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Title Critical studies in ancient law, comparative law and legal history / edited by John W. Cairns and Olivia F. Robinson
Published Oxford, England ; Portland : Hart Publishing, 2001
Table of Contents
 The Contributorsxi
 Roman Law 
 1.Was Acceptilatio an Informal Act in Classical Roman Law? / Hans Ankum3
 2.Solutio and Traditio / J L Barton15
 3.Actor and Defendant in Negatoria Servitutis / L Capogrossi Colognesi31
 4.Some Reflections on History and Dogma as Jurists' Tools / Giuliano Crifo37
 5.D. (Scaevola 18 dig.) Revisited / Robert Feenstra45
 6.Death, Taxes and Status in Pliny's Panegyricus / Jane F. Gardner51
 7.Translation and Interpretation / William M. Gordon61
 8.The Case of the Deliberate Wine Spill / Herbert Hausmaninger73
 9.De Iurisprudentia / Neil Maccormick79
 10.Pigs, Boars and Livestock under the Lex Aquilia / Grant McLeod, McLeod,Grant83
 11."Galba Negabat" / A D Manfredini93
 12.Partes Iuris / Theo Mayer-Maly103
 13."Unus Testis Nullus Testis" / Antonino Metro109
 14.Unpardonable Crimes: Fourth Century Attitudes / O F Robinson117
 15.The Praetor Hoist with his Own Petard: the Palingenesia of Digest 2.1.10 / Alan Rodger127
 16.Maiestas in the Late Republic: Some Observations / Robin Seager143
 Other Ancient Laws 
 17.Oral Establishment of Dowry in Jewish and Roman Law: D'varim Haniknim Ba'amira and Dotis Dictio / Ranon Katzoff157
 18.Cause, Status and Fault in the Traditional Chinese Law of Homicide / Geoffrey Maccormack173
 19.The Septuagint as Nomos: How the Torah became a "Civic Law" for the Jews of Egypt / Joseph Meleze Modrzejewski183
 20.Basics of Roman and Jewish Intestacy / Reuven Yaron201
 Transplants, Receptions and Comparisons 
 21.The Education and Qualification of Civil Lawyers in Historical Perspective: From Jurists and Orators to Advocates, Procurators and Notaries / Hans W Baade213
 22.The Moveable Text of Mackenzie: Bibliographical Problems for the Scottish Concept of Institutional Writing / John W Cairns235
 23.Restitution, Repetition, Recompense and Unjustified Enrichment in Scots Law / Robin Evans-Jones, Phillip Hellwege249
 24.John Adams and the Whale / Andrew Lewis261
 25.Leibniz's Elementa Iuris Civilis and the Private Law of his Time / Klaus Luig267
 26.Classifying Crimes / R A A Mccall Smith283
 27.The Shifting Focus of Adoption / Joseph W McKnight297
 28.Girth: Society and the Law of Sanctuary in Scotland / Hector L Macqueen333
 29.Descendit ad Inferos: And Belial Sued Jesus Christ for Trespass / Eltjo Schrage353
 30.Saving Souls through Adoption: Legal Adaptation in the Dutch East Indies / A J B Sirks365
 31.Legal Change and Scots Private Law / Joe Thomson379
 32.Quod raro fit, non observant legislatores: a Classical Maxim of Legislation / Andreas Wacke393
 33.Kasper Manz, a German Jurist in the Seventeenth Century: A Man of Theory and Practice / Gunter Wesener399
 34.A Note on Regulae Iuris in Roman Law and on Dworkin's Distinction between Rules and Principles / Laurens Winkel413
 Index of (Roman and some other) texts discussed419
 Index of proper names and topics421


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Description xix, 427 pages ; 24 cm
