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JSTOR eBooks The war of the wheels : H.G. Wells and the bicycle / Jeremy Withers
JSTOR eBooks War of visions : conflict of identities in the Sudan / Francis M. Deng
JSTOR eBooks War over peace : one hundred years of Israel's militaristic nationalism / Uri Ben-Eliezer ; translated by Shaul Vardi
JSTOR eBooks The war of 1948 : representations of Israeli and Palestinian memories and narratives / edited by Avraham Sela and Alon Kadish
JSTOR eBooks A war of logistics : parachutes and porters in Indochina, 1945-1954 / Charles R. Shrader
JSTOR eBooks The war of the sexes : how conflict and cooperation have shaped men and women from prehistory to the present / Paul Seabright
JSTOR eBooks War Powers : the Politics of Constitutional Authority
JSTOR eBooks The war potential of nations : [With bibl. notes]
JSTOR eBooks War, peace, and reconciliation : a theological inquiry / Theodore R. Weber
JSTOR eBooks War, revenue, and state building : financing the development of the American state / Sheldon D. Pollack
JSTOR eBooks War reporters under threat : the United States and media freedom / Chris Paterson
JSTOR eBooks War stories from applied math : undergraduate consultancy projects / Edited by Robert Fraga
JSTOR eBooks War, states, and contention : a comparative historical study / Sidney Tarrow
JSTOR eBooks War, state, and society in Liège. How a small state of the Holy Roman Empire survived the Nine Year's War (1688-1697)
JSTOR eBooks The War to End All Wars : the American Military Experience in World War I
JSTOR eBooks A war that can't be won : binational perspectives on the war on drugs / edited by Tony Payan, Kathleen Staudt, and Z. Anthony Kruszewski
JSTOR eBooks A war too far : Iraq, Iran and the new American century / Paul Rogers
JSTOR eBooks The war that used up words : American writers and the first world war / Hazel Hutchison
JSTOR eBooks War, Technology, Anthropology
JSTOR eBooks War tourism : Second World War France from defeat and occupation to the creation of heritage / Bertram M. Gordon
JSTOR eBooks A war to be won : fighting the Second World War / Williamson Murray, Allan R. Millett
JSTOR eBooks War upon the land : military strategy and the transformation of southern landscapes during the American Civil War / Lisa M. Brady
JSTOR eBooks War upon our border : two Ohio Valley communities navigate the Civil War / Stephen I. Rockenbach
JSTOR eBooks War with a Silver Lining : Canadian Protestant Churches and the South African War, 1899-1902
JSTOR eBooks The war within : from Victorian to modernist thought in the South, 1919-1945 / Daniel Joseph Singal
JSTOR eBooks The war within : new perspectives on the Civil War in Mozambique, 1976-1992 / edited by Éric Morier-Genoud, Michel Cahen & Domingos Manuel do Rosário
JSTOR eBooks Warbler Guide / Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle ; drawings by Catherine Hamilton
JSTOR eBooks Warblers in your pocket : a guide to the wood-warblers of the Upper Midwest / by Dana Gardner
JSTOR eBooks The Warburg years : essays on language, art, myth, and technology / Ernst Cassirer ; translated and with an introduction by S.G. Lofts with A. Calcagno
JSTOR eBooks The Wardā : an East Syriac hymnological collection : study and critical edition / Anton Pritula
JSTOR eBooks The Wardle family and its circle : textile production in the arts and crafts era / Brenda M. King
JSTOR eBooks Warfare and agriculture in classical Greece / Victor Davis Hanson
JSTOR eBooks Warfare in tenth-century Germany / David S. Bachrach
JSTOR eBooks Warfare in medieval Brabant, 1356-1406 / Sergio Boffa
JSTOR eBooks Warfare in woods and forests / Anthony Clayton ; foreword by Charles Guthrie
JSTOR eBooks Warfare in feudal Europe, 730-1200
JSTOR eBooks Warhogs : a History of War Profits in America
JSTOR eBooks Warlords : strong-arm brokers in weak states / Kimberly Marten
JSTOR eBooks Warlord: Yen Hsi-shan in Shansi Province, 1911-1949 / by Donald G. Gillin
JSTOR eBooks Warm Springs millennium : voices from the reservation / Michael Baughman and Charlotte Hadella
JSTOR eBooks The warm south : how the Mediterranean shaped the British imagination / Robert Holland
JSTOR eBooks Warnings against myself : meditations on a life in climbing / David Stevenson
JSTOR eBooks Warren G. Magnuson and the shaping of twentieth-century America / Shelby Scates
JSTOR eBooks Warren Oates : a wild life / Susan A. Compo
JSTOR eBooks Warriors and peacemakers : how third parties shape violence / Mark Cooney
JSTOR eBooks Warrior churchmen of Medieval England, 1000-1250. Theory and reality / craig M. Nakashian
JSTOR eBooks Warrior dreams : playing Scotsmen in mainland Europe / David Hesse
JSTOR eBooks Warrior diplomat : a green Beret's battles from Washington to Afghanistan / Michael G. Waltz, Peter Bergen
JSTOR eBooks Warring friends : alliance restraint in international politics / Jeremy Pressman
JSTOR eBooks Warring for America : cultural contests in the era of 1812 / edited by Nicole Eustace and Fredrika J. Teute
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