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Ballets Music   11

Bandit Gangster Films -- See Gangster films


Banquet Camera Photographs -- See Also the broader term Photographs

The word PHOTOGRAPHS is a general designation for any photographic process. The narrower terms include both physical media and genre categoriesMain Term

Bar Charts -- See Graphs

Graphic representations of data. For data in textual form arranged in columns and rows see Tables (Data)
Barbara Elkhorne Collection   201

Barbershop Harmony -- See Barbershop (Music)

Barbershop Music : The barbershop singer : inside the social world of a musical hobby / Robert A. Stebbins  1996 1

Barbershop Style Music -- See Barbershop (Music)


Bargaining Agreements Collective -- See Collective labor agreements


Base Maps -- See Outline maps

Baseball Stories   3
Basel Kongress 2010 : Stabilization and progress in the western Balkans : proceedings of the symposium 2010, Basel, Switzerland, September 17-19 / Dušan Šimko, and Ueli Mäder (eds)  2011 1
Basic Concepts In Biology : Living in water, living on land / M.A. Negrin  1987 1
Basketball Stories : In your dreams Isaac / Mike Lefroy ; illustrator Gay Sprenglewski  1997 1

Batman Films -- See Superhero films


Bawdy Poetry -- See Also Erotic poetry


Bedtime Prayers -- See Prayers

Beispielsammlung   6
Belgian Personal Narratives   3
Belgrad Kongress 2009 : Image identity reality / edited by Biljana Đorić-Francuski  2011 1

Belles Lettres -- See Literature

Belletristische Darstellung   12
Belonging   2

Benedictionals -- See Liturgical books

Prescribed forms of religious worship and ritual
Berlin 1992 : The city of scholars : new approaches to Christine de Pizan / edited by Margarete Zimmermann and Dina De Rentiis  1994 1
Berlin Kongress 2011 : Exploring the Senses : South Asian and European Perspectives on Rituals and Performativity / Axel Michaels, Christoph Wulf  2015 1
Bestiaries : An Old English miscellany : containing a bestiary, Kentish sermons, proverbs of Alfred, religious poems of the thirteenth century, from manuscripts in the British Museum, Bodleian Library, Jesus College library, etc. / edited with introduction and index of words by Richard Morris  1872 1
Bestimmungsbuch   2
Bestsellers Forthcoming : Gwendy's button box / Stephen King and Richard Chizmar  2017 1

Bible Fiction -- See Also Christian fiction

Use for works of imaginative fiction that promote Christian teachings or exemplify a Christian way of life
Bible Fiction   2
Bible Films : Ben Hur (Motion picture)  2001 1

Bible Plays -- See Also the narrower term Passion plays

Plays that present the trial, suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ
Bible Stories   3
Bible Stories English : Mr Noah and the cats / Vashti Farrer and Neil Curtis  2004 1

Biblical Fiction -- See Bible fiction

Imaginative fiction in which characters and settings are taken from the Bible. For paraphrases of Biblical texts in story form see Bible stories

Biblical Films -- See Bible films

Film versions of Biblical stories

Biblical Stories -- See Bible stories

Paraphrases of Biblical texts in story form. For imaginative fiction in which characters and settings are taken from the Bible see Bible fiction
Biblical Studies : Wisdom for Life  2014 1
Bibliografieen Vorm   2
Bibliographie   25
Bibliographie 1670 1985 : Aphra Behn : an annotated bibliography of primary and secondary sources / Mary Ann O'Donnell  2016 1
Bibliographie 1900 1957 : Hermann Hesse and his critics : the criticism and bibliography of half a century / by Joseph Mileck  1958 1
Bibliographie Descripteur De Forme   2
Bibliographies   1902
Bibliography   1069
Bibliography Catalogs   16
Bibliography Exhibition Catalogs   2
Bibliography Fiction : The passion of Artemesia / Susan Vreeland  2002 1
Bibliography Graded Lists   2
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