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Author International Conference on Cognitive Neurodynamics (3rd : 2011 : Hokkaido, Japan)

Title Advances in cognitive neurodynamics (III) : proceedings of the third International Conference on Cognitive Neurodynamics-- 2011 / Yoko Yamaguchi, editor
Published Dordrecht ; New York : Springer, [2013]
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Contents Part I. Global Scope of Cognitive Neurodynamic Systems. Artificial Cognitive Systems with Active Learning and Situation Awareness Capabilities / Soo-Young Lee -- Dynamic Neuronal Representation in the Prefrontal Cortex / Hajime Mushiake [and others] -- Timing at Multiple Scales in Olfactory Perception / Leslie M. Kay -- Structure, Stability, Dynamics, and Geometry in Brain Networks / Peter A. Robinson -- Mathematical Theory of Neural Networks: A Personal and Historical Survey / Shun-ichi Amari -- Memory Information Representation in the Hippocampus / Minoru Tsukada
Part II. Neuronal Impulse Patterns, Bifurcations and Model Complexity Functional Significance of Rall's Power of Three Halves Law in Cortical Nonpyramidal Cells / Yoshiyuki Kubota [and others] -- A Computational Study of the Role of the Sub-thalamic Nucleus in Behavioral Switching During Saccadic Movements / Rengaswamy Maithreye, V. Srinivasa Chakravarthy -- Spiking Neural Network Ink Drop Spread, Spike-IDS / Mohsen Firouzi, Saeed Bagheri Shouraki, Mohammad Ghomi Rostami -- A Biophysical Model of Neuro-Glial-Vascular Interactions / Bankim S. Chander, V. Srinivasa Chakravarthy -- Model Complexity in the Study of Neural Network Phenomena / Claus C. Hilgetag, Marc-Thorsten Hütt, Changsong Zhou -- From Spiking Neurons to Neural Fields: Bridging the Gap to Achieve Faster Simulations of Neural Systems / Peter A. Robinson, Jong Won Kim -- Multi-population Network Models of the Cortical Microcircuit / Tobias C. Potjans, Markus Diesmann -- Attentional Cholinergic Projections May Induce Transitions of Attractor Landscape via Presynaptic Modulations of Connectivity / Hiroshi Fujii [and others] -- Forced Wakefulness for Entrainment to Permanent Shift Work: A Computational Study / Svetlana Postnova, Peter A. Robinson -- Towards a Modeling and Simulation Platform for Multi-level Neuronal Networks / Yoshiyuki Asai [and others]
Part III. Mathematical and Statistical Aspects of Neurodynamics. Robust Computation in Two Dimensional Neural Field / Yuzuru Sato, Shun-ichi Amari -- Dynamical Synapses Enhance Mobility, Memory and Decoding / C.C. Alan Fung, K.Y. Michael Wong, Si Wu -- Input Dependent Variability in a Model of the Striatal Medium Spiny Neuron Network / Adam Ponzi, Jeff Wickens -- Selection Criteria for Neuromanifolds of Stochastic Dynamics / Nihat Ay, Guido Montúfar, Johannes Rauh -- A Manipulative Approach to Neural Dynamics by Combined TMS-EEG / Keiichi Kitajo [and others] -- Long-Tailed Statistics of Corticocortical EPSPs: Origin and Computational Role of Noise in Cortical Circuits / Jun-nosuke Teramae, Yasuhiro Tsubo, Tomoki Fukai -- On a Theory of Precise Neural Control in a Noisy System / Wenlian Lu [and others] -- Real-Time Wireless Sonification of Brain Signals / Mohamed Elgendi [and others]
