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Mark   Year Entries
Paper and Thin-Layer Chromatography --   2012 1
Paper and thin layer chromatography and electrophoresis   1972 1

Paper (Architectural Association (Great Britain)) -- See Architectural Association paper

Paper art   1998 1
Paper art : the art of sculpting with paper   1998 1
Paper (Australia. Royal Australian Air Force. Air Power Development Centre) ; no. 19   2005 1
Paper (Australia. Royal Australian Air Force. Air Power Studies Centre) ; no. 43   1996 1
Paper bag     1
The paper bag princess   3
Paper-based Devices for Isolation and Characterization of Extracellular Vesicles   2016 1
Paper-based diagnostics : current status and future applications   2019 1
Paper basics : forestry, manufacture, selection, purchasing, mathematics and metrics, recycling   1978 1
Paper before print: the history and impact of paper in the Islamic world   2001 1
Paper Birds (Movie 2010)   2010 1
Paper boat   1996 1
The paper boats   1963 1
The paper book   1989 1
Paper book and counter statement of defendant in error   1850? 1
Paper book : Drexel, et ux. vs. Miller : Supreme Court, January term, 1864, no. 72   1864? 1
Paper book, Hugh Clark, plaintiff in error, vs. Isaac Depew and Charles A.G. Depew, defendants in error : in the Supreme Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, March term, A.D. 1853, no. 7   1853? 1
Paper book : in the Court of Common Pleas for the county of Philadelphia : Thomas Ryan vs. Peter McMahon   1852 1
Paper book in the matter of the petition of Edward Middleton to the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, for a divorce from his wife   1850? 1
Paper Book. In the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Western District. Josiah Stephenson, Plff. In Error, vs. Williams Dickson and William McClymonds, Deft's in Error. Error to the Court of Common Pleas     1
Paper Book of Appellant. In Supreme Court of Penn'a Western District, Error to Common Pleas of Lawrence County. Thomas Pearson vs. Robert Wallace     1
Paper book of defendant in error   1862? 1
Paper book of J.T. Gilchrist, Jacob Levering, and Geo. V. Bacon, assignee of M. Ralston, appellants from the decree of the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia   1850? 1
Paper book of plaintiff in error   6
Paper book of plaintiff in error : in the Supreme Court of Penn'a. Western District : error to the Common Pleas of Lawrence County : Daniel Beck, defendant in error vs. David Beck, plaintiff error   1855? 1
Paper book of plaintiff in error : in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Eastern District : Wm. E. Udderzook vs. the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, error to the Court of Oyer and Terminer of Chester Co   1873? 1
Paper book of plaintiffs in error   1861? 1
Paper book of the complainants   1850? 1
Paper book : Supreme Court of Penna., Eastern District, March term, 1849-48 : Abraham Hoopes, William H. Johnston, and John Shellinger, plaintiffs in error, and defendants below, vs. Samuel Garver, ad   1849 1
Paper book : Wetherill vs. Wetherill and others   1850 1
Paper books.   1930 1
Paper boy   2
The paper boy. Boy soldiers : Winners double feature   1985 1
Paper bridges : selected poems of Kadya Molodowsky   1999 1
Paper bullets : a fictional autobiography   2001 1
Paper bullets : great propaganda posters, Axis & Allied countries WWII   1977 1
Paper bullets : print and kingship under Charles II   2015 1
A paper business on an ink foundation : Rightly conceived and properly adapted to the ends which it should serve, advertising may be a powerful force in building business   1922 1
Paper C02 : fundamentals of financial accounting : relevant for computer-based assessments   2008 1

Paper (Canadian Centre for Folk Culture Studies) -- See Also the later heading Cultural studies paper (Canadian Museum of Civilization)

  Paper (Canadian Ethnology Service) -- 2 Related Titles   2

Paper (Canadian Museum of Civilization) -- See Mercury series. Paper (1993)


Paper (Canadian Museum of Civilization. History Division) -- See Mercury series. Paper (1993)

The paper canoe : a guide to theatre anthropology   1995 1
Paper CD   2
Paper chains   2013 1
Paper chains : sometimes you have to run away to find your way home   2013 1
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