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Author Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (12th : 2012 : Kuching, Sarawak)

Title PRICAI 2012 : Trends in artificial intelligence ; 12th Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Kuching, Malaysia, September 3-7, 2012, Proceedings / Patricia Anthony, Mitsuru Ishizuka, Dickson Lukose (eds.)
Published Berlin ; New York : Springer, ©2012


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Series Lecture notes in artificial intelligence ; 7458
LNCS sublibrary. SL 7, Artificial intelligence
Lecture notes in computer science. Lecture notes in artificial intelligence ; 7458
LNCS sublibrary. SL 7, Artificial intelligence.
Contents Systems Biology Powered by Artificial Intelligence / Hiroaki Kitano -- Preference Reasoning and Aggregation: Between AI and Social Choice / Francesca Rossi -- Economical Operation of Thermal Generating Units Integrated with Smart Houses / Shantanu Chakraborty, Takayuki Ito and Tomonobu Senjyu -- Concept Learning for EL++ by Refinement and Reinforcement / Mahsa Chitsaz, Kewen Wang, Michael Blumenstein and Guilin Qi -- Hierarchical Training of Multiple SVMs for Personalized Web Filtering / Maike Erdmann, Duc Dung Nguyen, Tomoya Takeyoshi, Gen Hattori and Kazunori Matsumoto, et al. -- Citation Based Summarisation of Legal Texts / Filippo Galgani, Paul Compton and Achim Hoffmann -- A Novel Video Face Clustering Algorithm Based on Divide and Conquer Strategy / Gaopeng Gou, Di Huang and Yunhong Wang -- A Hybrid Local Feature for Face Recognition / Gaopeng Gou, Di Huang and Yunhong Wang -- Ontology Querying Support in Semantic Annotation Process / Miha Grčar, Vid Podpečan, Borut Sluban and Igor Mozetič -- Learning to Achieve Socially Optimal Solutions in General-Sum Games / Jianye Hao and Ho-fung Leung -- Incorporating Fairness into Agent Interactions Modeled as Two-Player Normal-Form Games / Jianye Hao and Ho-fung Leung -- Semi-Supervised Discriminatively Regularized Classifier with Pairwise Constraints / Jijian Huang, Hui Xue and Yuqing Zhai
Outdoor Situation Recognition Using Support Vector Machine for the Blind and the Visually Impaired / Jihye Hwang, Kyung-tai Kim and Eun Yi Kim -- Mining Rules for Rewriting States in a Transition-Based Dependency Parser / Akihiro Inokuchi, Ayumu Yamaoka, Takashi Washio, Yuji Matsumoto and Masayuki Asahara, et al. -- The Comparison of Stigmergy Strategies for Decentralized Traffic Congestion Control: Preliminary Results / Takayuki Ito, Ryo Kanamori, Jun Takahashi, Iván Marsa Maestre and Enrique de la Hoz -- Life-Logging of Wheelchair Driving on Web Maps for Visualizing Potential Accidents and Incidents / Yusuke Iwasawa and Ikuko Eguchi Yairi -- Texture Feature Extraction Based on Fractional Mask Convolution with Cesáro Means for Content-Based Image Retrieval / Hamid A. Jalab and Rabha W. Ibrahim -- Possibilistic Reasoning in Multi-Context Systems: Preliminary Report / Yifan Jin, Kewen Wang and Lian Wen -- A Two-Step Zero Pronoun Resolution by Reducing Candidate Cardinality / Kye-Sung Kim, Su-Jeong Choi, Seong-Bae Park and Sang-Jo Lee -- Hybrid Techniques to Address Cold Start Problems for People to People Recommendation in Social Networks / Yang Sok Kim, Alfred Krzywicki, Wayne Wobcke, Ashesh Mahidadia and Paul Compton, et al. -- An Improved Particle Swarm Optimisation for Image Segmentation of Homogeneous Images / Weng Kin Lai and Imran M. Khan -- A Regression-Based Approach for Improving the Association Rule Mining through Predicting the Number of Rules on General Datasets / Dien Tuan Le, Fenghui Ren and Minjie Zhang