Part IV. Spatiotemporal Network Dynamics and Biological Timing. Oscillator Cell Networks in the Hypothalamic Suprachiasmatic Nucleus, the Mammalian Circadian Clock / Sato Honma, Daisuke Ono, Ken-ichi Honma -- Oscillator Network Modeling of Circadian Rhythm in the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus / Isao Tokuda, Hirokazu Fukuda, Naoto Hayasaka -- In Vivo Monitoring of Circadian Output in Clock Mutant Mice / Wataru Nakamura -- Modular Organization Enables Both Self-Organized Criticality and Oscillations in Neural Systems / Shengjun Wang, Claus C. Hilgetag, Changsong Zhou -- Traveling Waves in Locally Connected Chaotic Neural Networks and Their Phenomenological Modeling / Makito Oku, Kazuyuki Aihara -- Spatial Filtering by a Two-Dimensional Interconnected Network with Spike Timing Dependent Synaptic Plasticity Depending on Its Temporal Properties / Kazuhisa Fujita -- Neural Model for Hierarchical Processing of Auditory Information in Mammal's Cortex / Yusuke Hara, Yoshiki Kashimori -- Modeling Dynamics of the Human Limbic System / Mark H. Myers, Robert Kozma
Part V. Dynamic Patterns of Neural Activity in Human Information Processing. Infant's Primitive Walking Reflex from the Perspective of Learning in the Uterus / Hiroki Mori, Yasuo Kuniyoshi -- Socially Developmental Robot based on Self-Induced Contingency with Multi Latencies / Hidenobu Sumioka [and others] -- On the Brain's Dynamical Complexity: Coupling and Causal Influences Across Spatiotemporal Scales / Emmanuelle Tognoli, J.A. Scott Kelso -- Formulating a Cognitive Branching Task by MTRNN: A Robotic Neuroscience Experiments to Simulate the PFC and Its Neighboring Regions / Fady Alnajjar, Yuichi Yamashita, Jun Tani -- Neurodynamical Account for Altered Awareness of Action in Schizophrenia: A Synthetic Neuro-Robotic Study / Yuichi Yamashita, Jun Tani -- Self-Organizing Dynamic Neural Fields / Nicolas P. Rougier, Georgios Is. Detorakis -- Spontaneous EEG Activity and Biases in Perception of Supra-Threshold Stimuli / Andrey R. Nikolaev, Sergei Gepshtein, Cees van Leeuwen -- Functional Roles of Corticofugal Plasticity in Detecting a Moving Target in Bat's Auditory System / Yoshitaka Muto, Yoshihiro Nagase, Yoshiki Kashimori -- The Origin of the Spatial Pattern of Amplitudes in Trial-Averaged MEG / David M. Alexander [and others] -- Rhythm Matters: A Case in Attentional Blink / Chie Nakatani, Cees van Leeuwen -- Complex Network Topology and Dynamics in Networks Supporting Precisely-Timed Activity Patterns / Chris Trengove, Cees van Leeuwen, Markus Diesmann
Part VI. Toward Understanding of Intelligence: Collaboration Between Neuroscience and Robotics. Neural Synchrony for Expert Memory in Shogi (Japanese Chess) Players / Hironori Nakatani, Yoko Yamaguchi -- Neuronal Synchrony During the Planning and Execution Period in the Prefrontal Cortex / Kazuhiro Sakamoto [and others] -- A Constructive Approach for Investigating the Emergence of Role Division in Social Interactions / Kenichi Minoya, Takaya Arita, Takashi Omori -- Estimating Similarity Judgment Processes Based on Neural Activities Measured by Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) / Yoshihiko Suzuki, Shohei Hidaka -- Autonomous Robot with Internal Topological Representation / Pitoyo Hartono, Thomas Trappenberg -- SUDOKU Puzzle: The Neurodynamics of Intelligence to Choose the Right Solution from Many Possible Options in a Hypothetical Reasoning / Hiroaki Wagatsuma
