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Title Advances in Neural Networks - ISNN 2008 : 5th International Symposium on Neural Networks, ISNN 2008, Beijing, China, September 24-28, 2008. Proceedings, Part II
Published Berlin : Springer-Verlag, 2008
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Series Lecture notes in computer science ; 5264
LNCS sublibrary. Theoretical computer science and general issues ; SL 1
Lecture notes in computer science ; 5264
LNCS sublibrary. SL 1, Theoretical computer science and general issues.
Contents Machine Learning and Data Mining -- Rough Set Combine BP Neural Network in Next Day Load Curve Forecasting / Chun-Xiang Li, Dong-Xiao Niu, and Li-Min Meng -- Improved Fuzzy Clustering Method Based on Entropy Coefficient and Its Application / Li Liu, Jianzhong Zhou, Xueli An, Yinghai Li, and Qiang Liu -- An Algorithm of Constrained Spatial Association Rules Based on Binary / Gang Fang, Zukuan Wei, and Qian Yin -- Sequential Proximity-Based Clustering for Telecommunication Network Alarm Correlation / Yan Liu, Jing Zhang, Xin Meng, and John Strassner -- A Fast Parallel Association Rules Mining Algorithm Based on FP-Forest / Jian Hu and Xiang Yang-Li -- Improved Algorithm for Image Processing in TCON of TFT-LCD / Feng Ran, Lian-zhou Wang, and Mei-hua Xu -- Clustering Using Normalized Path-Based Metric / Jundi Ding, Runing Ma, Songcan Chen, and Jingyu Yang -- Association Rule Mining Based on the Semantic Categories of Tourism Information / Yipeng Zhou, Junping Du, Guangping Zeng, and Xuyan Tu -- The Quality Monitoring Technology in the Process of the Pulping Papermaking Alkaline Steam Boiling Based on Neural Network / Jianjun Su, Yanmei Meng, Chaolin Chen, Funing Lu, and Sijie Yan -- A New Self-adjusting Immune Genetic Algorithm / Shaojie Qiao, Changjie Tang, Shucheng Dai, Mingfang Zhu, and Binglun Zheng -- Calculation of Latent Semantic Weight Based on Fuzzy Membership / Jingtao Sun, Qiuyu Zhang, Zhanting Yuan, Wenhan Huang, Xiaowen Yan, and Jianshe Dong -- Research on Spatial Clustering Acetabuliform Model and Algorithm Based on Mathematical Morphology / Lichao Chen, Lihu Pan, and Yingjun Zhang -- Intelligent Control and Robotics -- Partner Selection and Evaluation in Virtual Research Center Based on Trapezoidal Fuzzy AHP / Zhimeng Luo, Jianzhong Zhou, Qingqing Li, Li Liu, and Li Yang -- A Nonlinear Hierarchical Multiple Models Neural Network Decoupling Controller / Xin Wang, Hui Yang, Shaoyuan Li, Wenxin Liu, Li Liu, and David A. Cartes -- Adaptive Dynamic Programming for a Class of Nonlinear Control Systems with General Separable Performance Index / Qinglai Wei, Derong Liu, and Huaguang Zhang -- A General Fuzzified CMAC Controller with Eligibility / Zhipeng Shen, Ning Zhang, and Chen Guo -- Case-Based Decision Making Model for Supervisory Control of Ore Roasting Process / Jinliang Ding, Changxin Liu, Ming Wen, and Tianyou Chai -- An Affective Model Applied in Playmate Robot for Children / Jun Yu, Lun Xie, Zhiliang Wang, and Yongxiang Xia -- The Application of Full Adaptive RBF NN to SMC Design of Missile Autopilot / Jinyong Yu, Chuanjin Cheng, and Shixing Wang -- Multi-Objective Optimal Trajectory Planning of Space Robot Using Particle Swarm Optimization / Panfeng Huang, Gang Liu, Jianping Yuan, and Yangsheng Xu -- The Direct Neural Control Applied to the Position Control in Hydraulic Servo System / Yuan Kang, Yi-Wei Chen, Yeon-Pun Chang, and Ming-Huei Chu -- An Application of Wavelet Networks in the Carrying Robot Walking / Xiuxia Yang, Yi Zhang, Changjun Xia, Zhiyong Yang, and Wenjin Gu -- TOPN Based Temporal Performance Evaluation Method of Neural Network Based Robot Controller / Hua Xu and Peifa Jia -- A Fuzzy Timed Object-Oriented Petri Net for Multi-Agent Systems / Hua Xu and Peifa Jia -- Fuzzy Reasoning Approach for Conceptual Design / Hailin Feng, Chenxi Shao, and Yi Xu -- Extension Robust Control of a Three-Level Converter for High-Speed Railway Tractions / Kuei-Hsiang Chao -- Pattern Recognition -- Blind Image Watermark Analysis Using Feature Fusion and Neural Network Classifier / Wei Lu, Wei Sun, and Hongtao Lu -- Gene Expression Data Classification Using Independent Variable Group Analysis / Chunhou Zheng, Lei Zhang, Bo Li, and Min Xu -- The Average Radius of Attraction Basin of Hopfield Neural Networks / Fan Zhang and Xinhong Zhang -- A Fuzzy Cluster Algorithm Based on Mutative Scale Chaos Optimization / Chaoshun Li, Jianzhong Zhou, Qingqing Li, and Xiuqiao Xiang -- A Sparse Sampling Method for Classification Based on Likelihood Factor / Linge Ding, Fuchun Sun, Hongqiao Wang, and Ning Chen -- Estimation of Nitrogen Removal Effect in Groundwater Using Artificial Neural Network / Jinlong Zuo -- Sequential Fuzzy Diagnosis for Condition Monitoring of Rolling Bearing Based on Neural Network / Huaqing Wang and Peng Chen -- Evolving Neural Network Using Genetic Simulated Annealing Algorithms for Multi-spectral Image Classification / Xiaoyang Fu and Chen Guo -- Detecting Moving Targets in Ground Clutter Using RBF Neural Network / Jian Lao, Bo Ning, Xinchun Zhang, and Jianye Zhao -- Application of Wavelet Neural Networks on Vibration Fault Diagnosis for Wind Turbine Gearbox / Qian Huang, Dongxiang Jiang, Liangyou Hong, and Yongshan Ding -- Dynamical Pattern Classification of Lorenz System and Chen System / Hao Cheng and Cong Wang -- Research of Spam Filtering System Based on LSA and SHA / Jingtao Sun, Qiuyu Zhang, Zhanting Yuan, Wenhan Huang, Xiaowen Yan, and Jianshe Dong -- Voice Translator Based on Associative Memories / Roberto A. Vázquez and Humberto Sossa -- Audio, Image Processing and Computer Vision -- Denoising Natural Images Using Sparse Coding Algorithm Based on the Kurtosis Measurement / Li Shang, Fengwen Cao, and Jie Chen -- A New Denoising Approach for Sound Signals Based on Non-negative Sparse Coding of Power Spectra / Li Shang, Fengwen Cao, and Jinfeng Zhang -- Building Extraction Using Fast Graph Search / Dong-Min Woo, Dong-Chul Park, Seung-Soo Han, and Quoc-Dat Nguyen -- Image Denoising Using Three Scales of Wavelet Coefficients / Guangyi Chen and Wei-Ping Zhu -- Image Denoising Using Neighbouring Contourlet Coefficients / Guangyi Chen and Wei-Ping Zhu -- Robust Watermark Algorithm Based on the Wavelet Moment Modulation and Neural Network Detection / Dianhong Wang, Dongming Li, and Jun Yan -- Manifold Training Technique to Reconstruct High Dynamic Range Image / Cheng-Yuan Liou and Wei-Chen Cheng -- Face Hallucination