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Author IbPRIA (Conference) (6th : 2013 : Funchal, Madeira Islands)

Title Pattern recognition and image analysis : 6th Iberian Conference, IbPRIA 2013, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, June 5-7, 2013. Proceedings / João M. Sanches, Luisa Micó, Jaime S. Cardoso (eds.)
Published Berlin : Springer, [2013]


Description 1 online resource (xx, 900 pages) : illustrations
Series Lecture notes in computer science, 0302-9743 ; 7887
LNCS sublibrary. SL 6, Image processing, computer vision, pattern recognition, and graphics
Lecture notes in computer science ; 7887.
LNCS sublibrary. SL 6, Image processing, computer vision, pattern recognition, and graphics.
Contents Oral Sessions. Computer Vision. Efficient Stereo Matching Using Histogram Aggregation with Multiple Slant Hypotheses / Michel Antunes, João P. Barreto -- Pose-Invariant Face Recognition with a Two-Level Dynamic Programming Algorithm / Harald Hanselmann, Hermann Ney, Philippe Dreuw -- Perspective Shape from Shading for Wide-FOV Near-Lighting Endoscopes / Diogo Roxo, Nuno Gonçalves, João P. Barreto -- One-Shot Learning for Real-Time Action Recognition / Sean Ryan Fanello [and others] -- Surface Layout Estimation Using Multiple Segmentation Methods and 3D Reasoning / Michael Hödlmoser, Branislav Micusik -- Human Body Segmentation with Multi-limb Error-Correcting Output Codes Detection and Graph Cuts Optimization / Daniel Sánchez [and others] -- Modeling Pose/Appearance Relations for Improved Object Localization and Pose Estimation in 2D images / Damien Teney, Justus Piater -- Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning. Consensus Clustering Using Partial Evidence Accumulation / André Lourenço [and others] -- Efficient Optimization Algorithm for Space-Variant Mixture of Vector Fields / Jacinto C. Nascimento [and others] -- Modality Combination Techniques for Continuous Sign Language Recognition / Jens Forster [and others] -- Genetic Programming of Prototypes for Pattern Classification / Hugo Jair Escalante [and others] -- Bias and Variance Multi-objective Optimization for Support Vector Machines Model Selection / Alejandro Rosales-Pérez [and others] -- Hybrid Grammar Language Model for Handwritten Historical Documents Recognition / Núria Cirera [and others] -- Fast 3D Object Recognition of Rotationally Symmetric Objects / Rui Pimentel de Figueiredo, Plinio Moreno, Alexandre Bernardino -- Image and Signal Processing. Page Segmentation of Structured Documents Using 2D Stochastic Context-Free Grammars / Francisco Álvaro [and others] -- Automatic Quantification of Cell Outgrowth from Neurospheres / Sílvia Bessa, Pedro Quelhas, Isabel F. Amaral -- A Total Variation Based Reconstruction Algorithm for 3D Ultrasound / Manya V. Afonso, João M.R. Sanches -- Automatic Color Profiling of Digital Cameras Using Unordered Photos / Konrad Kölzer, Stefan Müller, Paul Grimm -- Robust Principal Component Analysis for Improving Cognitive Brain States Discrimination from fMRI / Petia Georgieva, Nuttapod Nuntal, Fernando De la Torre -- E-Cadherin Radial Distribution Characterization for Mutation Detection Purposes / Sofia Esménio [and others]
Applications. Fractal Analysis for Symmetry Plane Detection in Neuroimages / Surani Anuradha Jayasuriya, Alan Wee-Chung Liew -- Bag-of-Words and Topic Modeling-Based Sport Video Analysis / Sergio Rodríguez-Pérez, Raul Montoliu -- MirBot: A Multimodal Interactive Image Retrieval System / Antonio Pertusa, Antonio-Javier Gallego, Marisa Bernabeu -- Automatic Identification of Marked Pigs in a Pen Using Image Pattern Recognition / Mohammad Amin Kashiha [and others] -- An Algorithm for the Delineation of Craters in Very High Resolution Images of Mars Surface / Jorge S. Marques, Pedro Pina -- Fast Implementation of a New Radial Symmetry Measure for Photogrammetry / María Fuciños [and others] -- License Plate Recognition Using Weighted Finite-State Transducers and Different Evidence Combination Methods / Jorge Grande [and others] -- Special Session: Recent Contributions in Breast Cancer Image Analysis. Automated Mammographic Risk Classification Based on Breast Density Estimation / Zhili Chen [and others] -- Manifold Learning for Density Segmentation in High Risk Mammograms / Harry Strange [and others] -- Demons Methods for Digital Mammography Registration / Yago Díez [and others] -- Is Kinect Depth Data Accurate for the Aesthetic Evaluation after Breast Cancer Surgeries? / Hélder P. Oliveira [and others] -- Feasibility Study of Lesion Detection Using Deformable Part Models in Breast Ultrasound Images / Gerard Pons [and others] -- Special Session: Computer Vision for Robotics and Automation. Probabilistic Appearance-Based Mapping and Localization Using Visual Features / Emilio Garcia-Fidalgo, Alberto Ortiz -- An Improved Labelling for the INRIA Person Data Set for Pedestrian Detection / Matteo Taiana, Jacinto C. Nascimento, Alexandre Bernardino -- Towards Modelling an Attention-Based Text Localization Process / Antonio Clavelli [and others] -- Real-Time Visual Ground-Truth System for Indoor Robotic Applications / André Dias [and others] -- Real-Time Object Recognition Based on Cortical Multi-scale Keypoints / Kasim Terzić, Joao M.F. Rodrigues, J.M. Hans du Buf
