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Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the Republic of South Africa and the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland concerning the Convention on the Conse   2015 1
Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the United States of America on Cooperation in Antarctica (adopted 8 September 2012) --   2015 1
Memorandum of Understanding on Antarctic Cooperation between the Government of the Argentine Republic and the Government of the Republic of India (adopted and entered into force 5 July 2006, 2661 UNTS   2015 1
Memorandum of Understanding on Biological Diversity -- / App. C  2003 1
Memorandum of understanding on workplace reform for the Australian processed food industry   1995 1
Memorandum of understanding relating to the implementation of the National Pollutant Inventory   1998 1
Memorandum on 4th 5-year plan   1964 1
Memorandum on defence of harbors of Warrnambool, Belfast, and Portland   1877 1
Memorandum on education in Belgian Ruanda & Urundi   1938? 1
Memorandum on Encyclopaedia Britannica --   2016 1
Memorandum on Enlightened Management --   1998 1
Memorandum on Law Commission working paper 92, Formalities for contracts for sale of land : and Law Commission working paper 93, Formalities for deeds and escrows   1986 1
Memorandum on modern language teaching   1956 1
Memorandum on planning and equipment of libraries in secondary schools   1955 1
Memorandum on popular education   2
Memorandum on resignation, August 1914   2
Memorandum on Salesman and Salesmanship --   1998 1
Memorandum on special diets : with an introduction on nutritional value of hospital dietary   1960 1
Memorandum on staffing the president-elect / / Richard E. Neustadt --  1999 1
Memorandum on suggested improvements in the Patent Laws of 1852, 1853   1856 1
Memorandum on Syndrome Dynamics and Holistic, Organismic Thinking --   1998 1
Memorandum on teaching and learning about human rights in schools / / Council of Europe.18.4.  2002 1
Memorandum on the clinical aspects of malaria in the Middle East, 1941   1879- 1
Memorandum on the fourth five year plan   1964 1
Memorandum on the Goals and Directives of Enlightened Management and of Organizational Theory --   1998 1
Memorandum on the Hill coolie papers     1
Memorandum on the industrial situation after the war   1916 1
Memorandum on the militia system of Canada   1873 1
Memorandum on the need for work amongst the Luo (Nilotic Kavirondo) women and girls     1
Memorandum on the proposed organization of a national guard for the land defence of Australia   1908 1
Memorandum on the Redefinition of Profit, Taxes, Costs, Money, Economics, etc. --   1998 1
Memorandum on the teaching of English   1923 1
A memorandum on the trade of the British empire, 1913 & 1925 to 1928   1930 1
Memorandum on the Warsaw Convention, the Hague Protocol and the IGIA Recommendations Submitted to the President of the United States, the Secretary of State, the Members of the Interagency Group on In     1
Memorandum on unfair competition at the common law   1916 1
Memorandum on war aims : agreed upon at the Central Hall, Westminster, London, S.W. on February 20th to 24th 1918   1893- 1
Memorandum prepared by the Advisory Subcommittee on International Reconstruction, 1941-1945   1946 1
Memorandum presented to the international congress, 21st to 23rd of June, 1899   1899 1
Memorandum report BRL ; ARBRL-MR-02861   1978 1

Memorandum (Scottish Law Commission) -- See Also the later heading Consultative memorandum (Scottish Law Commission)

Memorandum (Scottish Law Commission) ; no. 20   1975 1
Memorandum (Scottish Law Commission) ; no. 23   1976 1
A memorandum showing the connection between the status of women and the relations between countries   1929 1
Memorandum submitted to the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine by W.I.Z.O. through its Palestine Executive   1947 1
Epic revisionism : Russian history and literature as Stalinist propaganda /   2006 1
Memorandum to the French Minister of Colonies / / The Vietnamese Party for Independence --Document 14.  2000 1
Memorandum to the Presidential Candidates --   2016 1
Memorax, a Precise and Sound Tool for Automatic Fence Insertion under TSO / / Parosh Aziz Abdulla, Mohamed Faouzi Atig, Yu-Fang Chen, Carl Leonardsson, Ahmed Rezine --  2013 1
Memordandum, articles of association and bye-laws : with amendments to May, 1962   1962 1
The MEMORI Technology -- An Innovative Tool for the Protection of Movable Cultural Assets --   2012 1
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