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Ota Nigeria 1989 : The Challenges of agricultural production and food security in Africa / edited by Olusegun Obasanjo and Hans d'Orville  1992 1
Ottawa 1979 : Learning to write : first language/second language : selected papers from the 1979 CCTE Conference, Ottawa, Canada / edited by Aviva Freedman, Ian Pringle, and Janice Yalden  1983 1

Outlaw Couple Films -- See Gangster films


Outlaw Gangster Films -- See Gangster films

Outline   210
Outline Maps   3
Outlines   8
Outlines And Syllabi   601

Outlines Plot -- See Plot summaries

Concise descriptions of the stories of narrative works (e.g., novels, story ballets)
Outlines Syllabi Etc   27
Overdrive E Book Online Only   3
Overdrive Ebook   4

Overhead Views -- See Aerial views

Representations of cities or landscapes portrayed as if viewed from above. For photographs taken from the air see Aerial photographs
Overtures   11
Overzichten Vorm : A short history of the Middle Ages / Barbara H. Rosenwein  2014 1
Oxford 1993 : Shifting contexts : transformations in anthropological knowledge / edited by Marilyn Strathern  1995 1
Oxford 2000   2
Oxford Kongress 2002 : Resisting Napoleon : the British response to the threat of invasion, 1797-1815 / edited by Mark Philp  2016 1
Paaris 2004 : Empire and dissent : the United States and Latin America / edited by Fred Rosen  2008 1

Pacifist Films -- See War films

Films that feature military conflicts. For films that feature the military lifestyle and loyalty to the armed forces and its codes and are generally set during peacetime see Military films

Pacts Law -- See Treaties

Texts of individual agreements or collections of agreements between two or more states, including protocols, supplements, amendments, etc

Paella Westerns -- See Spaghetti Westerns

Western films usually produced or co-produced by Italian companies and filmed in Europe

Painted Wall Signs -- See Also Advertisements

Public notices of the availability of goods or services through purchase or other meansMain Term
Paleoklimatologie : Biogeochemistry : an analysis of global change / William H. Schlesinger, Emily S. Bernhardt  2013 1
Palestine Maps Documents 1856 : Sinai and Palestine : in connection with their history / by Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, M.A  1856 1
Palestinian Arab Personal Narratives   3
Palestinian Personal Narratives   2

Palm Sunday Music -- See Holy Week music

Music that is traditionally associated with Holy Week

Pamphlets -- See Also Leaflets

Unbound volumes with fewer than five pagesMain Term
Pamphlets   8
Pan Africanism : Global Africans : race, ethnicity and shifting identities / edited by Toyin Falola and Cacee Hoyer  2017 1

Panegyricks -- See Eulogies


Panegyrics -- See Eulogies


Panel Discussion Transcripts -- See Panel discussions

Recorded or transcribed panel discussions
Panel Discussions   64
Panoramas England : Soffe's panoramic representation of the grand procession on the day of the Queen's coronation : eighteen feet in length  1838 1

Panoramic Photographs -- See Also the broader term Photographs

The word PHOTOGRAPHS is a general designation for any photographic process. The narrower terms include both physical media and genre categoriesMain Term

Panoramic Postcards -- See Also Postcards

Cards on which a message may be written or printed for mailing without an envelope; often include a pictorial, comic, or other scene on one sideMain Term

Pantomimes Music -- See Also Christmas music

Papal Documents   11

Papal Rescripts -- See Papal documents

Paper Case Bindings : The end / by Lemony Snicket ; illustrations by Brett Helquist  2006 1
Paper Fibre Product Boards Binding Components England 1998 : The power of the poster / edited by Margaret Timmers  1998 1
Paperback   2
Paperbacks U S A 2003 : Strangers / Taichi Yamada ; translated by Wayne P. Lammers  2003 1

Papers Comic -- See Comics (Graphic works)

Narrative works that employ sequential art, and often prose, to tell a story. For humorous images that use wit and satire to comment on contemporary events, social habits, politics, or other subjects, see Cartoons (Humor)
Papua New Guinea Feature Films : Savage memory / Sly Productions presents ; directed, produced & written by Zachary Stuart & Kelly Thomson  2012 1
Papua New Guinean Literature English : My walk to equality : essays, stories and poetry by Papua New Guinean women / edited by Rashmii Amoah Bell  2017 1
Papyri Demotic   5
Papyri Hieratic   2
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