Based on CSGT and PCA / Xiaoling Wang, Ju Liu, Jianping Qiao, Jinyu Chu, and Yujun Li -- Complex Effects Simulation Based Large Particles System on GPU / Xingquan Cai, Jinhong Li, and Zhitong Su -- A Selective Attention Computational Model for Perceiving Textures / Woobeom Lee -- Classifications of Liver Diseases from Medical Digital Images / Lequan Min, Yongan Ye, and Shubiao Gao -- A Global Contour-Grouping Algorithm Based on Spectral Clustering / Hui Yin, Siwei Luo, and Yaping Huang -- Emotion Recognition in Chinese Natural Speech by Combining Prosody and Voice Quality Features / Shiqing Zhang
Fault Diagnosis -- On-Line Diagnosis of Faulty Insulators Based on Improved ART2 Neural Network / Hailong Zhang, Weimin Guan, and Genzhi Guan -- Diagnosis Method for Gear Equipment by Sequential Fuzzy Neural Network / Xiong Zhou, Huaqing Wang, Peng Chen, and Jingwei Song -- Study of Punch Die Condition Discrimination Based on Wavelet Packet and Genetic Neural Network / Zhigao Luo, Xiang Wang, Ju Li, Binbin Fan, and Xiaodong Guo -- Data Reconstruction Based on Factor Analysis / Zhong-Gai Zhao and Fei Liu -- Synthetic Fault Diagnosis Method of Power Transformer Based on Rough Set Theory and Bayesian Network / Yongqiang Wang, Fangcheng Lu, and Heming Li -- Fuzzy Information Fusion Algorithm of Fault Diagnosis Based on Similarity Measure of Evidence / Chenglin Wen, Yingchang Wang, and Xiaobin Xu -- Other Applications and Implementations NN-Based Near Real Time Load Prediction for Optimal Generation Control / Dingguo Chen -- A Fuzzy Neural-Network-Driven Weighting System for Electric Shovel / Yingkui Gu, Luheng Wu, and Shuyun Tang -- Neural-Network-Based Maintenance Decision Model for Diesel Engine / Yingkui Gu, Juanjuan Liu, and Shuyun Tang -- Design of Intelligent PID Controller Based on Adaptive Genetic Algorithm and Implementation of FPG / Liguo Qu, Yourui Huang, and Liuyi Ling -- Fragile Watermarking Schemes for Tamperproof Web Pages / Xiangyang Liu and Hongtao Lu -- Real-Time Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecasting Based on Process Neural Network / Shan He, Cheng Hu, Guo-jie Song, Kun-qing Xie, and Yi-zhou Sun -- Fuzzy Expert System to Estimate Ignition Timing for Hydrogen Car / Tien Ho and Vishy Karri -- Circuitry Analog and Synchronization of Hyperchaotic Neuron Model / Shukai Duan and Lidan Wang -- A Genetic-Neural Method of Optimizing Cut-Off Grade and Grade of Crude Ore / Yong He, Sixin Xu, Kejun Zhu, Ting Liu, and Yue Li -- A SPN-Based Delay Analysis of LEO Satellite Networks / Zhiguo Hong, Yongbin Wang, and Minyong Shi -- Research on the Factors of the Urban System Influenced Post-development of the Olympics' Venues / Changzheng Liu, Qian Ding, and Yao Sun -- A Stock Portfolio Selection Method through Fuzzy Delphi / Mehdi Fasanghari and Gholam Ali Montazer -- A Prediction Algorithm Based on Time Series Analysis / JianPing Qiu, Lichao Chen, and Yingjun Zhang -- Applications of Neural Networks in Electronic Engineering -- An Estimating Traffic Scheme Based on Adaline / Fengjun Shang -- SVM Model Based on Particle Swarm Optimization for Short-Term Load Forecasting / Yongli Wang, Dongxiao Niu, and Weijun Wang -- A New BSS Method of Single-Channel Mixture Signal Based on ISBF and