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Author International Conference of Intelligence Computation and Evolutionary Computation (2012 : Wuhan, China)

Title Intelligence computation and evolutionary computation : results of 2012 International Conference of Intelligence Computation and Evolutionary Computation ICEC 2012 held July 7, 2012 in Wuhan, China / Zhenyu Du (ed.)
Published Berlin ; New York : Springer, [2013]
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Description 1 online resource
Series Advances in intelligent systems and computing, 2194-5357 ; 180
Advances in intelligent systems and computing ; 180
Contents Advantages of Cross-Border Acquisition under International Financial Crisis / Zuoling Nie, Yuhai Su and Chong-jin Wang -- A New Extension of LBP for Texture Classification / Kunlun Li and Pan Wang -- Adaptive Backstepping Control for Nonlinear Systems Using Support Vector Regression / Liu Yinan, Zhang Shengxiu, Cao Lijia and Zhang Chao -- The Application of Data Mining Technology in the Breakdown Maintenance of Warship Equipment / Hua Rong, Mingrong Chen and Zhen Wang -- Intrusion Detection Based on Immune Principles and Fuzzy Association Rules / Zhang Lei, Meng Lingrui and Hou Chunjie -- Temperature Model for FOG Zero-Bias Using Gaussian Process Regression / He Zhikun, Liu Guangbin, Zhao Xijing and Yang Jian -- Pulse Wave Averaging Computation and Clinical Verification / Li Yang and Yunan Hu -- Conditional Fault Diagnosis of Bubble Sort Graphs under the PMC Model / Shuming Zhou, Jian Wang, Xirong Xu and Jun-Ming Xu -- Process Simulation of Micro Device with Virtual Reality Technology / Zheng Liu and Hua Chen -- Intelligent Control of Beer Fermentation Temperature / Tianli Li -- Discussion on Enterprise Emergency Management Decision Support System / Wenchang Liu
Shallow Parsing of Chinese Based on HMM Model / Zheng Weifa and Xie Wenliang -- Application of Seismic Sedimentology Method to Beach-Bar Depositional System / Guo Jianqing and Lin Chengyan -- Visual Sign System Design of Modern Office Building / Shen Lei -- Research on Image Intensity Based on Matlab / Wang Yueping and Yi Zhi'an -- A Novel Digital Audio Watermarking Algorithm Based on Wavelet Transforming / Liu Yanjun -- The Demonstrating and Monitoring Software of Robot Control System / Zou Huan, Zhang Xueping, Yang Yanxin and Wang Xin -- Discussion on Training Mode of Entrepreneurial Talent in Electronic Business / Jin Tao -- The Design ECU of Vehicle with the Use of Controller Integrated PICI18F258 SCM / Shujun Hua -- Encrypt Hardware Device Based on Cryptographic Algorithm / Chen Cong -- The Data Mining Technology in the Application of Graduates' Employment / Hu Yan -- Application Research of Virtual Reality Technology in Electronic Technique Teaching / Hu Liang and Bi Xiaoming -- The Platform Design of Practice Teaching in the Electromechanical Major That Based on the Virtual Reality Technique / Hu Liang, Yang Wen and Huang Chengzhong
The Exploration Model of New-Type Software and the Application in the System Exploration of Teacher Management / Cao Yu -- Education Software Design of Electronic Technique That Based on Virtual Reality Technology / Hu Liang and Bi Xiaoming -- Study on Innovation Education Technology Based on New Computer Technology / Cao Yu -- Research on Multimedia Database / Hu Liang, Huang Manyuan and Huang Chengzhong -- The Experimental Teaching Platform of Mechanotronics Major That Based on Java EE Technology / Hu Liang and Huang Chengzhong -- The Analysis of Grid Database Technology in the Computer Application System / Juan Chen -- Study of Smart Warehouse Management System Based on the IOT / Wen Ding -- Design and Implementation of Visual C + + Based Digital Image Processing System / Hu Liang -- A New Multi-chaos Based Image Encryption Algorithm / Nan Lin, Xiaofeng Guo, Ping Xu and Yuqin Wang -- Performance of an Optical Packet Switch with Limited Wavelength Converter / Jie Li -- Time Petri Net-Based Software Reliability Analysis / Maoqiang Yang -- Digital Evidence Protection Model with Batch-Verifying and Public Verifiability for Computer Forensics / Zhao-Hui Qi, Zhan-Feng Gao, Ying-Ming Shen and Bing-Xin Han