Part VII. Dynamic Brain Forum. Heterogeneity-Induced Pulse Generators / Yasumasa Nishiura, Takashi Teramoto, Masaaki Yadome -- Balancing Robustness with Plasticity Through Evolution and Learning / Kunihiko Kaneko -- Influence of the Endogenous Acetylcholine on STDP Induction / Takeshi Aihara [and others] -- Transition Dynamics in Spatial Choice / Hiroshi Nishida [and others] -- Perseveration of Response Sequences as a Mechanism Underlying 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA or 'Ecstasy') Induced Memory Impairments / David N. Harper -- Multiple Neural Circuits in Value-Based Decision-Making / Masamichi Sakagami -- Towards Understanding of Neural Dynamics in Communicating Brains / Ichiro Tsuda -- The Organization of Neuronal Discharge on Timescales of Milliseconds and Seconds Is Related to the Spatial Response Properties of Hippocampal Neurons / Eduard Kelemen, André A. Fenton -- An Animal Model of Decision Making: Vicarious Trial-and-Error in Tasks Requiring Memory for Visual Associations or Spatial Locations / Paul A. Dudchenko [and others] -- Correlated Brain Activations During Formation of Memory for Future Plans / Jiro Okuda, Maki Suzuki, Toshikatsu Fujii -- Cognitive Modeling of Human-Robot Interaction Estimating Other's Internal State / Takashi Omori, Ayami Yokoyama, Kasumi Abe, Takayuki Nagai -- Symbol Communication Systems Integrate Implicit Information in Coordination Tasks / Takeshi Konno, Junya Morita, Takashi Hashimoto -- Intermittent Brain Motor Control Observed in Continuous Tracking Task / Yutaka Sakaguchi -- Molecular and Neural Mechanisms for Behavioral Choice Between Two Conflicting Alternatives in C. elegans / Takeshi Ishihara -- Modulating the Phase Coherence of Neuronal Population Oscillations in the Gamma Band / B. Sancristóbal [and others] -- \ -- The Phase Space of Lateral Thought / Eleonora Russo, Alessandro Treves -- Learning and Decisions as Functional States of Cortical Circuits / José M. Delgado-García, Raudel Sánchez-Campusano, Agnès Gruart -- Causal Effects for Prediction and Deliberative Decision Making of Embodied Systems / Nihat Ay, Keyan Zahedi
Part VIII. Widespread of Cognitive Neurodynamics Modeling. Ongoing Global Phase Pattern and Visual Signal Detection / Daisuke Shimaoka [and others] -- Model on Visualization and Analysis for Peripheral Drift Illusion / Keiichiro Inagaki, Shiro Usui -- Differentiation Through Symbolic Communication / Takuma Torii, Takashi Hashimoto -- Theoretical Analysis of Phase Resetting on Matsuoka Oscillators / Kazuki Nakada, Yasuomi D. Sato, Kiyotoshi Matsuoka -- "Memories as Bifurcations": A Simple Model / Tomoki Kurikawa, Kunihiko Kaneko -- Biologically Inspired Closed-Loop Model of Precision Grip Lifting Task / Ankur Gupta [and others] -- A Communicative Model: Can We Interpret Neural Dynamics of Understanding? / Yongtao Li, Ichiro Tsuda -- Mechanisms for Generating Intermittency During Manual Tracking Task / Tetsumasa Asano, Jun Izawa, Yutaka Sakaguchi -- Multi-dynamics Learning Algorithm Based on SOM2 / Satoshi Matsushita, Takashi Ohkubo, Tetsuo Furukawa -- Saccade Dynamics in Error Trials During Visual Search / Atsushi Fujimoto, Satoshi Nishida, Tadashi Ogawa -- Design and Dynamics of Active-Touch Sensory Model / Tatsuo Yanagita -- Human Object Recognition Based on Internal Models of the Human Hand / Masazumi Katayama, Tatsuya Kurisu
Estimation of Children's Interest Dynamics While Communicating with Robots / Takayuki Shimotomai [and others] -- Robotic Motion Coach: Effect of Motion Emphasis and Verbal Expression for Imitation Learning / Tetsunari Inamura, Keisuke Okuno -- Synthetic Approach to Understanding Meta-level Cognition of Predictability in Generating Cooperative Behavior / Jun Namikawa [and others] -- Neural Correlates of Cognitive Dissonance and Decision Conflict / Keise Izuma [and others] -- Cantor Coding of Song Sequence in the Bengalese Finch HVC / Jun Nishikawa, Kazuo Okanoya -- Inhibitory Network Dependency in Cantor Coding / Yasuhiro Fukushima [and others] -- Sequential Memory Retention by Stabilization of Cell Assemblies / Timothee Leleu, Kazuyuki Aihara -- Statistical Estimation of Non-uniform Distribution of Dendritic Membrane Properties / Toshiaki Omori, Toru Aonishi, Masato Okada -- Context-Dependent Call Variation in the Male Bengalese Finch / Midori Osada, Tetsu Okumura -- Capturing the Global Behavior of Dynamical Systems with Conley-Morse Graphs / Zin Arai, Hiroshi Kokubu, Ippei Obayashi -- A Heuristic Model of Intra-Brain Communications Using Chaos in Artificial Neuron Systems / Yu Arai [and others]