Contents Roman law 1. Was acceptilatio an informal act in classical Roman law? / Hans Ankum -- 2. Solutio and traditio / J L Barton -- 3. Actor and defendant on negatoria servitutis / L Capogrossi Colognesi -- 4. Some reflections on history and dogma as jurists' tools / Giuliano Crifò -- 5. D. (Scaevola 18 dig.) revisited / Robert Feenstra -- 6. Death, taxes and status in Pliny's Panegyricus / Jane F Gardner -- 7. Translation and interpretation / William M Gordan -- 8. The Case of the deliberate wine spill / Herbert Hausmaninger -- 9. De Iurisprudentia / Neil MacCormick -- 10. Pigs, boars and livestock under the Lex Acquilia / Grant McCleod -- 11. Galba negabat / A D Manfredini -- 12. Partes iuris / Theo Mayer-Maly -- 13. Unas testis nullus testis / Anonino Metro -- 14. Unpardonable crimes: fourth century attitudes / Olivia F Robinson -- 15. The Praetor hoist with his own petard: the Palingenesia of Digest 2.1.10 / Alan F Rodger -- 16. Maiestas in the late republic: some observations / Robin Seager -- Other ancient laws 17. Oral establishment of dowry in Jewish and Roman law: d'varim haniknim ba'amira and dotis dictio / Ranon Katzoff -- 18. Cause, status and fault in the traditional Chinese law of homicide / Geoffrey MacCormack -- 19. The Septuagint as nomos: how the Torah became a "civic law" for the Jews of Egypt / Joseph Mélèze Mordrzejewski -- 20. Basics of Roman and Jewish intestacy / Reuven Yaron -- Transplants, receptions and comparisons 21. The Education and qualification of civil lawyers in historical perspective: from jurists and orators to advocates, procurators and notaries / Hans W Baade -- 22. The Moveable text of McKenzie: bibliographical problems for the Scottish concept of institutional writing / John W Cairns -- 23. Restitution, reception, recompense and unjustified enrichment in Scottish law / Robin Evans-Jones and Phillip Hellwage -- 24. John Adams and the whale / Andrew D E Lewis -- 25. Leibniz's Elementia Iuris Civilis and the private law of his time / Klaus Luig -- 26. Classifying crimes / R A A McCall Smith -- 27. The Shifting focus of adoption / Joseph Webb McKnight -- 28. Girth: society and the law of sanctuary in Scotland -- 29. Descendit ad inferos: and Belial sued Jesus Christ for trespass / Eltjo Schrage -- 30. Saving souls through adoption: legal adaptation in the Dutch East Indies / A J B Sirks -- 31. Legal change and Scots private law / Joe Thomson -- 32. Quod raro fit, non observant legislatores: a classical maxim of legislation / Andreas Wacke -- 33. Kasper Manz, a German jurist in the seventeenth century: a man of theory and practice / Gunter Wesener -- 34. A Note on regulae juris in Roman law and on Dworkin's distinction between rules and principles / Laurens Winkel
Summary A collection of contemporary research on Roman law, comparative law, and legal history. Chapters provide new insight on areas including translation and interpretation, actor and defendant in negatoria servitutis, oral establishment of dowry in Jewish and Roman law, basics of Roman and Jewish intestacy, bibliographical problems for the Scottish concept of institutional writing, legal adaptation in the Dutch East Indies, and legal change and Scots private law. Of interest to scholars and students of Roman law, ancient Jewish and Chinese law, legal history, and comparative law. Cairns specializes in the history of Scots law at the University of Edinburgh. Robinson specializes in Roman administrative and criminal law at Glasgow University
Notes Includes index of (Roman and some other) texts discussed and index of proper names and topics
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and indexes
Subject Comparative law.
Jewish law -- History.
Law -- Historiography.
Law -- History.
Law -- Scotland -- History.
Law, Ancient.
Roman law -- History.
Roman law -- Influence.
Roman law -- Reception.
Roman law.
Author Cairns, John.
Robinson, O. F.
Watson, Alan, 1933-2018.
LC no. 2001268243
ISBN 1841131571
Other Titles Critical studies in ancient law, comparative law & legal history : essays in honour of Alan Watson
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Critical studies in ancient law, comparative law and legal history : essays in honour of Alan Watson