Finite Element Analysis of a Bus Skeleton and Structure Improvement / Fachao Jiang, Yuezhen Fan, Entuo Liu and Molin Wang -- Design on a New Energy Lawn Mower: Fuel Cell Lawn Mower / Fachao Jiang, Entuo Liu and Molin Wang -- Study on the SRI Sensing Characteristics of PFBG and TFBG / Rensheng Shen, Wen Lin, Xiangping Li, Xiao Zhang and Guotong Du -- E-Commerce Case Study of Fast Fashion Industry / Zhenxiang Wei and Lijie Zhou -- Rapid Impulsive Noise Denoising in Range Images / Jian Wang, Zhen-qiang Yao, Lin Mei, Yao-jie Zhu and Yuan Yao, et al. -- Study on Race and Hazard of Combinational Logic Circuit / Wang Xiuling and Wang Haocheng -- Approach to Analyze Time Series Similarity Pattern Mining Based on Haar / Li Yi -- Design of a Four-Annulus Integrated Disk Electrode for Bioelectrical Impedance Spectroscopy Measurement / Kening Wang, Xiongxing Zhang and Wei Wang -- Development of Frequency and Power Control System Hardware-in-Loop Simulation Platform for Ship Power Plant / Sun Bin, Zeng Fan-ming, Zhang Wei-dong and Zhao Hua -- Control of Sludge Recycle Flow in Wastewater Treatment Plants Using Fuzzy Logic Controller / Wangyani
Research and Application of Embedded Real-Time Operating System / Zhangbo -- A PCA-Based Automated Method for Determination of Human Body Orientation / Weihe Wu, Aimin Hao, Wentao Wang and Yiqiang Wang -- GPU-Based Large Seismic Data Parallel Compression / Kai Xie, H.Q. Yu and G.Y. Lu -- Transform Optimization Based on Color Image Compression / Kai Xie, H.Q. Yu and G.Y. Lu -- The Resilience Framework for Interdependent Infrastructure Systems Using the Dynamic Inoperability Input-Output Model / Wenping Xu, Zhiwu Wang, Mingsheng Hu, Liu Hong and Xueguang Chen, et al. -- Multi-source Separation Using over Iterative Empirical Mode Decomposition / Yutian Wang, Hui Wang and Qin Zhang -- Paraphrase Based Similar Expression Generation / Wei He, Zhanyi Liu and Ting Liu -- Parameters Allocation of Genetic Algorithm Based on RSSI of DSRC Communication / Chun-Liang Chen -- Identification of FOG Multivariable Model Based on Fuzzy Relation / Zhao Xijing, Wang Lixin, He Zhikun and Li Rui -- An Improved Ant Colony Algorithm Combined with Genetic Algorithm and Its Application in Image Segmentation / Zhou Haifeng
Paper's Indirect Strain Control Bases on Inverter / Tianli Li -- Study on the Online Clustering Algorithm Based on Grid Structure / Wu Peng, Jia Jun and Zhu Tianxiang -- The Measurement of Low-Level 220Rn by Software Delayed Coincidence Method / Yan Yongjun, Lai Wei and Zhou Jianliang -- An Optimization of Intelligent Fire Alarm System for High-Rise Building Based on ANASYS / Liu Keding -- Coal Mine Safety Monitoring and Evaluation System Based on .Net / Zhang Chunzhi, Hu Guangzhou, Li Haoru and Wang Kejia -- Research on Web Information Filter Model / Liu Yiqin -- Power Flow and Power Flow Calculation Research in Power System / Li Jun -- The Analysis and Design of Human Resources Information Sharing System in University / Jiang Yan -- The Application Research of Multimedia Database in Innovative Venturing Course / Wu Binying, Chen Shiqiang and Fang Li -- Design and Realization of WCDMA Project Simulation System / Yehui Liu and Huaiqun Wang -- The Application of Computer Technology in the Interior Decoration Project / Qiu Yu and Qiu Jing -- The Application of Image Recognition Technique in Candidate's Identity Authentication System / Gu Hongjiu
Research on the Security Risk Assessment and the Solutions of Cloud Computing / Wen Ding -- The Study of Security Management Platform Technology and Methods Based on Cloud Computing / Zhang Jie -- Data Mining in the Application of E-Commerce Website / Gu Hongjiu -- Analysis of Security Mechanism in Web Database Application System / Juan Chen -- The Research and Summary of Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization Algorithm / Xu Jingqi -- A Finite-Time Convergent Variable Structure Guidance Law with Impact Angle Constraint / Zuo-e Fan, Xian-jun Shi, Chang-peng Pan and Wen-jin Gu -- Highway Traffic Automatic Detection System Based on Video and Image Processing / Jiang Ying -- An Improvement to Leach-Based Routing Algorithm / Liu Re and Wang Xiu-Ping -- Specifying API Trace Birthmark by Abstract Interpretation / Ying Zeng, Fenlin Liu, Jian Chen and Bin Yan -- Extracting Semantic Information from Chinese Language Patent Claims / Yong Tang, Shihan Yang, Jiwen Chai and Shanmei Liu -- Sensitivity Analysis on the Influence Factors of Software Reliability Based on Diagnosis Reasoning / Li Qiuying, Li Haifeng and Wang Guodong -- Study on Method of Layer Modelling in Geological Body Visualization / Niu Wenjie
