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Title [Resource management]
Published 1909-
Table of Contents
Box 2:1About us : land and water Australia, 2000 / Australia Government 
  Box 2:27Australia - our natural resources, 2007 
  Box 2:28Australian agriculture fisheries and forestry, 2007 
  Box 2:29Australia's forests, 2007 
  Box 2:2Part 1, April, 1956 / John Andrews 
  Box 2:3Part 2, November, 1956 / John Andrews 
  Box 2:23Australian renewable energy : a powerful future, June 2006 
Box 2:4Australian Government envirofund : providing small grants for local communties, [2002] / Australia Government 
Box 1:1Australian water resources : with particular reference to water supplies in Central Australia, 1944 / J.D.Lang 
Box 1:2Bore irrigation in the Murray artesian basin, 1955 / F. N. Bethune 
Box 1:3Central Gippsland irrigation project, 1948 / J. G. B. McDonald 
Box 3:11Defining 'environmental flows' : theme environmental water allocation - context, August 2007 / Land & Water Australia 
Box 2:5Does your natural resource management project comply with national environmental laws? : helping communities meet the requirements of the Environment Protection and Biochemistry Conservation Act 1999 / Australia Government  
Box 3:10Environmental water allocation R & D program / Land & Water Australia 
Box 1:4Expert committee on water fluoridation : first report, 1957 / Yngve Ericsson 
Box 3:1Grant's for Australia's environment and heritage : a guide, 2006 / Department of the Environment and Heritage 
Box 2:6Great Australian Bight Marine Park (Commonwealth waters) : management plan 2005-2012 / Director of National Parks 
Box 1:5Harnessing and use of South Australia's water resources, 1958 / J. R. Dridan 
Box 2:30How to have excellent natural resource management partnerships with local government, September 2006 / Land and Water Australia 
Box 3:2Knowledge for regional NRM : connecting researchers and practitioners, February 2006 / Land and Water Australia 
  Box 2:7Land and water Australia : an introduction, issue no.2, September, 2004 / Australia Government 
  Box 2:8Knowledge for managing Australian landscapes, updated March, 2005 / Australia Government 
  Box 2:24Grazing native pastures in Tasmania : managing wallaby grass pastures, May 2005 
  Box 3:3Grazing native pastures in Tasmania : the best way to manage grassy weeds in native pastures, May 2005 
  Box 3:4Grazing native pastures in Tasmania : the forage characteristics and qualities of native grasses, May 2005 
  Box 2:9Integrating paddock and catchment planning : a wool producer- driven approach to sustainable landscape management, [2004] / Land and Water Australia 
  Box2:25Managing grazing on native pastures in Tasmania, May 2005 
Box 3:12Research to support river and estuary management in northern Australia / Tropical rivers and coastal knowledge 
  Box 2:10Wool production and biodiversity : fine wool healthy profits and healthy landscape the ideal equation, April 2005 / Land and Water Australia 
  Box 2:11Wool production and biodiversity : a holistic solution for fine wool and healthy profits at 'Lana', April 2005 / Land and Water Australia 
  Box 2:12Wool production and biodiversity : triple bottom line focus for wool production at 'The Hill', April 2005 / Land and Water Australia 
Box 1:6Mannum : Adelaide pipeline / Engineering and Water Supply Department, South Australia 
Box 2:13Monitoring and evaluation of Australias natural resources, August 2005 / Natural Heritage Trust 
Box 1:7Myponga dam and pipeline, 1957 / Malcolm McIntosh 
Box 2:14National land and water resources audit, August 2005 / Natural Heritage Trust 
Box 2:15National plantation inventory Australia,2005 update / Bureau of Rural Sciences 
Box2:26National program for sustainable irrigation phase 2, 2006 
Box 2:16Natural resource management facilitator network : helping communities work with government / Australian Government 
Box 2:22Natural resource management funding ; Natural heritage trust (NHT) and National action plan for salinity and water quality (NAP), [2004] / Australia Government 
Box 2:17Natural resource management funding opportunities : natural heritage trust and national action plan for salinity and water quality / Australian Government 
Box 2:18Productive resource management for woolgrowers ; managing native vegetation and biodiversity, June 2004 / Jann Williams 
Box 1:8River Murray waters bill : debates, 1963 
Box 3:4Salt deck, 2006 / Land and Water Australia 
Box 3:8Solitary islands marine park & solitary islands marine reserve (commonwealth waters) : zoning summary and user guide / Marine Parks Authority (NSW) 
Box 3:5Summary report : the significance of night time evaporation from irrigation farm dams, September 2006 / Matthew R. Hipsey 
  Box 2:19(SGSL) producer network in New South Wales, May 2005 / Land and Water Australia 
  Box 2:20(SGSL) producer network in WA, October 2004 / Land and Water Australia 
Box 1:9Suitability for irrigation of water from lakes and streams in the southern interior of British Columbia, 1963 / J. C. Wilcox 
Box 3:7Tropical rivers R&D program, August 2006 / Land and Water Australia 
Box 1:10True story of the beginning of artesian water supply of Australia, 1909 / Simon Fraser 
Box 1:11Water of life : world food day, 1994 / Robin Clarke 
Box 1:12Watershed programs : the practical means for sustained rural development and decentralisation, [1963] / Watershed Association of Victoria 
Box 1:13Water supplies for Adelaide and the lower north / Engineering and Water Supply Department 
Box 2:21Wimmera Mallee water supples : pipe lines versus channels,1945 / Lewis East 
Box 3:9Work of the river murray commission, 1954 / A. F. Ronalds 
Box 1:14Yorke Peninsula water supply scheme, 1953 / Engineering and Water Supply Department 


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