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Author FutureTech (Conference) (2012 : Vancouver, B.C.)

Title Future information technology, application, and service : FutureTech 2012. Volume 1 / James J. (Jong Hyuk) Park [and others], editors
Published Dordrecht ; New York : Springer, [2012]
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Description 1 online resource : illustrations
Series Lecture notes in electrical engineering, 1876-1100 ; v. 164
Lecture notes in electrical engineering ; v. 164
Contents Part 1. FutureTech 2012 -- main conference. -- A New Proxy Electronic Voting Scheme Based on Proxy Signatures / Cheng-Chi Lee, Te-Yu Chen, Shu-Chen Lin and Min-Shiang Hwang -- Cellular Automata for Topology Control in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Matlab / Stavros Athanassopoulos, Christos Kaklamanis, Gerasimos Kalfountzos and Evi Papaioannou -- Energy Efficient Complete Coverage Path Planning for Vacuum Cleaning Robots / Eunil Park, Ki Joon Kim and Angel P. del Pobil -- Education Embedded System for Remote Control / Kwan Sun Choi, SaeRon Han, Seongyong Lee, Jongsik Lim and Dongsik Kim, et al. -- Novel Two Factor User Authentication Scheme over WSNs / Hyunsung Kim and Xin-Yi Chen -- BAN Logic-Based Security Proof for Mobile OTP Authentication Scheme / Mohammed Saeed Alkatheiri, Mohamed Hamdy Eldefrawy and Muhammad Khurram Khan -- VLSI Design of a Hardware Efficient FFT Processor / Dongpei Liu, Hengzhu Liu, Jianfeng Zhang, Botao Zhang and Li Zhou -- Arithmetic P System Without Priority Rules / Ping Guo and Haizhu Chen -- Multipath-Based Reliable Routing Protocol with Fast-Recovery of Failures on MANETs / Myung-Kyun Kim and Hoai Phong Ngo -- Novel Hybrid Silicon/CNT 4T SRAM Cell Design / Wei Wang, Haiqing Nan and Ken Choi -- Storage-Efficient Data Prefetching for High Performance Computing / Yong Chen, Huaiyu Zhu, Hui Jin and Xian-He Sun -- A New Data Sieving Approach for High Performance I/O / Yin Lu, Yong Chen, Prathamesh Amritkar, Rajeev Thakur and Yu Zhuang
Destination Guided Mobility Models for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks / Alex Aravind and Viswanathan Manickam -- Development of a Web-Based Educational Java Applet for Understanding Concepts and Principles of Digital Logic Circuits / Dongsik Kim, Jaeho Cha, Saeron Han, Seongyong Lee and Kwansun Choi, et al. -- Detecting and Modeling the Structure of a Large-Scale Microblog / Zhengbiao Guo, Zhitang Li, Hao Tu and Da Xie -- Research on the Query Subsystem for Large Information System Based on Decision-Making / Hui Liu, Xiang-Hui Zhao, Lin Liu, Lei Zhang and Yan-Zhao Liu -- HOTP-Based Key Agreement Protocol Over Home Network / Hyunsung Kim and Hyun Jung Kim -- Smartcard-Based User Authentication Protocol over Home Network / Hyunsung Kim and Hyunhee Jung -- QoE Management in a Video Conferencing Application / Ahmad Vakili and Jean-Charles Grégoire -- Extended OTP Mechanism Based on Graphical Password Method / Yunlim Ku, Okkyung Choi, Kangseok Kim, Taeshik Shon and Manpyo Hong, et al. -- Multi-Dimensional Analysis of Political Language / Daniela Gîfu and Dan Cristea -- Multiple Vehicle Speed Detection and Fusion Technology on the Road Network: A Case Study from Taiwan / Jui-Yen Chang, Tung-Wen Wang and Sheng-Hui Chen -- WiMAX Application for E-Police Patrolling System / Wan-Yi Lin, Rui-Yen Chang, Yu-Cheng Chen and Chin-Lung Lee -- Development of LED Irradiation System for Cell Proliferation of Medical Applications / Min-Woo Cheon, Tae-Gon Kim and Yang-Sun Lee
The Study on the Mobile Diagnostic X-ray Device of Frequency Modulation Method by PI Controlled / Young-Pyo Kim, Tae-Gon Kim, Yong-Pil Park, Min-Woo Cheon and Yang-Sun Lee -- Trusted Routing in AODV Protocol Against Wormhole Attack / Swarnali Hazra and S.K. Setua -- Algorithms Based on Finite Automata for Testing of Omega-Codes / Thang Dang Quyet, Han Nguyen Dinh and Huy Phan Trung -- An Opinion Mining Technique For Chinese Blogs / Yi-Ching Zeng, Vitaly Klyuev and Shih-Hung Wu -- Graduation Project: Development of an Automation System for Filter Quality Test Using LabVIEW / Kwan Sun Choi, SaeRon Han, Seongyong Lee, Jongsik Lim and Dongsik Kim, et al. -- Context-Awareness Middleware for Highly Reliable