Design and Realization of a Novel Low-Voltage High-Efficiency On-Chip Current Sensing Technique / Wei HaiLong, Geng ZengJian, Liu Zhi and Liao Xue -- Construction of Mamdani Fuzzy Classifier Based on Genetic Algorithm / Zhou Weihong and Xiong Shunqing -- Change Detection Using High Spatial Resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery / Zhang Ruihua and Wu Jin -- Optimization of BP Neural Network Classifier Using Genetic Algorithm / Zhou Weihong and Xiong Shunqing -- Output-Feedback Stabilization of Discrete-Time Systems with Multiple Time-Varying Delays / Li Zhang and Fule Li -- An Improved OTP Authentication System and Its Application in Mobile Commerce / Ye Xi -- Research on ESC Hydraulic Control Unit Property and Pressure Estimation / Liu Wei, Ding Haitao and Guo Konghui -- The Emotional Robot Model Based on Endocrine System / Huang Guorui -- Research on the New Channel Estimation Algorithm for MIMO-OFDM System Based on Training Sequence / Zhigang Yang -- The Research and Implementation of Technology of Generating Test Paper Based on Genetic Algorithm / Shao Ming-zhu, Li Wei-feng and Du Jing-yi -- Intelligent Control Technology for Frequency Conversion Pump in Air Conditioning Systems / Shizhong Yang and Qingchang Ren
The Application and Development of Photoelectric Sensor / Zheng Chunjiao -- Online Random Seeking in FLV Video Based on File Cutting / Zhihui Du, Wenjun Fan, Yunpeng Chai and Tianle Zhang -- A Self-Adaptive Sliding Window Technique for Mining Data Streams / Yi Yang and Guojun Mao -- The CAD Solutions in Highway Landscape Greening / Yin Guangli and Qian Shao -- Using Genetic Algorithm to Improve Gray Watermark Algorithm / Jianbing Yi and Qiuen Xie -- A New Secure Windows Terminal Based on Dual-Subsystem Architecture / Li XinMing, Li Yi, Zhang GongXuan and Wang XiaoMei -- OsgAL-Based Sound Source Management in Simulation Games / Xin Li, Dehui Kong and Yong Zhang -- An Automatic Extraction Method of Surveillance Visual Context / Haozhe Liang, Shukui Xu and Guohui Li -- Improved Method of the PSF Parameters Estimation for Image Restoration / Zeng Liang, Zhou Yang and Yang Yingyuna -- Image Enhancement Based on NSCT / Ma Changxia, Bi Ye, Jiang Hongan, Chen Yunping and Zhang Zhanqiang -- Research on Design of Network Teaching System / Wenpeng Lu, Ruojuan Xue and Haixia Li -- A Semantic Framework for Integration of Prison Internet / Peiliang Sun, Wei Wei and Ming Xia
Architecture of the Cloud Computing Platform for Enterprises / Shi Xingjun and Xuezhen Zhu -- The Application of SSL Protocol in Computer Network Communication / Tian Huan -- Research on Wireless Network Security Model / Linmao and Wangyong -- Application of Network Platform in EFL Writing Feedback / Kang Hui and Shi Ziming -- The Bayesian Network and Trust Model Based Movie Recommendation System / Du Wei and Chen Junliang -- The Network Security Management System Based on the Fuzzy Dynamic Evaluation / Deng Fan, Pei Tao and Ji Hongcheng -- The Research and Design of IMS Network Management / Xia Ling -- Requirements of the Times -- The Collaboration of E-Government and E-Commerce / Xiao Shufeng -- Study on the Development Path of China Modern Coal Logistics Based on Electronic Commerce / Jiang Lingli and Cen Kuang -- Research on Flash Based Online Game / Liu Jinjun -- Applicability Analysis and Classification in Network System Security / Luo Zhuojun -- Design of Multimedia File Security Communication Platform Architecture Based on Web / Liu Yanshu, Yi Can and Li Zhiyong -- Research on the Security Issues of Cloud Computing / Jia Weihua and Sun Shibing