Poster Sessions. Computer Vision. Characterizing Actions with Local Descriptors Based on Kinematics and Flow Recurrences / Pau Agustí, V. Javier Traver, Filiberto Pla -- Optimization of BOW Using Self Organizing Map Artificial Neural Network in Similar Images Retrieval Systems / Zied Elleuch, Kirmene Marzouki -- Motion Flow Tracking in Unconstrained Videos for Retail Scenario / Eduardo Marques Pereira, Jaime S. Cardoso, Ricardo Morla -- Visual Attribute Extraction Using Human Pose Estimation / Angelo Nodari, Marco Vanetti, Ignazio Gallo -- Parametric Image Restoration Using Consensus: An Application to Nonstationary Noise Filtering / Luis González-Jaime [and others] -- Path Analysis Using Directional Forces. A Practical Case: Traffic Scenes / Brais Cancela, Marcos Ortega, Manuel G. Penedo -- Human Interaction Recognition by Motion Decoupling / Manuel J. Marín-Jiménez, Nicolás Pérez de la Blanca -- Alignment-Free Gender Recognition in the Wild / Juan Bekios-Calfa, José M. Buenaposada, Luis Baumela -- An Efficient Algorithm for Estimating the Inverse Optical Flow / Javier Sánchez, Agustín Salgado, Nelson Monzón -- Human Action Recognition under Partial Occlusions / Carlos Orrite [and others] -- Vision-Based 3D-Reconstruction of Barley Plants / Armagan Elibol [and others] -- Automatic Tampering Detection in Spliced Images with Different Compression Levels / Diego García-Ordás [and others] -- Detecting Arbitrarily Oriented Text Labels in Early Maps / Winfried Höhn -- Homeomorphic Geometrical Transform for Collision Response in Surgical Simulation / Verónica García-Pérez, Antonio Tristán-Vega, Santiago Aja-Fernández -- Multinuclear Cell Analysis Using Laplacian of Gaussian and Delaunay Graphs / Luis Ferro [and others] -- Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning. HMM Based Model for Arabic Word Conjugation Recognition and Word Reconstitution from Morphological Concepts / Imen Ben Cheikh, Faten Ziadi -- Do We Really Need All These Neurons? / Adriana Romero, Carlo Gatta -- Multi-net System Configuration for Visual Object Segmentation by Error Backpropagation / Ignazio Gallo [and others] -- Topological Auto-Calibration of Central Imaging Sensors / Ricardo Galego [and others] -- Multimodal Interactive Parsing / José-Miguel Benedí [and others] -- A Complexity Measure of Gait Perception / Javier Ortells Lorenzo, Raúl Martín-Félez, Ramón A. Mollineda Cárdenas -- Partial Least Squares for Word Confidence Estimation in Machine Translation / Jesús González-Rubio, Jose Ramón Navarro-Cerdán, Francisco Casacuberta -- Exploring Relevance Vector Machines for Faster Pedestrian Classification / Carlos Serra-Toro, V. Javier Traver -- DWOF: A Robust Density-Based Outlier Detection Approach / Rana Momtaz, Nesma Mohssen, Mohammad A. Gowayyed
An Incremental Bit Allocation Strategy for Supervised Feature Discretization / Artur Ferreira, Mário Figueiredo -- Dissimilarity Increments Distribution in the Evidence Accumulation Clustering Framework / Helena Aidos, Ana Fred -- Assessment of Image Quality Using a Pseudophakic Eye Model for Refractive Evaluation / Filomena Ribeiro [and others] -- Cirrhosis Prognostic Quantification with Ultrasound: An Approximation to Model for End-Stage Liver Disease / Ricardo Ribeiro, Rui Tato Marinho, João Miguel Sanches -- An Experimental Study of Pruning Techniques in Handwritten Text Recognition Systems / Daniel Martín-Albo, Verónica Romero, Enrique Vidal -- Which Fast Nearest Neighbour Search Algorithm to Use? / Aureo Serrano, Luisa Micó, Jose Oncina -- Learning to Detect Stent Struts in Intravascular Ultrasound / Francesco Ciompi [and others] -- Detection of Carotid Plaque Symptoms Using Ultrasound Imaging / David Afonso, João Miguel R. Sanches -- Image and Signal Processing. A Wide Spread of Algorithms for Automatic Segmentation of Dermoscopic Images / Pedro M. Ferreira, Teresa Mendonça, Paula Rocha -- Automatic Classification of Retinal Vessels Using Structural and Intensity Information / Behdad Dashtbozorg, Ana Maria Mendonça, Aurélio Campilho -- A Geostatistical Approach for Selecting the Highest Quality MODIS Daily Images / Lluís Pesquer, Cristina Domingo, Xavier