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World Trials Library Attorney general ex rel. Coles Bashford vs. William A. Barstow : contested election
World Trials Library Auditor's report : to the honourable the judges of the Court of Common Pleas for the county of Philadelphia : estate of Elizabeth Greenfield
World Trials Library August Belmont against the Erie Railway Company, and others : opinion
World Trials Library August C. Swarth and Ernest A. Swarth, appellants, vs. the people, ex relatione of Andrew Paxton, appellees : appeal from the Superior Court of Cook County
World Trials Library August C. Swarth and Ernest A. Swarth, appellants, vs. the people of the State of Illinois upon the relation of Andrew Paxton, appellees : quo warranto to forfeit liquor license, appeal from the Superior Court of Cook : the record in full, statutes and ordinances
World Trials Library August C. Swarth and Ernest A. Swarth, Appellants, vs. The People of the State of Illinois, Appellee. Appeal from the Superior Court of Cook County. Abstract of Record
World Trials Library August C. Swarth, Ernest A. Swarth, appellants, vs. the people of the State of Illinois : briefs and arguments for appellees
World Trials Library August C. Swarth and Ernest A. Swarth, appellants, vs. the people of the State of Illinois, ex rel. Andrew Paxton, appellee : brief for appellants
World Trials Library August Spies and others, plaintiffs in error, vs. the people of the state of Illinois, defendants in error : error to the Criminal court of Cook County : brief on the law for defendants in error. George Hunt, attorney general, Julius S. Grinnell, states attorney
World Trials Library August Spies and others, plaintiffs in error, vs. the people of the state of Illinois, defendant in error : error to the Criminal Court of Cook County / Jos. E. Gary, presiding. Indictment for murder : brief and argument for plaintiffs in error / W.P. Black and Salomon & Seisler, attorneys for plaintiffs in error
World Trials Library August Timm, appellant vs. Carter H. Harrison, Mayor of Chicago, appellee, appeal from Cook : brief and argument of J.L. High
World Trials Library August Timm vs. Carter H. Harrison, Mayor, etc. Mandamus. Brief of Argument of C.C. and C.L. Bonney, and the Record in Full
World Trials Library Authentic Account of the Trials at Large, of George Robert Fitzgerald, Esq., Timothy Brecknock, James Fulton, and Others, for the Procurement of, and for the Murder of Patrick Randall M'Donnell and Charles Hipson
World Trials Library Authentic and Faithful History of the Mysterious Murder of Maria Martenwith a Full Development of all the Extraordinary Circumstances which Led to the Discovery of Her Body in the Red Barn; to which Is Added the Trial of William Corder... with an Account o
World Trials Library Authentic and Interesting Memoirs of Mrs. Clarke, from her Infancy to the Present Time. Likewise a Faithful Account of Mr. Wardle's Charges relative to His Royal Highness the Duke of York
World Trials Library An authentick account of the proceedings in law and equity between William Barnesley, Esq., plaintiff; and Mansell Powell, Esq., and others, defendants
World Trials Library An authentic copy of the minutes of evidence on the trial of John Smith, a missionary, in Demerara : held at the colony house, in George Town, Demerara, on Monday, the 13th day of October, 1823, and 27 following days; on a charge of exciting the negroes to rebellion. Copied verbatim / from a report as ordered to be printed, by the House of Commons, 22d of March, 1824. With an appendix, including the affidavit of Mrs. Jane Smith, the petition presented to the House of Commons, from the directors of the London Missionary Society, letters of Mr. John Smith, and other interesting documents
World Trials Library Authentic History of the Cato-Street Conspiracy; with the Trials at Large of the Conspirators, for High Treason and Murder
World Trials Library An authentic narrative of the causes which led to the death of Major Andrè, Adjutant-General of His Majesty's forces in North America / by Joshua Hett Smith ; To which is added a Monody on the death of Major Andrè / by Miss Seward
World Trials Library An authentic report of the testimony in a cause at issue in the Court of Chancery of the state of New Jersey between Thomas L. Shotwell, complainant and Joseph Hendrickson and Stacy Decow, defendants / taken pursuant to the rules of the Court by Jeremiah J. Foster
World Trials Library Authentic Report of a Trial before the Supreme Judicial Court of Maine, for the County of Washington, June Term, 1824. Charles Lowell vs. John Faxon and Micajah Hawks, Surgeons and Physicians, in an Action of Trespass on the Case
World Trials Library An authentic report of the speech of the celebrated and eloquent Irish barrister, Mr. Phillips, delivered at Roscommon Assizes, 1816, on a trial for seduction : Connaghton v. Dillon
World Trials Library An authentic report of the highly important motion in the Court of Exchequer : in the case of the venerable Edmond Dalrymple H. Knox, archdeacon, of Killaloe, versus John Gavan and others, on the 29th and 30th January and 1st February, 1836 / taken in short-hand by a Barrister
World Trials Library An authentic report of the Clough case taken by two note takers at the hearing in the Court of Exchequer in Ireland, before the Right Hon. the Lord Chief Baron, the Hon. Baron Sir W.C. Smith, bart., the Hon. Baron Foster on Thursday 21, Friday 22, Thursday 28, Friday 29 and Saturday 30, April, Easter term, 1836 : the evidence carefully compared with the court copy of the depositions and the extracts from the Synod of Ulster records carefully examined with the original mss., the judgment of the court, etc., etc., given in full / the whole revised by A.J. Macrory
