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Author Baltussen, Han

Title The Peripatetics : Aristotle's Heirs 322 BCE - 200 CE
Published Florence : Taylor and Francis, 2016


Description 1 online resource (191 pages)
Series Ancient Philosophies
Ancient philosophies.
Contents The Peripatetics: Aristotle's Heirs, 322 bce-200 ce- Front Cover; The Peripatetics: Aristotle's Heirs, 322 bce-200 ce; Title Page; Copyright Page; Dedication; Contents; Sources and abbreviations; Preface; Chapter 1: Aristotle's Heirs; Aristotle and his successors; Main figures of the Peripatic tradition; Strato of Lampsacus (335-269 bce; scholarch 289-269 bce) [DL 5. 58-64]; Eudemus of Rhodes (ca. 280-ca. 300 bce) [not in DL]; Lyco of Troas (ca. 299-ca. 225 bce; school head 269-225) [DL 5. 65-74]; Aristo of Ceos (fl. ca. 225 bce) [not in DL]
Hieronymus of Rhodes (ca. 290-ca. 230 bce) [not in DL]Demetrius of Phalerum (ca. 350-ca. 285 bce) [DL 5. 75-85]; Aristoxenus of Tarentum (ca. 375-ca. 335 bce) [not in DL]; Heraclides of Heraclea (Pontus) [DL 5. 86-94]; Dicaearchus (ca. 350-ca. 285 bce) [not in DL]; Clearchus of Soli [not in DL]; Critolaus (ca. 200-ca. 118 bce) [not in DL]; Diodorus of Tyre (late second century. bce) [not in DL]; Andronicus of Rhodes (active ca. 50-ca. 15 bce) [not in DL]; Aspasius (first century ce) [not in DL]; Alexander of Aphrodisias (ca. 150-ca. 220 ce) [not in DL]; Doctrinal continuity
Structure of this bookSources for the Peripatos; Notes; References; Further readings; Chapter 2: The natural world and its (hidden) foundations; The history (and historiography) of natural philosophy; Aristotle's Physics: principles; Ta Physika: (a) motion, (b) body, (c) place, (d) time, (e) soul and prime mover; Responses to Aristotle's Physics; Perception and soul: Aristotelian psychology; Spurious works; Conclusion; Notes; References; Further reading; Chapter 3: Things and words: language, logic, and reasoning; Background; Semantics and syllogisms; Logic in Hellenistic times
After TheophrastusFirst philosophy and logic: things or words?; The first century debate; Dialectic and rhetoric; Epistemology; Conclusion; Notes; References; Further reading; Chapter 4: Ethics and politics: on morality and citizenship; Aristotle on ethics: reaction and innovation; Aristotelian Ethics after Aristotle; Common themes; Peripatetic ethics after Theophrastus; Beyond the Hellenistic period: 100 bce-100 ce; Politics; Debate on philosophy, rhetoric and education; Conclusion; Notes; References; Further Reading; Chapter 5: Continuity and criticism in the Peripatos
The first three generationsDissenting voices within the school; Some case studies; Conclusion; Notes; References; Chapter 6: Intellectual context: rivals and devotees; Introduction; (1) Responses and challenges to Aristotelian physics and physiology; (2) Responses and challenges to Aristotelian epistemology; (3) Responses and challenges to Aristotelian ethics and politics; (4) Responses and challenges to Aristotelian psychology; From polemic to personal attack; Conclusion; Notes; References; Chapter 7: Epilogue: from Theophrastus to Alexander of Aphrodisias; Notes; References
Notes Appendix A: Known Peripatetics 322 bce-250 ce
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Subject Peripatetics.
Philosophy, Ancient.
Philosophy, Ancient
Form Electronic book
ISBN 9781317514961