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An investigation of small mammal recolonization and vegetation regeneration in fire-affected areas of the Anglesea-Aireys Inlet region   1985 1
Investigation of Solar Irradiance Variations and Their Impact on Middle Atmospheric Ozone / / Mark Weber, Joseph Pagaran, Sebastian Dikty, Christian von Savigny and John P. Burrows, et al. --  2013 1
GPU solutions to multi-scale problems in science and engineering /   2013 1
An Investigation of Some Macro-Financial Linkages of Securitization   2009 1
An investigation of speaking test reliability   1999 1
Investigation of Sporadic Waterborne Disease / / Jamie Bartram --  2003 1
Investigation of Stable Patterns Formed by Totalistic Cellular Automata Evolution / / Anastasiya Sharifulina --  2012 1
An Investigation of Stationary Signal Blind Separation Using Adaptive Algorithms / / Xu Peng-fei and Jia Yin-jie --  2013 1
Investigation of Steiner's ideas by the Koliskos --   2017 1
Protection of materials and structures from the space environment /   2013 1
The investigation of stroke   2008 1
Investigation of structured problem-solving items / / Mark Wilson  1990 1
Investigation of Sub-micrometric PPLN Crystals   2014 1
Investigation of surfaces with x-rays, synchrotrons, and neutrons   1996- 1
An Investigation of Teachers' Shared Interpretations of Their Roles in Supporting and Enhancing Group Functioning / / Betsy Berry --  2013 1
An Investigation of Teaching and Learning about Measurement Data and their Treatment in the Introductory Physics Laboratory / / Dimitris Evangelinos, Dimitris Psillos and Odysseas Valassiades --Ch. 5.  2002 1
Investigation of tensions between player and educator definitions of jazz   2001 1
An Investigation of Term Weighting Approaches for Microblog Retrieval / / Paul Ferguson, Neil O'Hare, James Lanagan, Owen Phelan and Kevin McCarthy  2012 1
Investigation of Tertiary Chemistry Learning Environment in Sabah, Malaysia --   2013 1
Investigation of the administration of Indian affairs in the state of Oklahoma : hearings before a subcommittee of the Committee on Indian Affairs, House of Representatives, Sixty-eighth Congress, fir   1924 1
The Investigation of the Adsorption of Thiophene on NiMoS Surface: A Density Functional Theory Study / / Wahyu Aji Eko Prabowo, Mohammad Kemal Agusta, Nugraha, Subagjo, Ahmad Husin Lubis and Hermawan Kresno Dipojono --  2014 1
An investigation of the aims and objectives of the American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation from 1930 to 1968   1969 1
Investigation of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Hearings before the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy.   1964 1
An investigation of the association between audit qualifications and the provision of non-audit services   1991 1
An investigation of the boundaries of young children's reporting of non-experienced events   2005 1
Investigation of the Challenger accident : report of the Committee on Science and Technology, House of Representatives, Ninety-ninth Congress, second session   1986 1
Investigation of the charges against the Duke of York   1809 1
The investigation of the charges brought against His Royal Highness the Duke of York   1809 1
Investigation of the Coating Parameters for the Luminescent Photoelastic Coating Technique / / Ergin Esirgemez, Daniel R. Gerber and James P. Hubner --  2013 1
An Investigation of the common difficulties students encounter programming in BASIC   1985 1
Investigation of the Complex Interactions during Impulse Forming of Tubular Parts   2013 1
Investigation of the Connotation and Constitution Elements of Innovative Practice Ability --   2011 1
Investigation of the Contact and Wear of the Welding Wire and MIG-Welding Contact Tips / / Dániel Kristóf, Levente Németh --  2013 1
An investigation of the crack control charecteristics of various types of bar in reinforced concrete beams   1966 1
An Investigation of the Demand-Control Model of Job Strain / / Sally A. Radmacher and Charles L. Sheridan --10.  1995 1
An Investigation of the Determinants Influencing Student Learning Motivation via Facebook Private Group in Teaching and Learning / / Nga-Sin Lau and Lui Lam --  2012 1
An investigation of the effectiveness and validity of planning time in part 2 of the IELTS speaking test   2006 1
An investigation of the effectiveness of advanced modeling tools on the forecasting of daily PM10 values in the Greater Athens Area / / Athanasios Sfetsos and Diamando Vlachogiannis --  2009 1
An investigation of the effects of a ten-week aerobic dance program on cardiorespiratory functioning, body composition and self-actualization of selected females     1
An investigation of the effects of microcomputers on the work of professional accountants   1994 1
An investigation of the effects of teacher use of expansions on communication rate in classrooms for hearing impaired children   1973 1
Investigation of the Effects of the Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor Saha on the Medulloblastoma Cell Line Daoy Using Gel-Based Proteomics / / Thu Thuy Pham, Christian Scharf, Elke Hammer, M. Gesell and J. Sonnemann, et al. --  2013 1
Investigation of the Electro-Optic Effect and Internal Fields   2014 1
Investigation of the Factor Separation features for basic mathematical functions / / T. Sholokhman and P. Alpert --4.  2011 1
An investigation of the factors and processes that influence the distribution of hydropsid caddisfly larvae in upland streams in southeastern Australia   2002 1
An investigation of the factors which deter the inclusion of disabled children and youth in programs of recreation service   1970 1
Investigation of the glucose metabolism of the embryonic and neonatal broiler chicks by injection of insulin --   2013 1
Investigation of the "hangover' effects of an acute dose of alcohol on psychomotor performance : final report of results from consultancy 89/175   1992 1
Investigation of the House of Representatives of the charges made by Roscoe Conkling against James B. Fry of fraud in the recruiting service   1866 1
An investigation of the impact of pre-service teacher education and other professional support on classroom practices of primary teachers   1989 1
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