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Biblical Stories -- See Bible stories

Paraphrases of Biblical texts in story form. For imaginative fiction in which characters and settings are taken from the Bible see Bible fiction
Biblical Studies : Wisdom for Life  2014 1
Bibliografie   2
Bibliografieen Vorm   14
Bibliographie   25
Bibliographie 1628 1960 : A checklist of Canadian literature and background materials, 1628-1960 in two parts: first, a comprehensive list of the books which constitute Canadian literature written in English; and second, a selective list of other books by Canadian authors which reveal the backgrounds of that literature  1972 1
Bibliographie 1750 2000 : Bibliographia systematica Orthopterorum saltatoriorum = Systematic bibliography of saltatorial Orthoptera from Linnaean times to the end of the 20th century (about 1750 to 2000) / compiled by Sigfrid Ingrisch & Fer Willemse  2004 1
Bibliographie 1846 1978 : Bibliography of works on John Stuart Mill / Michael Laine  1982 1
Bibliographie 1921 1957 : A bibliography of James T. Farrell's writings, 1921-1957  1959 1
Bibliographie 1991 1999 : Research activities of the International Monetary Fund, January 1991-December 1999 / prepared by the Interdepartmental Working Group on Fund Research  2000 1
Bibliographies   2062
Bibliography   823
Bibliography Catalogs   25
Bibliography Exhibition Catalogs   2
Bibliography Fiction : The passion of Artemesia / Susan Vreeland  2002 1
Bibliography Graded Lists   2
Bibliography Mesh   2
Bibliography Of Bibliographies   7
Bibliotheekcatalogi Vorm : The Beinecke Lesser Antilles Collection at Hamilton College : a catalogue of books, manuscripts, prints, maps, and drawings, 1521-1860 / prepared by Samuel J. Hough and Penelope R.O. Hough  1994 1
Bidding Games : Virulence : an infectious card game / by John J. Coveyou  2016 1
Bielefeld 1988 : Social prevention and the social sciences : theoretical controversies, research problems, and evaluation strategies / edited by Günter Albrecht, Hans-Uwe Otto with the assistance of Susanne Karstedt-Henke and Karin Böllert  1991 1
Bielefeld 1999 : Groups : topological, combinatorial, and arithmetic aspects / edited by T.W. Müller  2004 1
Big Books   2
Big Books Childrens Books   2

Big Brother Television Programs -- See Reality television programs


Big Caper Films -- See Caper films

Films that feature the execution of a particularly difficult undertaking, often questionable or illegal, the success of which depends on skill and careful planning
Bildband   34

Bilderbogen -- See Also Humorous pictures

Images intended to be funnyMain Term
Bildliche Darstellung : Spine surgery : tricks of the trade / [edited by] Alexander R. Vaccaro, Todd J. Albert ; medical illustrator, Birck Cox  2009 1

Bildungsdrama -- See Coming-of-age drama


Bildungsfilms -- See Coming-of-age films


Bildungsromane -- See Bildungsromans

Fiction depicting the development of a character from youth to adulthood
Bildungsromane   2
Bildungsromans   201
Bilingues Materiales En Espanol : Symmetric generation of groups : with applications to many of the sporadic finite simple groups / Robert T. Curtis  2007 1

Bilini -- See Epic poetry

Lengthy poems narrating heroic deeds and events

Bills Legislative -- See Legislative bills

Drafts of proposed legislation considered by a legislature before enactment

Bills Of Fare -- See Menus

Lists of foods and/or beverages served at a meal or available for purchase in a restaurant

Bills Posters -- See Posters

Bindings : Cream 3 : contemporary art in culture / 10 curators, 100 contemporary artists; 10 source artists  2003 1
Binghamton Kongress 2001 : Transformational and charismatic leadership : the road ahead / edited by Bruce J. Avolio, Francis J. Yammarino  2002 1
Binghamton Ny 1972 : The Role of woman in the Middle Ages : papers of the sixth annual conference of the Center for Medieval and Early Renaissance Studies, State University of New York at Binghamton, 6-7 May 1972 / edited by Rosmarie Thee Morewedge  1975 1
Binghamton Ny Kongress 2001 : Transformational and charismatic leadership : the road ahead / edited by Bruce J. Avolio, Francis J. Yammarino  2002 1
Bio Bibliography   87
Bio Bibliography Dictionaries   39

Bio Pics -- See Biographical films

Films that depict lives of real people. For films in which real persons, places, or events are depicted under invented names see Films à clef

Bio Pics Television -- See Biographical television programs

Fiction or nonfiction television programs that depict the lives of real people
Biobibliographie Descripteur De Forme : The Johns Hopkins guide to literary theory & criticism / edited by Michael Groden, Martin Kreiswirth, and Imre Szeman  2005 1
Biobibliography   3
Biochemistry : Molecular Basis of Olfaction  2015 1
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