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Cartes De Visite : Capt. Dana / E. de Balk  1866 1
  Cartographic Materials -- 10 Related Genre/Forms   10
Cartographic Materials For People With Visual Disabilities : A Handbook for planning events that everyone will enjoy : access for people with disabilities  1987? 1

Cartographic Materials For The Blind -- See Cartographic materials for people with visual disabilities

Cartoon   5

Cartoons Animated Motion Pictures -- See Animated films

Films that create the illusion of movement in drawings, clay, inanimate objects, or the like, through an animation technique

Cartoons Commentary -- See Also Humorous pictures

Images intended to be funnyMain Term

Cartoons Humor -- See Also the narrower term Political cartoons

Cartoons Humor   139

Cartoons Television Programs -- See Animated television programs

Television programs that create the illusion of movement in drawings, clay, inanimate objects, or the like, through an animation technique

Carvings -- See Sculptures

Three-dimensional works of art in which images and forms are produced in relief, in intaglio, or in the round
Casa De Espana : La casa de España en México / por Clara E. Lida en colaboración con José Antonio Matesanz y la participación de Beatriz Morán Gortari  1988 1

Case Digests -- See Law digests

Systematically arranged compilations of brief summaries of statutes, regulations, court decisions, and administrative decisions

Case Histories -- See Case studies

Case Report   40

Case Reports -- See Case studies

Case Reports   978
Case Studies   10000
Casebook : Employee benefits law : the essential cases / Sharon Reece, M.A., J.D., LL. M., Max D. Siegel, J.D  2014 1

Casebooks -- See Casebooks (Law)

Law school textbooks containing leading court decisions in a particular field, together with commentary and other material useful for classroom discussion
Casebooks : International human rights law : cases, materials, commentary / Olivier De Schutter  2014 1
Casebooks Law   49
Cases   2
Casesbooks : Control of government action : text, cases & commentary / Robin Creyke, Matthew Groves, John McMillan, Mark Smyth  2019 1
Casestudies : A designer's research manual : succeed in design by knowing your clients and what they really need / Jenn & Kenneth Visocky O'Grady  2006 1
Casestudies Vorm   40

Cassations -- See Suites


Cassette Books -- See Audiobooks

Recordings of oral readings of books
Catalog   19
Catalog Commercial : Manual of commercial methods in clinical microbiology / Allan L. Truant, editor-in-chief  2016 1
Catalogi Vorm : Augustan and Julio-Claudian Athens : a new epigraphy and prosopography / by Geoffrey C.R. Schmalz  2009 1
  Catalogs -- 5 Related Genre/Forms   5
Catalogs   3515
Catalogs And Collections   9
Catalogue Dart Descripteur De Forme   3
Catalogue Raisonne Descripteur De Forme : Van Dyck : a complete catalogue of the paintings / Susan J. Barnes ... [and others]  2004 1
Catalogued On La : The modern teaching of spelling  1950 1

Catalogues -- See Catalogs

Catalogues Dexposition   2
Catalogues Raisonnes   206

Catches Music -- See Rounds (Music)

Songs in which two or more voices sing exactly the same melody beginning at different times
Catechisms   12
Cathay : Ezra Pound's Cathay  1969 1

Cautionary Tales -- See Fables

Stories intended to teach moral lessons, and whose main characters are generally animals or inanimate objects that speak and act like human beings
Cavtat 2006 : Privacy enhancing technologies : 5th international workshop, PET 2005, Cavtat, Croatia, May 30-June 1, 2005 : revised selected papers / George Danezis, David Martin (eds.)  2006 1
Cd   2
Cd Rom : Developmental biology / Scott F. Gilbert ; with a chapter on plant development by Susan R. Singer  2003 1

Celestial Charts -- See Also Celestial globes

Celestial Globes   2
  Census Data -- 2 Related Genre/Forms   2
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