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Author International Conference on Teaching and Computational Science (3rd : 2009 : Shenzhen, China)

Title Advanced technology in teaching - Proceedings of the 2009 3rd International Conference on Teaching and Computational Science (WTCS 2009). Volume 2, Education, psychology and computer science / Yanwen Wu (ed.)
Published Heidelberg ; New York : Springer, [2012]
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Description 1 online resource (xviii, 974 pages)
Series Advances in intelligent and soft computing, 1867-5662 ; 117
Advances in intelligent and soft computing ; 117
Contents Adaptive Software Test Management System Based on Software Agents / Tang Rongfa -- A Clustering Scheme for Trajectories in Road Networks / Yalin Wang, Qilong Han and Haiwei Pan -- Software Engineering Management Adaptive Modeling Technology / Tang Rongfa -- Research on the Relationship between Customer Value of Social Network Service and Customer Loyalty / Lihui Xiao, Fang Wang and Zhuang Wang -- The Study on Function of Folk Sports / Liu Min-hang -- Transient Dynamic Analysis on Key Components of the Port Handling Machinery's Planetary Gear System / Wang Anlin, Jiang Tao, Zan Pengyu and Liu He -- Analysis and Exploration of Related Issues on the Computer Network Security Based on Firewall and Anti-Virus Software / Wu Peng -- Increasing Computer Assisted Learning Capacity for Chinese University Students / Lijuan Du -- An Advanced Exchange Information Model Based on Formal Concept Analysis Oriented Inteligent Computing / Liu Zhangang -- A Discussion on HVC English Teaching Modes in Multimedia Network / Fan Yanping -- Simulation of Flexible Cable in Virtual Maintenance Based on VRML / Dong Xiuping and Huang Mingji -- Research and Development on Scores Print Function in Academic Teaching Affair Management System Based on ReportViewer / Ji Xuefei, Dong Xiuping, Huang Mingji, Jin Yi and Wang Ping -- A Fuzzy Knowledge Representation Approach with Description Logic and Logic Program / Song Ding, Sheng-Qun Tang, Liang Zhang, Kun Liu and Xue Qin -- Topology Analysis and Design of Power Distribution Network Spatial Database Based on GUID Code / Xu Tongyu, Zhou Yuncheng and Cao Yingli -- The Effect and Significance of E-Learning Based on Computer Network Technology for Higher Education in China at Present / Wu Peng -- Development of Virtual Reality Technology Research via Patents Data Mining / Sun Taotao and Liu Yun -- Research on Reform in the Teaching of Data Structure / Meng Wang and Xin lai Tang -- Analysis and Study on the Application of Performance Management in the Administration Management of College / Jian Li, Feng Xu and Honghou Dai -- The Enlightenment of CDIO Engineering Education on the Cultivation of Software Outsourcing Talents / Zhan Guoke and Lu Huijuan -- PSO Solution for Linear Programming with Fuzzy Relation Constraints / Xiaojun Wu -- The Study on International Business Negotiation Strategy Based on Incomplete Information / Zhang Yong and Sayedeh Parastoo Saeidi -- Brief Discussion on the Application of Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI) in Chinese Teaching Methodology in Normal College / Qinghong Meng and Wenxing Liu -- A New Genetic Algorithms Combined with Learning Strategy for Flexible Job-Shop Scheduling Problem / Shi-man Xie -- A New Fuzzy Association Rules Mining in Data Streams / Liangzhong Shen and Shihua Liu -- Design of Reducer's Virtual Disassemble and Assemble Based on UG / Deng Xinwei and Lu Yujun
