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Author FCCS 2012 (2012 : Changsha, China)

Title Advances in future computer and control systems. Volume 2 / David Jin and Sally Lin (eds.)
Published Berlin ; New York : Springer, [2012]
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Description 1 online resource (xix, 681 pages)
Series Advances in intelligent and soft computing, 1867-5662 ; 160
Advances in intelligent and soft computing ; 160
Contents 880-01 Design of Vehicle Electrical System Based on s with Analysis of Scientific Materials / Xiao-Guang Li and Zhen-Feng Qu -- A Framework for Mobile Business Intelligence Based on 3G Communication Environment / XiYong Zhu and Yuan Huang -- A Hybrid Internal Model Control Method for Switched Reluctance Motor Drives / Wanfeng Shang -- Research for Control System of Soccer Robot Based on DSP / Chuan Wang and Sheng-Jie Zhao -- A Method for Web Service Discovery and Dynamic ComCAN Buposition Based on Service Chain / Dong Yang and Lei Liu -- Passive Optical Network Based on Ethernet Access Technology / Zhang ZhanXin, Liu Tao and Zhu Kaiyu -- Research on Agricultural Information Retrieve Based on Ontology / Xuning Liu, Genshan Zhang, Weihua Chen, Hong Tian and Liying Duan -- Improvement on Parameter Estimation Method in ARMA Based on HOS and Radon Transform / Zhen-Feng Qu and Xiao-Guang Li -- CTMC-Based Availability Analysis of Cluster System with Multiple Nodes / Zhiguo Hong, Yongbin Wang and Minyong Shi -- Research on Control Technology of Point Type Feeding in Aluminum Electrolytic Process / Jiejia Li, Rui Qu, Hao Wu and Ying Li -- The Method of Normalization Maximal Energy Spectrum for Sequence Stratigraphy Division / Yunliang Yu, Ye Bai, Xin Wang and Wenbo Li -- Access Control Model in Migrating Workflow System with Site Service Alliance / Wei Su and Guangzhou Zeng -- Galvanic Coupling Type Intra-body Communication Human Body Implantable Sensor Network / Xiao-fang Li and Shuang Zhang
880-01/(S Design of Monitoring System for Aeolian Vibration on Transmission Lines Based on ZigBee / Meng Zhang, Beige Yang, Hui Xue, Yuxiang Lv and Yanling Zhang -- Research on Collaborative Annotation in Semantic Web Environment Based on Ontology Reasoning / XiYong Zhu, BaoChuan Lin and YiHui Zhou -- Research on Control Strategy of VAV Air Conditioning System / Jiejia Li, Rui Qu and Ying Li -- The Type Detection of Mineral Oil Fluorescence Spectroscopy in Water Based on the KPCA and CCA-SVM / JiangTao Lv and QiongChan Gu -- Effects of NaCl Stress on the Germination Characteristics of Amaranth Seeds / WeiRong Luo and YongDong Sun -- Influence Factors and Solutions of the Campus Electronic Commerce / Xiaomei Shang, Hailan Gu and Zengtao Xue -- Application and Design of Artificial Neural Network for Multi-cavity Injection Molding Process Conditions / Wen-Jong Chen and Jia-Ru Lin -- Query Assurance Verification for Outsourced Database / Pengtao Liu -- Model and Algorithms on Utilization Plan of Shunting Locomotive for Railway Passenger Station / Changfeng Zhu -- The Application Research of CRM in e-Commerce Based on Association Rule Mining / Lan Wang and HongSheng Xu -- Access Control Unit with Embedded Operating System μC/OS-II Based on LPC2214 / Zhigang Lv -- The Performance Improvements of SPRINT Algorithm Based on the Hadoop Platform / TianMing Pan
Ontology-Based International Education Exchange Web Platform Model / Jing Tian, ZongLing Zheng and Yun Zeng -- Research on Interactive Teaching Platform System in Remote International Chinese Education / Jing Tian, ZongLing Zheng and Yun Zeng -- Evaluation of the Energy-Saving Potential of Pilot Projects for Renewable Energy Buildings / XiaoChang Yang and Jian Yao -- A Simulation Analysis of the Thermal Performance of West-Facing Rooms / Chang Guo and Jian Yao -- Research of College Science and Technology Incentive Measures Based on Scientific and Technological Statistics Index / Nan Xie, Xiaohong Shen, Yijia Zhu and Zhengshen Shi -- A Research on the Relation between China's Household Savings and Social Security Expenditure Based on Dynamic Panel Data Model / Liting Fang -- The Development of Video Monitoring System Based on JPEG2000 / Qiang Guo, Guangmin Sun, Dequn Zhao, Shengyu Liao and Fan Zhang -- Design of Shortwave Broadband OFDM Communication System Based on Raptor Code / Shengyu Liao, Guangmin Sun, Dequn Zhao and Qiang Guo -- A Weighted Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm Based on Density / Cuixia Li and Yingjun Tan -- A Study of the Relation between Financial Development, Urban Facilities and Urban Household Consumption / Kunming Li -- The SoC Reconfiguration with Single MPU Core / Liangjun Xiao and Limin Liu -- Simulation Model of Spares Demanded and Shared Based on Different Lifetime Distributions / Jing Yang, Fang Li and Peng Di -- An Adaptive Filtering Approach to Estimate Genetic Regulatory Networks with Time-Varying Delay / Zhenling Wang and Huanqing Wang