Pons -- Scalp EEG Continuous Space ERD/ERS Quantification / Vânia Relvas, J. Miguel Sanches, Patrícia Figueiredo -- Cancer Cell Detection and Morphology Analysis Based on Local Interest Point Detectors / Tiago Esteves, Maria José Oliveira, Pedro Quelhas -- Thermal Infrared Face Segmentation: A New Pose Invariant Method / Sílvio Filipe, Luís A. Alexandre -- DCT Based Approach for Tampered Image Detection and Recovery Using Block Wise Fragile Watermarking Scheme / Shivendra Shivani, Durgesh Singh, Suneeta Agarwal -- Vocabulary Reduction in BoW Representing by Topic Modeling / Rubén Fernández-Beltran, Raul Montoliu, Filiberto Pla -- Detection of Elliptical Shapes via Cross-Entropy Clustering / Jacek Tabor, Krzysztof Misztal -- Person Identification Based on Visual Analysis of Soft-Biometric Features in Surveillance Environments / Daniela Moctezuma, Cristina Conde, Isaac Martín de Diego, Enrique Cabello -- Fast Implementations of the Levelset Segmentation Method With Bias Field Correction in MR Images: Full Domain and Mask-Based Versions / Tatyana Ivanovska [and others] -- An Image-Based Measure for Evaluation of Mathematical Expression Recognition / Francisco Álvaro, Joan-Andreu Sánchez, José-Miguel Benedí -- A Bayesian Approach to Perfusion Imaging Using ASL MRI / Miguel L. Rodrigues, Patrícia Figueiredo, João Miguel Sanches -- Foreground Segmentation by Combining Color and Depth Images / Simona Ottonelli [and others] -- A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Gravitational Search Algorithm for Image Segmentation Using Multilevel Thresholding / Genyun Sun, Aizhu Zhang
Applications. The Role of Keypoint Sampling on the Classification of Melanomas in Dermoscopy Images Using Bag-of-Features / Catarina Barata, Jorge S. Marques, Jorge Rozeira -- Fusion of Multi-temporal and Multi-sensor Hyperspectral Data for Land-Use Classification / Ignacio Piqueras-Salazar, Pedro García-Sevilla -- Detection and Matching of Lines for Close-Range Photogrammetry / Juan López [and others] -- Modeling Musical Style with Language Models for Composer Recognition / María Hontanilla, Carlos Pérez-Sancho, Jose M. Iñesta -- A Robust Machine Learning Approach for Signal Separation and Classification / Simone Filice, Danilo Croce, Roberto Basili -- Eigenexpressions: Emotion Recognition Using Multiple Eigenspaces / Luis Marco-Giménez, Miguel Arevalillo-Herráez, Cristina Cuhna-Pérez -- Pattern-Based Approach to Table Extraction / K.C. Santosh, Abdel Belaïd -- Automatic Detection and Characterization of Acoustic Plane-Wave Reflections Using Circular Microphone Arrays / Maximo Cobos [and others] -- A Supervised Approach for Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Segmentation Using Context Features and an Outlier Map / Mariano Cabezas [and others] -- Industrial Non-intrusive Coded-Target Identification and Decoding Application / Miguel Fernandez-Fernandez [and others] -- Integrated Matching and Geocoding of SAR and Optical Satellite Images / Olaf Hellwich [and others] -- Characterization and Reduction of MR-Environment-Related EEG Artefacts / Sven Rothlübbers [and others] -- What Is the Role of Color in Dermoscopy Analysis? / Margarida Ruela [and others] -- Event Detection in Communication and Transportation Data / Joachim Neumann [and others] -- View Synthesis for Real Scene Visualisation on Autostereoscopic Displays / Eva Salvador-Balaguer, Jose Martinez Sotoca, Filiberto Pla Bañón -- Detection of Indoor and Outdoor Stairs / Somayeh Shahrabadi, Joao M.F. Rodrigues, J.M. Hans du Buf -- A Probabilistic Template Model for Finding Macromolecules in MET Volume Images / Lennart Svensson, Ida-Maria Sintorn -- Physical Activity Recognition from Smartphone Embedded Sensors / João Prudêncio, Ana Aguiar, Daniel Lucani -- Automatic Intra Muscular Fat Analysis on Dry-Cured Ham Slices / Sigit Widiyanto [and others] -- Estimating Point of Regard with a Consumer Camera at a Distance / Jordi Mansanet [and others] -- Comparative Evaluation of Occupancy Grid Mapping Methods Using Sonar Sensors / João Carvalho, Rodrigo Ventura
Summary This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 6th Iberian Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis, IbPRIA 2013, held in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, in June 2013. The 105 papers (37 oral and 68 poster ones) presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 181 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on computer vision, pattern recognition, image and signal, applications
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Author Sanches, João Miguel, editor
Micó, Luisa, editor
Cardoso, Jaime S., editor
ISBN 9783642386282
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