A Context-Aware Based Application of Smart Vehicle Space for Ubiquitous Computing / Qing Wu, Junjie Zhao and Hong Zeng -- The Student-Oriented Teaching Reform of Engineering Testing Technology / Zhang Liang, Li Shuzhen, Rong Yu, Chen Lidong and Zhang Liling, et al. -- The Optimization of Large Information Management Database Bottlenecks / Wang Zhong-zhuang, Deng Lun-dan, Wu Yun-ting and He Zhi-wen -- The Study on Query Interface to XML-Based Multimedia Database / Yang Peng -- Development for Protocol Conversion Gateway of Industrial Field Bus / Zhang Hao, Lou Guohuan, Wang Honghui and Sun Zhongkui -- Research on Evaluation of Enterprise's Core Staff Based on Niche / Dong Yu-hong and Wang Xi-zhong -- A Pricing Model for Human Capital of Enterprise Based on Markov Chain / Dong Yu-hong and Wang Xi-zhong -- The Study on Wireless Sensor Networks Security Access Scheme / Xiaofeng Miao, Panguo Fan and Dejun Mu -- On Rural County Local Post Operation Improvement in China / Duan Fenghua -- OVRPSTW and Its Improved Genetic Algorithm / Duan Fenghua -- The Energy Saving Design and the Implementation of the Automatic Process Production Line / Hu Shu-jie -- The Method of Eyes Status Identification Based on the Characteristics Analysis / Hu Shu-jie -- Network Course Organization Method Base on Ontology / Xiaoyong Sun -- Study on Training Mode for Applied Undergraduate Talents in Electronic Information-Majors / Min Zhang, Zhongchao Hao and Xiaojie Liu -- The Design of Oral Classroom Activities / Na Hu -- Development for Distance Education Platform / Zhang Hao, Wang Honghui, Huang Haiduan and Zheng Jiangyan
Base on Orthogonal Coordinate Coding of Sensor Networks the Nearest Minimal Connection and Coverage Set Algorithm / Zou Sai, Nie Qiang and Liu Chang-ming -- Writer Identification Based on the Distribution of Character Skeleton / Yifang Wang, Dexian Zhang and Wei Luo -- A Whole Sequence Matching Algorithm for Event Sequences / Hong-Xia Wang and Jun-Jie Chen -- Signature from the Exponential Hard Lattices / Gu Chunsheng, Gu Jixing, Jing Zhengjun and Yu Zhiming -- A Hybrid Approach Based on Ant Colony System for the VRPTW / Yuping Wang -- Design Study on New Structure Nozzle of Vehicle Front Lamp Cleaner / Xue Fei, Du Weiming, Zhang Xiaofeng and Yu Zhonghai -- Fast Intra Prediction Algorithm for H.264 Based on SAD Threshold and Image Texture Feature / Chaochao Yin and Zhaohua Long -- On the Necessity of Early Admission in Teachers Training Colleges of Vocational Education / Zhang Liying, Zhang Fuxi and Liu Zhaohui -- Multimedia Technology in Mathematics Teaching Optimization / Jing Zhang -- Research on Disease Intelligent Classifying Based on Similarity Degree / Wenxue Tan, Meisen Pan and Xiping Wang -- Simulation Calculation for Production Scheduling Process of Crude Storage / Yang Liu, Jian Zhao, MingLi Ma and Lin Yang -- The Thematic Interpretation in Animation Modeling Teaching / Tian Fengqiu, Zhou Shanhua, Zhou Defu, Dai Minli and Gu Caidong -- Situational Teaching Method Research for Auto Sales Course / Yao Cenglin -- The Study of Relationships among Undergraduate Students' Explanatory Style, Yuan-Fen Style, and Breakup-Dealing / Yi-Chih Lee, Yun-Chen Lee and Chia-Ko Lee -- Research of Psychological Support: Immigrants' Children in City Integrate into the Urban Culture / Bo Jiang and Yan Zhan
The Role of Working Conditions in Enterprise Employees' Work Engagement / Linlin Zhang, Hongzhang Jin and Shanshan Zhang -- Research on a New Network Model for Fault Location Based on Betweenness / Liu Qingjie, Feng Jilin and Gao Huanzhi -- Human-Computer Interaction by a Robust Hand Tracking Method / Shilin Zhang and Hai Wang -- Research on Sensation Seeking between Internet Addiction Disorder and Common Students in College / Songli Mei and Li Liu -- The Investigation of Coping Style after the Failure of Tennis Competition in College Students / Wu Song-Wei and Ma Xiao-Ge -- New Product Development Case Study of Manufacturing Enterprises Based on Knowledge Management / Sun Lu -- Frontier Women-Inspectors Mental Quality's Analysis / Sun Yilan -- Mental Quality Study of Chinese Firefighters / Li Chiyuan -- The Dark Side of Partnership: What High LMX May Speak Up and It's Implications for High-Performance Work System / Lei Huang and Fang Liu -- Based on AHP and FCE of the Yangtze River Water Safety Warning Management Evaluation / Yi Zhang, Ning Chen, Zhu Li and Xumin Wu -- Human Interactions and Responsive Logos on Common Sense / Yufeng Lei and Luyu Yang -- Design and Realization of a Test Depth Analysis System Base on Struts / Yunhui Yang and Yiping Ji -- A Web Service Discovery Approach for QoS-Aware Service Composition / Chang Guofeng -- Research on Influences of Social Changes on Modern Tourism Development for WA Nationality Area in Yunnan Province / Li Jie -- Research on Multipath Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks / Zheng Sihai and Li Layuan -- Representation of User Interest Model Based on Attribute Coordinate Analysis / Zhou Ru Qi
Training Conception Research for Adolescent Basketball Team / Weibo Wu and Shanshan Wu -- Weighted Community Network Based on Transfer Behavior / Shunxuan Chen -- A Survey and Analysis of Orienteering Referee in Hebei Province / Jianshe Li and Lei Xu -- A Study of Application of Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) in Wushu Teaching / Cui Dong-Dong, Qu Yang and Lin Qiu-Ping -- Research Context of Exploration and Application of the PE Curriculum Resources in Universities of Shanxi Province / Haiying Li -- On the Current Situation and Countermeasure of Disabled Table Tennis in China / Yu Jing -- On Factors Influencing the Development of Chinese Sports Economy and Countermeasures / Wu Liang -- Gray Modeling and Studying of Olympics Track and Field Achievements / Changmei Huang, Weihua Shen and Weili Zhao -- Study on the Composition Value of Specified RG Grade Exercises / Shengquan He -- On Collective Efficacy in the Competitive Ball Games / Yan Xiaohu -- Reweighting Recognition Using Modified Kernel Principal Component Analysis via Manifold Learning / Xu Kejia, Tan Zhiying and Chen Bin -- Introspection on Training College Lifelong Sports Consciousness / Le Yuzhong -- Influential Factors in Flow States of Elite Table Tennis Athletes in China / Yu Jing -- Research on Strategy of Prior Development of Physical Education / Ying Song and Bing Ren -- Research on Body-Function Monitoring during Training for High-Level Women Cycling Athletes in Jiangsu Province / Yang Lin -- Research on the Relationship between Sports and Health Promotion / Lijuan Hou and Hengchan Yin
Research of Process Integration Methodology for Fourth Party Logistics / Zhong Zhang, Pengfei Lu, Leina Zheng and Tiejun Pan -- Design and Implementation of UDP-Based Reliable Data Transferring Simulation System / Yuan Zhang and Yuping Ma -- Analysis of the Current Teaching Situation and Countermeasures of Yoga Course in Anyang Institute of Technology / Su Chen -- E-Commerce Based on Agent Technology / Yu Zhang -- Novel Coding Techniques for Image Compression / Xiaoguang Li and Hongyong Wang -- Personalities' Relation on Contest Anxiety of Professional Volleyball Players in China / Fu Zhemin -- Research of Dynamic Routing Algorithm Based on Mobile Agent / Li Lan -- Study on the Management Mode of College Campus Sports Competition / Fachang Wang and Yanli Liang -- A Web Service Automated Test Systems Approach and Implementation / Yuan Cheng and Qian Weining -- Study on the Relationship between Physical Exercise and Health Quotient of Hebei Electric Power Company Employees / Wang Shuying, Zhu Yanying and Liu Zhihong -- PE's Role in Promoting College Students' Mental Health / Fachang Wang and Yanli Liang -- Research on Results of Maximal Oxygen Consumption and Related Stimulus Parameter by Means of Traditional Moxibustion on Aconite Slice / Xiaoshu Zhang -- The Research on Sports Intelligence in China / Ding Junwu -- Adolescent Leadership Development: A Review / Gai Li and Bin Wang
