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Public Culture in Societies of Immigration / / Rainer Baubock --  2016 1
Public culture (Online)     1
The public culture : the triumph of industrialism   2
Public Cultures/Global Transformations / / Corinne A. Kratz and Ivan Karp --  2006 1
Public cultures of the Middle East and North Africa.   24
A public curriculum / / Mary Kalantzis, Bill Cope, Andrew Harvey --  2003 1
Public day care in Britain and Sweden : a sociological perspective / / Mary Ruggie --  1981 1
Public Debate and Policy --   2013? 1
Public debate and the media.   2011 1
Public Debates and Political Humour: / 9.  2011 1
Public Debates: The Articulation of the New Cleavage in Detail: / 8.  2012 1
Public debt. Accounts of the funded and unfunded debt, and of the circulation, deposits, securities, and bullion of the Bank of England, from 1797 to 1842   2006 1
Public debt. Accounts relating to the funded and unfunded debt in 1828, 1831, 1835 and 1841   2006 1
Public debt. An account of additions to the charge of the public debt for loans created in the last ten years   2006 1
Public debt. An account of additions to the debt, by interest of any loan made, or annuities created, subsequent to the passing of the act 27 Geo. III. c. 13   2
Public debt. An account of all additions, which have been made to the annual charge of the public debt, by the interest of any loan that hath been made, or annuities created, subsequent to the passing   39
Public debt. An account of interest on the public debt in 1798, 1799 and 1800; with the price of gold at the same periods   2006 1
Public debt, &c. Return showing the amount of the funded debt of Great Britain, of the redeemed debt, of the funded unredeemed debt, of the unfunded debt, of the other outstanding balances, and of the   2006 1
Public debt and economic growth   2009 1
The Oxford handbook of the Italian economy since unification /   2013 1
Public debt and productivity : the difficult quest for growth in Jamaica   2006 1
Public debt and stability / / Gary R. Rassel --  2005 1
Public debt and the birth of the democratic state : France and Great Britain, 1688-1789   2003 1
Public debt and the common good : philosophical and institutional implications of fiscal imbalance   2019 1
Public debt and the private citizen, 1940   1842- 1
Public Debt Dynamics of Europe and the U.S.   2013 1
Public debt dynamics : the effects of austerity, inflation, and growth shocks   2012 1
Public debt, global governance and economic dynamism   2013 1
Public debt, income and expenditure (Ireland). Accounts of the debt, income and expenditure of Ireland, from the union to 1848 inclusive   2006 1
Public debt, inequality, and power : the making of a modern debt state   2016 1
Public debt (Ireland). Account of dividends paid to public creditor on public debt, Ireland, in the year ended 5 January 1852; stating the amount of such dividends as have been exempted from the i   2006 1
Public debt management and bailouts   1999 1
Public Debt Management Bill 2012-13 (vote)   2013 1
Public Debt Management for Lebanon : Situation Analysis and Strategy for Change   1999 1
Public debt management : theory and history   1990 1
Public debt, money supply, and inflation : a cross-country study and its applications to Jamaica   2006 1
The public debt of Australasia   1882? 1
The public debt problem : a comprehensive guide   2013 1
Public Debt Reduction in Advanced Countries and Its Impacts on Emerging Countries --   2013 1
Public debt. Return to an order of the Honourable House of Commons, dated 2d May 1820;--for, accounts of the amount of the public debt of Great Britain and Ireland, and the interest thereon in Bri   2006 1
Public debt. Returns of the amount of decrease or increase of the funded and unfunded debt in each year since 1826; and of the amount of interest reduced during the same period   2006 1
Public debt. Returns relative to public debt; prices of the funds, and of wheat   2006 1
Public debt, revenue, and taxation -- / Article X :  2013 1
Public debt sustainability under uncertainty : an invariant set approach   2017 1
Public debt targeting : an application to the Caribbean   2011 1
Public Debts : Nuts, Bolts and Worries   2011 1
Public debts. Return of the cases in which the Treasury have compounded a public debt or reduced the interest thereon within the last ten years; specifying the body or person to whom the advance w   2006 1
Public Decision Processes: The Interaction Space Supporting Planner's Activity / / Giuseppe B. Las Casas, Lucia Tilio and Alexis Tsouki├ás --  2012 1
Public declaration of interest (commercial advertisement). A bill to provide that persons taking part in the commercial advertisement of any product or service shall make a simultaneous public declara   2007 1
Public defaulters. Return of all ordnance officers, who have become defaulters in their accounts, since 1st January 1810, stating, the name, the office, the date of default, the amount of deficiency,   2006 1
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