Application Services in Greenhouse / Myeong Bae Lee, Yong Woong Lee, Ingon G. Park, Chul Young Park and Jang Woo Park, et al. -- A Distributed and Intelligent Power Control Scheme in LTE-Advanced Femtocell Networks / Byung-Bog Lee, Jaehak Yu and Se-Jin Kim -- Cryptanalysis on An Efficient Anonymous Authentication Protocol for Mobile Pay-TV / Hyun Sung Kim -- RFID Antenna: Performance Analysis for Multimedia Services / Ibrahim S. Alnomay and Jihad Y. Alhammad -- Designing Medical Integra Interface with u-RPMS and HIS / Young-Hyuk Kim, Il-Kown Lim, Jae-Gwang Lee, Jae-Pil Lee and Jae-Kwang Lee -- Minimizing Metadata Size for File Synchronization Using Variable-Length Chunking / Ho Min Jung, Jae Min Park, Chang Geun Song, Sun Jeong Kim and Se Hak Chun, et al
Cryptanalysis of An Identity-Based Strong Designated Verifier Signature Scheme / Mohamed Rasslan -- User-Centric Identification Management for Cross Realm Cloud and Ubiquitous Computing / Reen-Cheng Wang -- Z-CRS: A ZigBee Cluster Reformation Scheme for Connectivity Enhancement / Reen-Cheng Wang, Ruay-Shiung Chang and Pu-I Lee -- A Lock Screen Scheme with Improved Security and Convenience Using 8-Way Points for Smartphones / Jae Yong Lee, Ji Soo Park, Ki Jung Yi and Jong Hyuk Park -- NFC-LMS: Design and Implementation of Lost article Management System with NFC / Il Ho Park, June Gyoon Lee, Ji Soo Park, Sung Joo Kim and Jong Hyuk Park -- Differential Fault Analysis on the Block Cipher HIGHT / Yuseop Lee, Jongsung Kim, Jong Hyuk Park and Seokhie Hong -- Study on Development of Appraisal Business Performance Indicator / Yanghoon Kim, Jonggu Kang, Youngsub Na and Hangbae Chang -- An Efficient Method of Extracting Strings from Unfixed-Form Data / Sangjun Jeon, Jungheum Park, Keun-gi Lee and Sangjin Lee -- Forensic Analysis of Android Phone Using Ext4 File System Journal Log / Dohyun Kim, Jungheum Park, Keun-gi Lee and Sangjin Lee -- Part 2. Futuretech 2012 -- ISCC 2012 workshop. -- A Study on Performance Evaluation of 7-Step QRcode Authentication Framework / Dong-Sik Oh, Bong-Han Kim and Jae-Kwang Lee -- ADL-Driven Simulator Generation for Energy Dissipation Tracing and Monitoring / Kwangman Ko
Public Key Infrastructure of Using the Fingerprint Information in Electronic Bidding System / So-A Park, Yeon-Chil Oh, Young-Hyuk Kim, Il-Kown Lim and Jae-Kwang Lee -- A Seamless Multimedia Service in Wireless Network / Seongyeol Lee, Iksoo Kim, Jeonghoon Park and Yoseop Woo -- Efficient Soft-Output Demapping Method for MIMO-OFDM WLAN System / Chanho Yoon and Hoojin Lee -- A Study on Creative Engineering Design for Convergence Education Using Rube Goldberg Device / Sang-Soo Yeo, An-Na Kang and Sang-Cho Chung -- Evaluation of University Online Classes Compared to Offline Classes: Perceived Satisfaction and Fidelity / Sang-Zo Nam -- The Multi-object Tracking Based on Gradient and Depth Information in the Stereo Vision / Hye-Youn Lim, Young-Deuk Moon and Dae-Seong Kang -- Prediction System of the Situation Using the Fast Object Detection and Profiling / Sang-June Park, Young-Deuk Moon and Dae-Seong Kang -- PAPR Estimation of HC-OFDM in Dispersive Fading Environments / Sang-Soo Yeo and Heau-Jo Kang -- Implementation of Extendable n-by-n FUA and Its Performance Analysis for Transform of H.264/AVC / Ki-Hong Park, Won-ki Ju and Yoon-Ho Kim -- A New Approach to Digital Assets Management System after Death of a User / Jin-Mook Kim, Hwa-Young Jeong and Sang-Soo Yeo
Part 3. Futuretech 2012 -- MPCA 2012 workshop. -- An Efficient Trust Evaluation Approach in Attacker Dominated Networks in Internet of Things / Wenmao Liu, Lihua Yin, Binxing Fang and Xiangzhan Yu -- RESTful Web Service Composition / Min Choi -- Implementation of Map Reduce Model for Disk Forensic Computing Analysis / Seung-Ho Lim -- Management Server Architecture for REST Web Service Composition / Min Choi and Wonjae Lee -- Part 4. Futuretech 2012 -- NAMP 2012 workshop. -- Analysis of Irregular Penetration of Laser Weld / Jung-Ho Cho -- Laser Beam Scattering Analysis Inside Porous Materials by FEM / Hae Woon Choi -- Microstructure Predictability by Voronoi Diagram / Jung-Ho Cho -- The Method to Measure Heart Motion Data of Animal for Medical Robotic Research / Myun Joong Hwang -- Part 5. Futuretech 2012 -- SEE 2012 workshop. -- Simulation Analysis on BER Patterns Based Maritime Ad-hoc Networks / Nam-Sik Yun, Yoon-Young Park, Kang-Hee Jung, Byung Tae Jang and Dong Sun Lim, et al. -- A Study on Open Cloud Platform Based on Intelligent Application Development Studio / Jae-In Sin, Jaekyung Kang and Sun Myung Hwang -- A Study on Maturity Level for Open Source Software / Eun-Ser Lee -- Linux Based Real-Time Feature Supporting Method and Evaluation for Information Devices / YungJoon Jung, Donghyouk Lim, ChaeDeok Lim and Eun-Ser Lee -- An Agricultural Expert Cloud for a Smart Farm / Yongyun Cho, Kyoungryong Cho, Changsun Shin, Jangwoo Park and Eun-Ser Lee
An Intelligent Service Architecture Based on Community Computing / Yongyun Cho, Kyoungryong Cho, Changsun Shin, Jangwoo Park and Eun-Ser Lee -- Get-Me-Out Puzzle as One Player Reachability Game / Gihwon Kwon -- Part 6. Futuretech 2012 -- SocialComnet 2012 workshop. -- A Microscopic Study on Group Dynamics of the Tencent-Microblogs / Zhongying Zhao, Yong Zhang, Joshua Zhexue Huang, Shengzhong Feng and Jianping Fan -- A Novel Opinion Analysis Scheme Using Social Relationships on Microblog / Meng-Hsuan Fu, Ling-Yu Chen, Kuan-Rong Lee and Yaw-Huang Kuo -- Computing Event Relatedness Based on a Novel Evaluation of Social-Media Streams / Chung-Hong Lee, Chih-Hong Wu, Hsin-Chang Yang and Wei-Shiang Wen -- A Requirements-Driven Approach Towards Decentralized Social Networks / Simon Thiel, Mohamed Bourimi, Rafael Giménez, Simon Scerri and Andreas Schuller, et al. -- Part 7. Futuretech 2012 -- DFIS 2012 workshop. -- Silhouette: Volume Shadow Copy Analyzer / Jewan Bang and Sangjin Lee -- New Approach to Anonymity of User Information on Social Networking Services / Hoang-Quoc Nguyen-Son, Quoc-Binh Nguyen, Minh-Triet Tran, Dinh-Thuc Nguyen and Hiroshi Yoshiura, et al. -- Cloud Digital Investigations Based on a Virtual Machine Computer History Model / Sean Thorpe, Indrajit Ray, Tyrone Grandison and Abbie Barbir -- Differential Fault Analysis on Block Cipher LED-64 / Kitae Jeong and Changhoon Lee -- Stimuli for Gaze Based Intrusion Detection / Ralf Biedert, Mario Frank, Ivan Martinovic and Dawn Song
Summary This book is proceedings of the 7th FTRA International Conference on Future Information Technology (FutureTech 2012). The topics of FutureTech 2012 cover the current hot topics satisfying the world-wide ever-changing needs. The FutureTech 2012 is intended to foster the dissemination of state-of-the-art research in all future IT areas, including their models, services, and novel applications associated with their utilization. The FutureTech 2012 will provide an opportunity for academic and industry professionals to discuss the latest issues and progress in this area. In addition, the conference will publish high quality papers which are closely related to the various theories, modeling, and practical applications in many types of future technology. The main scope of FutureTech 2012 is as follows. Hybrid Information Technology Cloud and Cluster Computing Ubiquitous Networks and Wireless Communications Multimedia Convergence Intelligent and Pervasive Applications Security and Trust Computing IT Management and Service Bioinformatics and Bio-Inspired Computing Database and Data Mining Knowledge System and Intelligent Agent Human-centric Computing and Social Networks The FutureTech is a major forum for scientists, engineers, and practitioners throughout the world to present the latest research, results, ideas, developments and applications in all areas of future technologies
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Computer network architectures
Multimedia systems
Communications Engineering, Networks
Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet)
Computational Science and Engineering
Multimedia Information Systems
Computer science
Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks
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Subject Information technology -- Congresses.
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Conference papers and proceedings.
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Author Park, James J.
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