Kinesiology: A Self-governed Disciplinary Category / Lu Chang-fen and Luo Xiao-bing -- A Literature Review of Factors Influencing Women's Motivations and Behaviors of Sports Lottery Purchase / Tang Zhengyan and Wang Bin -- Psychological and Behavior Characteristics of Student Buyers of Sports Lottery: A Review / Wang Nina and Wang Bin -- Youth Extracurricular Leadership Development: A Literature Review / Wei Mingding and Wang Bin -- A Study on the Influence of Outward Bound on Undergraduates' Self-Concept / Xia Wen, Mu Wei and Luo Bing -- Application of Surveying and Mapping New Technology in Historical Building Protection / Jinsong Zhang -- Study on Serious Hybrid Electric Vehicle Control System Based on MPC566 Microcontroller / Xiumin Yu, Huajie Ding, Junjie Li and Ping Sun -- Degree Distribution of a Mixed Attachments Model for Evolving Networks / Lei Min and Zhao Qinggui -- Fine-Grained Spatial Access Control in Spatial Database / Chen Zhen, Chen Rongguo and Xie Jiong -- Meta-Model Based Model Organization and Transformation of Design Pattern Units in MDA / Yang Chang-chun, Zhao ZI-yi and Sun Jing -- Comparative Study of Grain Size Characteristics in Loess-Red Clay Deposit Both in Miaodao Islands and the Western Chinese Loess Plateau / Shujian Xu and Tao Wang -- Responses of Forest NDVI in Northeast China to Precipitation Change / Dehua Mao, Zongming Wang, Dianwei Liu and Kaishan Song -- Spatial and Temporal Changes of Vegetation Index at CHANGCUN Mine / Peiyi Fu, Chao Ma, Honghua Ma, Fangfang Li and Baoping Wang, et al
Study on the Bottom Surface Fitting of an Urban River Based on Sonar Survey and Dredging Computation Simulation / Z.Y. Yang, X.A. Ning, J.Y. Liu, C.Y. Yang and J.H. Wang -- Assessment of Ecosystem Health of Nature Reserve Based on the HJ-1 Data / Liu Xiaoman, Zhuang Dafang, Wang Changzuo and Zhan Zhiming -- Multi-mode Access Selection for Cognitive Networks Based on Evidence Theory / Junyu Lin, Huiqiang Wang and Xu Lu -- The Particle-Phase Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Exhausted from Diesel Engines Fuelled with Emulsified Diesel / Yangjun Wang, Meiling Hou, Li Li, Cheng Huang and Piqiang Tan, et al. -- A New Search Technology of Bio-sequence Similarity Based on Sorting Index / Chen Xiao and Tan Huimin -- An Improving Algorithm of Trajectory Outliers Detection / Bo Guan, Yongping Zhang, Liangxu Liu, Jinyang Chen and Rong Guo -- Automatic Data Extraction from Lists in Web Pages Based on XML / Zhou Xin and Wang Hao -- Monitoring and Mechanism Analysis of Severe Drought on the Southwest during Spring 2010 / Ming Wei and Wei Guo -- The Design and Implementation of the Geospatial Information Distribution System Based on Google Earth / Zhang Xuesong, Luo Jianan and Zhang Hailin -- Equal Dimension Dynamic Prediction of Engineering Building Deformation / Chen Weiqing and Chen Jiajia -- Scenario Prediction of Urban Growth Based on the SLEUTH Model / Huihui Feng and Huiping Liu -- Spatio-temporal Patterns and Numerical Simulation of Surface Albedo in China / Wang Ge and Han Lin -- The Susceptibility Study of the Debris Flow in Liaoning Province / Fu Jian-fei, Leng Wen-fang, Wang En-de and Qi Wei
Summary Annotation This second volume of highlights from the WTCS 2009 conference contains well over 100 quality papers relating to cutting-edge research and data on the interface between education, psychology and computer science, a key nexus in educational development
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Artificial intelligence
Computational Intelligence
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index
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Subject Computer science -- Study and teaching -- Congresses.
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Conference papers and proceedings.
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Author Wu, Yanwen.
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Other Titles Education, psychology and computer science
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