Transitory Memory Retrieval in the Neural Networks Composed of Pinsky-Rinzel Model Neurons / Hiromichi Tsukada [and others] -- Dynamic Information Processing in the Frontal Association Areas of Monkeys During Hypothesis Testing Behavior / Norihiko Kawaguchi [and others] -- Simple Dynamical Models to Understand the Mechanisms of Drug Addiction / Takashi Tateno -- Toward an Animal Model of Spatial Hemineglect: Preliminary Investigation / Masatoshi Yoshida -- Prestimulus Neural Oscillations Contribute to Recollection and Familiarity / Florence Kleberg [and others] -- Contribution of the Cholinergic Innervation to Early Memory Development in the Neonate Para-Hippocampal System / Alexandre Pitti, Yasuo Kuniyoshi -- Unintentional Synchronization of Behavior in Japanese Monkeys / Yasuo Nagasaka [and others] -- Effects of Medial Amygdala Lesions upon Social Behaviour in Mice / Yu Wang, Yuki Takayanagi, Tatsushi Onaka -- Theta-Burst Stimulation Induces Long-Term Potentiation During Beta Oscillation, but Not During Epileptic Discharges, in Rat Hippocampal Slices / Motoshi Nishimura, Kiyohisa Natsume -- Integration of Hetero Inputs to Guinea Pig Auditory Cortex Established by Fear Conditioning / Yoshinori Ide [and others]
The Theta Cycle and Spike Timing During Fixation in Rat Hippocampal CA1 / Muneyoshi Takahashi [and others] -- Reactivation Hypothesis in Episodic Memory: From the Findings of Neuroimaging Studies / Aya Ueno, Jiro Okuda, Toshikatsu Fujii -- Model-Based Analysis of Functional Connectivity During Associative Learning in Schizophrenia / Mihály Bányai, Vaibhav Diwadkar, Péter Érdi -- Neuronal Activity in the Prefrontal Cortex During Performance of a Dual Task Consisting of a Main- and An Interrupting-Task / Atsushi Miyazaki [and others] -- Functional Analysis of the Hippocampus Using Opto-fMRI / Yoshihumi Abe [and others] -- Modulation of Cortico-Hippocampal EEG Synchronization with Visual Flicker: A Theoretical Study / Naoyuki Sato -- Transition of Firing Patterns in a CA1 Pyramidal Neuron Model / Dan Ma, Shenquan Liu, Lei Wang -- The Effects of Leakage Conductance on Firing Properties in a Compartment Neuron Model / Lei Wang, Shenquan Liu -- Numerical Analysis of Parkinson's Disease in a Basal Ganglia Network Model / Xiaofeng Xie [and others]
Summary This book contains the Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Cognitive Neurodynamics held in Japan, June 9-13, 2011. It reviews the progress in this field since the first ICCN in 2007. The participants were treated to an exciting and stimulating conference that left everyone with an enthusiastic vision for the future. The discussed topics in this book include: Neural coding and realistic neural network dynamics, Neural population dynamics, Firing Oscillations and Patterns in Neuronal Networks, Brain imaging, EEG, MEG, Sensory and Motor Dynamics, Global cognitive function, Multi-scalar Neurodynamics - from Physiology to Systems Theory, Neural computing, Emerging Technologies for Brain Computer Interfaces, Neural dynamics of brain disorders
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