charles B. Douglass and William B. Douglass
World Trials Library The alleged malpractice suit of Walsh vs. Sayre
World Trials Library Alleged official misconduct of H. Snowden Marshall
World Trials Library Alton Trials: of Winthrop S. Gilman, Who was Indicted with Enoch Long... [et al.] for the Crime of Riot... Written out from Notes of the Trial, Taken at the Time by a Member of the Bar of the Alton Municipal Court: also, the Trial of John Solomon... [et al
World Trials Library Alum in baking powder The complete text of the "Trial examiner's report upon the facts", including a review of scientific testimony concerning alum in baking powder and its physiological effects / as submitted on November 12, 1925, by trial examiner Edward M. Averill to the Federal Trade Commission, Washington, D.C., in the matter of Royal Baking Powder Company, docket no. 540; accompanied by facsimiles of two orders of the Federal Trade Commission, printed with special type arrangement and published, with added foreword, notes and indices, by Royal Baking Powder Company
World Trials Library Amanda Lewis, and others, appellants, vs. Person D. Ogden and another, respondents
World Trials Library Amanda Lewis and others, respondents, against Person D. Ogden and others, appellants : appeal book
World Trials Library Amanda Lewis and others, appellants, ag'st Frank Manning and another, respondents
World Trials Library The amazing crime and trial of Leopold and Loeb / by Maureen McKernan ; with an introduction by Clarence Darrow and Walter Bachrach
World Trials Library Amendment, Filed May 11, 1883 - D.F.W. Clerk: The Heirs of Henry C. Dallett and John Dallett, Trading as Dallett Brothers vs. The United States; No. 611; Amended Petition
World Trials Library American Bell telephone company, vs. the Overland telephone company of New Jersey, et al brief for complainants on motion for preliminary injunction, with order of the court / E.N. Dickerson, Chauncey Smith [and] J.J. Storrow
World Trials Library American and Panamanian general claims arbitration under the conventions between the United States and Panama of July 28,1926, and December 17, 1932 : report of Bert L. Hunt, agent for the United States
World Trials Library American Bell Telephone Company et al. Complainants, v. American Cushman Telephone Company et al.; Brief for Complainants
World Trials Library The American Brake Shoe and Foundry Company, plaintiff, against Interborough Rapid Transit Company, defendant, application 98 : report of special master
World Trials Library American criminal trials / by Peleg W. Chandler .
World Trials Library American Graphophone Company vs. Walcutt, Leeds and others : various suits on patent no. 341,214 and " " 341,288 : miscellaneous records and briefs
World Trials Library American Graphophone Company vs. Edward H. Amet, in the United States Circuit Court
World Trials Library American Juror: Being a Guide for Jurymen throughout the United States
World Trials Library American Mexican Claims Commission : under the Act of Congress approved December 18, 1942 : report to the Secretary of State
World Trials Library American Print Works, vs. Cornelius W. Lawrence. Proceedings at the Trial of above Entitled Cause, at Essex Circuit, October, 1852. Compiled from Notes of Reporter at the Trial, and Revised by the Counsel for the Defendant
World Trials Library American state trials a collection of the important and interesting criminal trials which have taken place in the United States from the beginning of our government to the present day. / With notes and annotations [by] John D. Lawson, editor
World Trials Library The American Tobacco Company and others vs. United States of America
World Trials Library Amos Lawrence, Abbott Lawrence, Joshua H. Wolcott, and John W. Edmonds, Plaintiffs in Error, vs. The Mayor, Aldermen, and Commonalty of the City of New-York, Defendants in Error: Error Book: [Miscellaneous Court Reports]
World Trials Library An analytical statement of the case of Alexander, earl of Stirling and Dovan &c. &c. & c containing an explanation of his official dignities and peculiar territorial rights and priveleges in the British colonies of Nova Scotia and Canada, &c. &c. and also shewing the descent of the Stirling peerage honours, supported by legal evidence, and the law and usage of Scotland, appertaining thereto ... / By Thomas C. Banks .
World Trials Library Anarchy at an End. Lives, Trial and Conviction of the Eight Chicago Anarchists. How They Killed and What They Killed With. A History of the Most Deliberate Planned and Murderous Bomb Throwing of Ancient or Modern Times. The Eloquent and Stirring Speeches o
World Trials Library Anarchy and anarchists A history of the Red terror and the social revolution in America and Europe. Communism, socialism, and nihilism in doctrine and in deed. The Chicago Haymarket conspiracy, and the detection and trial of the conspirators. / By Michael J. Schaack
World Trials Library The anarchists' cases : brief for the defendants / Leonard Swett
World Trials Library The Anastaplo case : briefs, records, comments
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