Intelligent Interaction System of Distance Education Based on Natural Language Matching / Lian-duo Yan, Xiu-lan Ma and Li-ling Wang -- An Improved Complex Network Community Detection Algorithm Based on K-Means / Yuqin Wang -- Diffusion-Driven Instability and Hopf Bifurcation in Spatial Homogeneous Brusselator Model / Bingfang Li and Gaihui Guo -- Face Recognition Based on Adaptive Kernel Logistic Regression / Ziqiang Wang and Xia Sun -- The Uniqueness of Positive Solutions for a Predator-Prey Model with B-D Functional Response / Gaihui Guo and Bingfang Li -- Improving Support Vector Data Description for Document Clustering / Ziqiang Wang and Xia Sun -- Brain Tumors Classification Based on 3D Shape / Peng Wu, Kai Xie, Yunping Zheng and Chao Wu -- Study of Genetic Neural Network Model in Water Evaluation / Xuemei Meng -- Study on the Recognition Algorithms for TDR Reflected Wave / Jianhui Song, Guohua Zhang, Peixin Sun, Naili Feng and Shaolin Xu -- Velocity Frequency Characteristics of Time Domain Reflectometry Cable Length Measurement System / Jianhui Song, Zhiyong Tao, Guohua Zhang, Xuchen Lv and Shaolin Xu -- Natural Computing and Intelligent Algorithms in Materials Image Processing Technology / Jing Zhang -- The Study on Information Technology Patent Value Evaluation Index Based on Real Option Theory / Jie Chen and Zeming Yuan -- The Design and Implementation of an Ordering System for Restaurants Based on 3G Platform / Ming Xia, XiaoMin Zhao, KeJi Mao, Yi Fang and QingZhang Chen
An Empirical Research on University Students' Intention to Use Online Courses / Hanyang Luo, Sai Wang and Xiaoling Li -- Research on Antecedents and Gender Differences of University Students' Computer Self-efficacy / Hanyang Luo, Zhini Li and Xiaoling Li -- Research on Remote Sensing Image Feature Classification Based on Improved ACO / Chong Cheng and Yong Zhang -- Research and Realization of the Measurement and Control for Manipulation Signals of Vehicle Driving Simulator / Zhai Yuwen, Yang Xiao and Ai Xuezhong -- Fast 3D Modeling and Deformation in Virtual Reality Display of Special Necessities for Ethnic Minorities / Min Li, Yong Tang, JinLai Guo, LingZhi Wu and XiuChun Zhao, et al. -- A Novel PCA-SVM Flow Pattern Identification Algorithm for Electrical Resistance Tomography System / Yanjun Zhang and Yu Chen -- Personalized Information Recommendation of E-Commerce / Bo He -- Chaos Synchronization of Coupled Neurons via H-Infinity Control with Cooperative Weights Neural Network / Yuliang Liu, Ruixue Li, Yanqiu Che and Chunxiao Han -- Information Service Architecture of Virtual-Machine-Based Grid System / Yan Junhao and Lv Aili -- Construction of Public Information Network Platform in Urban Intelligent Communities with Outdoor Activities / Binxia Xue, Zhiqing Zhao and Weiguang Li -- Blind Image Restoration Based on Wavelet Transform and Wiener Filtering / FengQing Qin -- 3D Environment Modeling with Hybrid of Laser Range Finder and Range Camera / Chenglu Wen, Ling Qin, Siyuan Lin and Qingyuan Zhu -- Advanced Configuration Design for Industry Control Based on OPC Technology / Hui Zhao -- Nonlinear Synchronization of New Hyperchaotic System / Yan Yan and Longge Zhang
A Design of Data Integration Using Cloud Computing / Yushui Geng and Jisong Kou -- Towards a Method for Management Information System Based SOA / Yushui Geng and Jisong Kou -- Research on Comprehensive Evaluation System of Forestry Circular Economy / Wen Qi and Xiaomei Zhang -- Research on the Data Warehouse Technology and Aided Decision Support in Telecommunication Marketing System / Wenfeng Jiang -- NC Feeding Servo System and Self-adaptive Multi-rule Factor Controller / YuHu Zuo -- Design of the Driving Circuit Based on CPLD in Transmitter of Transient Electromagnetic Instrument / Dongge Han, Guangmin Sun, Dequn Zhao and Bo Peng -- A UHF RFID Reader Design Based on FPGA / Liyan Xu, Lingling Sun and Xiaohong Zhang -- Modulation Recognition for Multi-component PSK Signals Based on Cyclic Spectral Envelope / ZhiBin Yu, ChunXia Chen and NingYu Yu -- Simulation on Inverter Fault Detection and Diagnosis of Brushless