Wavelet / Xiefeng Cheng, Yewei Tao, Yufeng Guo, and Xuejun Zhang -- A Novel Pixel-Level and Feature-Level Combined Multisensor Image Fusion Scheme / Min Li, Gang Li, Wei Cai, and Xiao-yan Li -- Combining Multi Wavelet and Multi NN for Power Systems Load Forecasting / Zhigang Liu, Qi Wang, and Yajun Zhang -- An Adaptive Algorithm Finding Multiple Roots of Polynomials / Wei Zhu, Zhe-zhao Zeng, and Dong-mei Lin -- Cellular Neural Networks and Advanced Control with Neural Networks -- Robust Designs for Directed Edge Overstriking CNNs with Applications / Yongnei Su, Lequan Min, and Xinjian Zhuo -- Application of Local Activity Theory of Cellular Neural Network to the Chen's System / Danling Wang, Lequan Min, and Yu Ji -- Application of PID Controller Based on BP Neural Network Using Automatic Differentiation Method / Weiwei Yang, Yong Zhao, Li Yan, and Xiaoqian Chen -- Neuro-Identifier-Based Tracking Control of Uncertain Chaotic System / Wen Tan, Fuchun Sun, Yaonan Wang, and Shaowu Zhou -- Robust Stability of Switched Recurrent Neural Networks with Discrete and Distributed Delays under Uncertainty / Shiping Wen, Zhigang Zeng, and Lingfa Zeng -- Nature Inspired Methods of High-dimensional Discrete Data Analysis -- WHFPMiner: Efficient Mining of Weighted Highly-Correlated Frequent Patterns Based on Weighted FP-Tree Approach / Runian Geng, Xiangjun Dong, Jing Zhao, and Wenbo Xu -- Towards a Categorical Matching Method to Process High-Dimensional Emergency Knowledge Structures / Qingquan Wang, Lili Rong, and Kai Yu -- Identification and Extraction of Evoked Potentials Based on Borel Spectral Measure for Less Trial Mixtures / Daifeng Zha -- A Two-Step Blind Extraction Algorithm of Underdetermined Speech Mixtures / Ming Xiao, Fuquan Wang, and Jianping Xiong -- A Semi-blind Complex ICA Algorithm for Extracting a Desired Signal Based on Kurtosis Maximization / Jun-Yu Chen and Qiu-Hua Lin -- Fast and Efficient Algorithms for Nonnegative Tucker Decomposition / Anh Huy Phan and Andrzej Cichocki -- Pattern Recognition and Information Processing Using Neural Networks -- Neural Network Research Progress and Applications in Forecast / Shifei Ding, Weikuan Jia, Chunyang Su, Liwen Zhang, and Zhongzhi Shi -- Adaptive Image Segmentation Using Modified Pulse Coupled Neural Network / Wei Cai, Gang Li, Min Li, and Xiaoyan Li -- Speech Emotion Recognition System Based on BP Neural Network in Matlab Environment / Guobao Zhang, Qinghua Song, and Shumin Fei -- Broken Rotor Bars Fault Detection in Induction Motors Using Park's Vector Modulus and FWNN Approach / Qianjin Guo, Xiaoli Li, Haibin Yu, Wei Hu, and Jingtao Hu -- Coal and Gas Outburst Prediction Combining a Neural Network with the Dempster-Shafter Evidence / Yanzi Miao, Jianwei Zhang, Houxiang Zhang, Xiaoping Ma, and Zhongxiang Zhao -- Using the Tandem Approach for AF Classification in an AVSR System / Tian Gan, Wolfgang Menzel, and Jianwei Zhang
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Subject Neural computers -- Congresses.
Neural networks (Computer science) -- Congresses.
Genre/Form Conference papers and proceedings.
Conference papers and proceedings.
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Author Hutchison, David, 1949-
ISBN 9783540877349