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Author Toki, Hiroshi

Title News 99 : the International Symposium on Nuclear Electro-Weak Spectroscopy for Symmetries in Electro-Weak Nuclear-Processes
Published Singapore : World Scientific Publishing Company, 2002


Description 1 online resource (372 pages)
Contents SYMMETRIES IN ELETRO WEAK INTERACTIONS IN NUCLEI; Double beta decay in gauge theories; Flavor changing lepton processes; Constraints of a parity-conserving/time-reversal-non-conserving interaction; Conserved vector current test/second class current search in the A=8 isotriplet; Ultra cold neutron production with medium energy proton accelerator; NEUTRINOS AND SYMMETRIES IN NUCLEI; Solar and atmospheric neutrino oscillations-Super-Kamiokande Results; Solar neutrino detectors and (3Het) charge-exchange reactions; Double Gamow-Teller excitation by second-order born approximation
Some new results on BB decay: NEMO and othersDouble beta decays of 100Mo by ELEGANT V at Oto Cosmo Observatory; On the effective meson-nucleon Lagrangian for neutrino-less double B decay from R-parity violating SUSY model; Single and double beta decay with thermal detectors; Axion search experiment in Kyoto; DYNAMICAL SYMMETRY BREAKING AND QCD PHYSICS; Zero modes enhancement quantum model of the Yang-Mills vacuum; GeV photons at SPring8/RCNP and quark nuclear physics; Interaction of nucleon resonances in a constituent quark model; Physics with LEPS at SPring-8
Non-perturbative chiral corrections for lattice QCDPartial chiral restoration at finite baryon density; Construction of the dual Ginzburg-Landau theory from the lattice QCD; Primakov production of the o meson; QUARKS AND HADRONS BY ELECTRO WEAK PROBES; Some aspects of the o photoproduction at a SPring-8 energy region; Physics of SU(3) baryons; Probing the few-body systems with bremsstrahlung; Proton-proton bremsstrahlung at RCNP; Photons probing dynamics in few-body systems; Pion production in nucleon-nucleon collisions; Pion production mechanism in nucleon-nucleon collisions
Photodisintegration of 4He studied with TPC using 22-32 MeV real photonsSYMMETRIES IN FLAVOR NUCLEAR PHYSICS; Lifetime measurements of hypernuclei at COSY; Chiral symmetry and weak decay of hypernuclei; Flavor changing baryon-baryon collision; Hadron spin polarization- where the spin-orbit interaction?; SYMMETRIES IN NUCLEAR STRUCTURES BY ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTROSCOPY; Isospin and spin-isospin modes in nuclei; Isospin- and mirror-symmetry structures of nuclei studied through weak EM and strong interactions; Mixed-symmetry quadropole states in nuclei
Polarization charge of particles near threshold due to the coupling to shape oscillationsNuclear electro weak spectroscopy for symmetries in electro weak nuclear-processes; HADRONS AND NUCLEI; Nucleon spin asymmetry and nucleon and meson effective masses; Gamow-Teller strength in the continuum studied via the (p n) reaction; Role of isobar components in the low-lying levels in light nuclei; ASTRONUCLEAR PHYSICS BY ELECTRO WEAK NUCLEAR PROCESSES; What do we learn about hadronic interactions at ultrahigh energies from extensive air shower observations?
Summary The NEWS 99 international symposium discusses symmetries in electroweak processes in nuclei. Many phenomena in nuclear and particle physics are related to symmetry. It is known that we are living in a left-handed world as far as the Weak interaction is concerned, but neutrino physics suggests that a right-handed world may also be relevant. Chiral symmetry and its breaking plays an essential role in generating hadron masses. Symmetries related to flavor in the strong interaction like isospin, SU(3) and so on are known to be violated although they play a crucial role for the understanding of phe
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Subject Electroweak interactions -- Congresses
Symmetry (Physics) -- Congresses
Nuclear spectroscopy -- Congresses
Electroweak interactions.
Nuclear spectroscopy.
Symmetry (Physics)
Genre/Form Conference papers and proceedings.
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Author Kishimoto, Tadafumi
Hatanaka, K. (Kichiji)
Takahisa, Keiji
ISBN 9789812776754