DC Motor / QiaoLing Yang and HaiPing Zhang -- Static Pruning of Index Based on SDST / Lin Huo, Xianze Zou, Xiao Xing and Ying Zhao -- Development of Free Adjustable Function Generator for Drop-on-Demand Droplets Generation / Yan Wu and Shengdong Gao -- The JIT Equipment Procurement Model with Reward System and Its Application in Nuclear Power Project / RuiYu Liu and Hui Guo -- Automatic Image Registration Based on the Vector Data of Non-linear Transformation / Yu Zhang and Ling Han -- The Risk Management Analysis of Electric Power Engineering Project / JianFei Shen and Min Zhang -- The Coordination for Logistics Alliance of Manufacturer and TPL with Uncertain Demand / Ju-ning Su, Chuan-fang Shi and Yan-qing He
Comprehensive Analysis of Risky Driving Behaviors Based on Fuzzy Evaluation Model / Yulong Pei, Weiwei Qi, Xupeng Zhang and Mo Song -- Cooperative R & D Analysis in Time-sensitive Supply Chain under Asymmetry Information / Ju-ning Su and Yan-qing He -- Construction and Properties of Dual Canonical Frames of a Trivariate Wavelet Frame with Multi-scale / Yinhong Xia and Xiong Tang -- Basic Concept of Visual Informatics and Agricultural Application of Spectral Imaging as Its New Technology / Ming Sun and Yun Xu -- Research of Recognition in ENA-13 Code Based on Android Platform / Jianhong Ma, Junxiao Xue and Fengjuan Cheng -- Short-Term Electric Load Forecasting Based on LS-SVMs / Fuwei Zhang and Yanbo Li -- The Design and Implementation of OPC Sever for 3G Industrial Network / Ying Cai and Feng Liu -- The Biorthogonality Property of the Trivariate Multiwavelet Wraps and Applications in Education Technology and Materials Science / Lanran Fang -- Global Stability Analysis on the Dynamics of an SIQ Model with Nonlinear Incidence Rate / Xiuxiang Yang, Feng Li and Yuanji Cheng -- A MCL-Based Localization Algorithm for Target Binary-Detection of Mobile Nodes / Jia Li, Xiaopeng You, Jianfa Xia and Huaizhong Li -- ApRTSP: An Accurate and Prompt Remote Technical Support Platform for Equipment Maintenance of Large Ships / Hu Chen -- Finite Element Analysis in Vitro Expansion of Coronary Stents / Haiquan Feng, Xudong Jiang, Feifei Guo and Xiao Wang -- Research on the Coupling Expansion Mechanism of Balloon-Expandable Coronary Stent / Haiquan Feng, Feifei Guo, Xudong Jiang and Qingsong Han
An Exploration to the Clinical and Engineering Cultivation Methods for Professional Medicine and Physics Majors / Zhang Ying, Wang Xuechun, Zhang Yantang and Cheng Cheng -- Research on Decentralized Precise Support Mode and Related Strategies / Xiao Sun, Qigen Zhong, Zhiyi Cao and Bin Liu -- Quasi RFID-WSNs Hybrid Object Networks for Fault Detection and Equipment Monitoring in Marine Ships / Hu Chen -- Confidence Interval Estimation of Environmental Factors for the Exponential Distribution under Type-II Censored / Feng Li -- Research of Automation Control System of Manipulator Based on PLC / Wanqiang Hu and Lihui Guo -- Fault-Tolerant Integrated Navigation Algorithm of the Federal Kalman Filter / Jing Li, Jiande Wu, Junfeng Hou, Yugang Fan and Xiaodong Wang -- A New Formal Communication Protocol Model / ShengWen Gong -- The Quaternion Theory and Its Application on the Virtual Reality / Jianxin Gao, Hongmei Yang and Yang Xiao -- A Design of Intelligent Parallel Switching Power Supply Based on Automatic Load Distribution / Xuezhong Ai, Ying Wang, Junfeng Zou and Renyu Liu -- The Improving of Spread Spectrum Video Digital Watermarking Algorithm / Shiwei Lin and Yuwen Zhai -- Medical Images Registration Method Integrating Features and Multiscale Information / Yang Yunfeng, Yang Hui and Zhixun Su -- The Simulation Analysis of Fire Feature on Underground Substation / Xin Han, Xie He and Beihua Cong -- The Design and Implementation of Soccer Robot Control System / Sheng-Jie Zhao and Chuan Wang -- Decoupled Sliding Mode Control for the Climbing Motion of Spherical Mobile Robots / Tao Yu, Hanxu Sun, Qingxuan Jia, Yanheng Zhang and Wei Zhao
Analysis Engineering
Engineering mathematics
Computational Intelligence
Appl. Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering
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In nnam (MP) Advances in future computer and control systems
Subject Computer science -- Congresses.
Automatic control -- Data processing -- Congresses.
Genre/Form Conference papers and proceedings.
Conference papers and proceedings.
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Author Jin, David.
Lin, Sally.
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