Alarm Analysis on Intrusion Detection of Network Flow / Liu Yanshu, Cao Yujun and Lei Jiping -- The Exploitation and Design of Enrollment and Employment Management System That Based on B/S / Li Bo -- Research on Network Technology-Based Data Integration Model / Chen Min, Wang Jianping and Tan Shaosheng -- Sentiment Analysis in Chinese BBS / Dai Lu and Ding Lixin -- A Modified Transport Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks / Wu Yangbo, Zou Donglan and Li ShuLiang -- Research on the Development and Application of Intelligent Network Teaching System / Li Fachun -- Study on the Computer Networks System Safety Detecting Technology / Hu Liming -- Algorithm Research of Network Course Design Based on Personal Learning / Li Fachun -- Observation on the Wireless Sensor Router Algorithm Based on Mobile Agent / Pei Fang and Zhang Jie -- Higher Vocational College Computer Culture Foundation Online Examination System Design / Yonghua Zhang, Lizhe Wang and Ji Li -- MVDR Method for the Whole Conformal Arrays / Lin Zou and Zishu He -- Research and Implementation of SOA-Based E-Commerce Platform / Hu Liang
Production Dynamic Scheduling Method Based on Improved Contract Net of Multi-agent / Ling Qin and Shulin Kan -- Research on Information Integrated Platform for Gear Enterprise Networked Manufacturing / Xiang-tao Chen and Xiang-yang He -- A New 3D Statistical Method for Mobile Channel Model / Yihuai Yang, Gengfa Fang, Eryk Dutkiewicz and Yangqing Li -- An Optimized Organizational Structure Model of Internet Security Management / Ran Lia and Shoulian Tang -- Study on the Business Model of Tourism Electronic Commerce in China / Jian Song -- Semantic-Based Wireless Video Surveillance System / Haijun Gu, Wei Liu and Xiaohui Zhao -- Ultra-Low Power CMOS Charge-Sensitive Preamplifier / Zhou Yunbo, Yu Zongguang and Yang Yu -- Reduction of Power Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks for Railway Disaster Prevention and Safety Monitoring System / Tao Wu, Yusong Yan and Xi Chen -- The Integration Scheme of the Internet of Things and TD-SCDMA Network / Zhengyong Yu -- Study on Product Data Structure and Realization of Model Based on PLM / Xianghui Zhan, Xiaoda Li and Xiangyang Lui -- The Research of DNS Safe Analysis and Defense Technology / Shao Ming-zhu, Sun Bo and Xie Rui-yun
Study on the Dangerous Chemicals Transport Vehicles Monitoring System Based on RFID Technique / Wang Jianxin, Wang Tong, Ma Yunfei and Tan Jialei -- Implementation of Neural Network Backpropagation in CUDA / Jinfeng Liu and Lei Guo -- Research and Application of Serial Communication Modules Based on VB / Zhang Tao -- Design and Application of Export Model / Lei Xiong -- A Processing Pipeline for Virtual 3D Urban-Based Web3D Author Tools / Zhang Wei -- Categorization of Medical Documents Using Hybrid Competitive Neural Network with String Vector, a Novel Approach / Seyyed Mohammad Reza Farshchi and Mahdi Yaghoobi -- Study of Computer Room Network Monitoring Management System / Dianjun Xu -- The Application of Online Traffic System on the Wireless Internet / Zhiqiang Yao, Chiyuan Li, Ke Xu and Han Xia -- A New Trusted Monitoring Algorithm to IA Based Distributed System / Shao Liang and Wu Fang -- A Study of the Impact of Electronic Processing Time on Performance in Optical Burst Switching Networks / G.M. Li, Z.K. Sun and S.H. Geng -- Study on Stayed-Cable Health Monitoring / Z.K. Sun, G.M. Li and S.H. Geng -- Research on the Information Library for Component Testing / Ying Jiang, Lin Jin, Xiao-Dong Fu and Yu-Ping Liu
Summary 2012 International Conference of Intelligence Computation and Evolutionary Computation (ICEC 2012) is held on July 7, 2012 in Wuhan, China. This conference is sponsored by Information Technology & Industrial Engineering Research Center. ICEC 2012 is a forum for presentation of new research results ofintelligentcomputation and evolutionary computation. Cross-fertilization of intelligent computation, evolutionary computation, evolvable hardware and newly emerging technologies is strongly encouraged. The forum aims to bring together researchers, developers, and users from around the world in both industry and academia for sharing state-of-art results, for exploring new areas of research and development, and to discuss emerging issues facing intelligent computation and evolutionary computation
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Computational Intelligence
Subject Computational intelligence -- Congresses.
Evolutionary computation -- Congresses.
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Conference papers and proceedings.
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Author Du, Zhenyu.
ISBN 3642316565 (electronic bk.)
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