World Trials Library An authenticated report of the trial of Myers and others for the murder of Dudley Marvin Hoyt : with the able and eloquent speeches of counsel, and "the letters" in full, with explanatory notes, which furnish a clear and complete history of the case / drawn up by the editor of the Richmond southern standard
World Trials Library Authentic report of the most important and interesting trial of Mathew v. Harty and Stokes : before the Right Hon. the Lord Chief Baron and a special jury on Thursday, December 11, 1851 and the following days / reported by S.N. Elrington Jun. and W.P. Carr
World Trials Library The authentic trial and memoirs of Isaac Darkin, alias Dumas, capitally convicted for a highway-robbery, near Nettlebed : before Mr. Baron Adams, at the Lent Assizes at Oxford on Friday the sixth, and executed for the same on Monday the 23d of March, 1761 : wherein are given, a faithful history of his life, several original letters, among which are those that were the occasion of his being apprehended, his capital conviction at Chelmsford, his conditional pardon and return from Antigua, the robbery of Lord Percival and his acquittal at Salisbury : together with his behaviour after his sentence at Oxford and at the place of execution
World Trials Library Authentick Tryals of John Swan, and Elizabeth Jeffryes, for the Murder of Mr. Joseph Jeffryes of Walthamflow in Essex with the Tryal of Miss Mary Blandy, for the Murder of Her Own Father
World Trials Library Authorities cited antagonistic to Horace Binney's conclusions on the writ of habeas corpus / by Tatlow Jackson
World Trials Library The Aves Island case, with the correspondence relating thereto and discussion of law and facts : being the official documents published by order of the Senate of the United States
World Trials Library Aycinena v. Peries : S.C.N.P. - July, 1842, no. 78 : bill of exceptions
World Trials Library Aycinena v. Yard : plaintiff's statement of the case
World Trials Library Baby M Case: the Complete Trial Transcripts - Superior Court of New Jersey, Chancery Division, Family Part, Bergen County, Docket No. FM-25324-86E [217 N.J. Super. 313] : Transcript of Proceedings
World Trials Library The baccarat case : Gordon-Cumming v. Wilson and others / edited by W. Teignmouth Shore
World Trials Library The Baldwinsville homicide : verbatim report of the trial of Owen Lindsay, for the murder of Francis A. Colvin, containing the testimony in full, opening and closing speeches of counsel, charge to the jury, &c. printed from the minutes of the official reporters : also, accurate likenesses of Linsday, Colvin and Vader, engraved from photographs recently taken / published by Tinsley & Morgan, official stenographers of the Supreme Court
World Trials Library The Bank of England forgery / edited by George Dilnot
World Trials Library Bank of Erie v. Smith and Randolph : brief of cases and propositions on the subject of plaintiff's negligence
World Trials Library The Bank of Kentucky, vs. the Schuylkill Bank : in equity, before examiner
World Trials Library Bardell v. Pickwick : the trial for breach of promise of marriage held at the Guildhall Sittings, on April 1, 1828, before Mr. Justice Stareleigh and a special jury of the city of London / edited with notes and commentaries by Percy Fitzgerald
World Trials Library The Barry case : a review of, and strictures on the opinion of his Honor the Chancellor of the State of New-York, delivered 26th August, 1839, in the late case of The People, ex relatione John A. Barry versus Thomas R. Mercein : affording also, a correct view of the circumstances of the case, and the persecutions of the reviewer by his wife's father and family, and others their partisans, up to the present time / by John A. Barry
World Trials Library Bartholomew Hannon, plaintiff and respondent, against the mayor, aldermen and commonalty of the city of Albany, defendant and appellant : case and exceptions
World Trials Library The battle against bribery : being the only complete narrative of Joseph W. Folk's warfare on boodlers, including also the story of the get-rich-quick concerns and the exposure of bribery in the Missouri Legislature / by Claude Wetmore
World Trials Library Battle of Lake Erie: A Collection of Documents, Chiefly By Commodore Perry: Including the Court-Martial of Commander Barclay and the Court of Enquiry on Captain Elliott
World Trials Library The beautiful cigar girl; or, The mysteries of Broadway / By J.H. Ingraham .
World Trials Library Beautiful Victim of the Elm City. Being a Full, Fair, and Impartial Narrative of All That Is Known of the Terrible Fate of the Trusting and Unfortunate Jennie E. Cramer
World Trials Library The Beecher trial, a review of the evidence / reprinted from the New York Times of July 3, 1875 ; with some revisions and additions
World Trials Library Before and at trial : what should be done by counsel, solicitor, and client / by Richard Harris, author of "Hints on advocacy," "Illustrations in advocacy," "Farmer Bumpkin's lawsuit," &c., &c., &c
World Trials Library Before Hon. James R. Ludlow, President Judge: Case of Commonwealth against Tacks; Testimony, Argument of Counsel on Both Sides, with Opinion of Judge
World Trials Library Before Spanish Treaty Claims Commission: In Matter of Claim of Maria Dolores Josefa Garcia Y Pino Viuda De Durio against the Government of Spain, Which the United States Agreed to Adjudicate and Settle under Article VII of the Treaty of Peace. No. 385; Bri
World Trials Library Before the Railroad Commission of the State of California. In the Matter of the Application of Los Angeles Gas and Electric Corporation for an Order Fixing and Classifying Gas Rates. In the Matter of the Application of Southern California Gas Company for A
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