A Real-Time, Multimodal, and Dimensional Affect Recognition System / Nicole Nielsen Lee, Jocelynn Cu and Merlin Teodosia Suarez -- Representing Reach-to-Grasp Trajectories Using Perturbed Goal Motor States / Jeremy Lee-Hand, Tim Neumegen and Alistair Knott -- TSX: A Novel Symbolic Representation for Financial Time Series / Guiling Li, Liping Zhang and Linquan Yang -- Genetic-Optimized Classifier Ensemble for Cortisol Salivary Measurement Mapping to Electrocardiogram Features for Stress Evaluation / Chu Kiong Loo, Soon Fatt Cheong, Margaret A. Seldon, Ali Afzalian Mand and Kalaiarasi Sonai Muthu, et al. -- Information Bottleneck with Local Consistency / Zhengzheng Lou, Yangdong Ye and Zhenfeng Zhu -- A D-S Theory Based AHP Decision Making Approach with Ambiguous Evaluations of Multiple Criteria / Wenjun Ma, Wei Xiong and Xudong Luo -- Synthesizing Image Representations of Linguistic and Topological Features for Predicting Areas of Attention / Pascual Martínez-Gómez, Tadayoshi Hara, Chen Chen, Kyohei Tomita and Yoshinobu Kano, et al. -- Stigmergic Modeling for Web Service Composition and Adaptation / Ahmed Moustafa, Minjie Zhang and Quan Bai -- Recognizing Human Gender in Computer Vision: A Survey / Choon Boon Ng, Yong Haur Tay and Bok-Min Goi -- Web-Based Mathematics Testing with Automatic Assessment / Minh Luan Nguyen, Siu Cheung Hui and Alvis C.M. Fong -- Content-Based Collaborative Filtering for Question Difficulty Calibration / Minh Luan Nguyen, Siu Cheung Hui and Alvis C.M. Fong -- Natural Language Opinion Search on Blogs / Sylvester Olubolu Orimaye, Saadat M. Alhashmi and Eu-Gene Siew
Buy It -- Don't Buy It: Sentiment Classification on Amazon Reviews Using Sentence Polarity Shift / Sylvester Olubolu Orimaye, Saadat M. Alhashmi and Eu-Gene Siew -- Generation of Chord Progression Using Harmony Search Algorithm for a Constructive Adaptive User Interface / Noriko Otani, Katsutoshi Tadokoro, Satoshi Kurihara and Masayuki Numao -- A Local Distribution Net for Data Clustering / Qiubao Ouyang, Furao Shen and Jinxi Zhao -- Improving Multi-label Classification Using Semi-supervised Learning and Dimensionality Reduction / Eakasit Pacharawongsakda, Cholwich Nattee and Thanaruk Theeramunkong -- Generic Multi-Document Summarization Using Topic-Oriented Information / Yulong Pei, Wenpeng Yin and Lian'en Huang -- Intelligent Ethical Wealth Planner: A Multi-agent Approach / Phang Wai San, Tan Li Im and Patricia Anthony -- Scalable Text Classification with Sparse Generative Modeling / Antti Puurula -- UPM-3D Facial Expression Recognition Database(UPM-3DFE) / Rabiu Habibu, Mashohor Syamsiah, Marhaban Mohammad Hamiruce and Saripan M. Iqbal -- Probabilistic Reasoning in DL-Lite / Raghav Ramachandran, Guilin Qi, Kewen Wang, Junhu Wang and John Thornton -- A Semantics Driven User Interface for Virtual Saarlouis / Deborah Richards and Stefan Warwas -- Fuzzified Game Tree Search -- Precision vs Speed / Dmitrijs Rutko -- Processing Incomplete Temporal Information in Controlled Natural Language / Rolf Schwitter -- Opinion Target Extraction for Short Comments / Lin Shang, Haipeng Wang, Xinyu Dai and Mengjie Zhang
Managing the Complexity of Large-Scale Agent-Based Social Diffusion Models with Different Network Topologies / Alexei Sharpanskykh -- Building Detection with Loosely-Coupled Hybrid Feature Descriptors / Sieow Yeek Tan, Chin Wei Bong and Dickson Lukose -- Towards Optimal Cooperative Path Planning in Hard Setups through Satisfiability Solving / Pavel Surynek -- A New Algorithm for Multilevel Optimization Problems Using Evolutionary Strategy, Inspired by Natural Adaptation / Surafel Luleseged Tilahun, Semu Mitiku Kassa and Hong Choon Ong -- Hamming Selection Pruned Sets (HSPS) for Efficient Multi-label Video Classification / Tiong Yew Tang, Saadat M. Alhashmi and Mohamed Hisham Jaward -- Hierarchical Workflow Management in Wireless Sensor Network / Endong Tong, Wenjia Niu, Gang Li, Hui Tang and Ding Tang, et al. -- Multimodal Biometric Person Authentication Using Fingerprint, Face Features / Tran Binh Long, Le Hoang Thai and Tran Hanh -- Explaining Subgroups through Ontologies / Anže Vavpetič, Vid Podpečan, Stijn Meganck and Nada Lavrač -- Automatic Keyword Extraction from Single-Sentence Natural Language Queries / David X. Wang, Xiaoying Gao and Peter Andreae -- Model Combination for Support Vector Regression via Regularization Path / Mei Wang and Shizhong Liao -- Subspace Regularized Linear Discriminant Analysis for Small Sample Size Problems / Zhidong Wang and Wuyi Yang -- A Particle Swarm Optimisation Based Multi-objective Filter Approach to Feature Selection for Classification / Bing Xue, Liam Cervante, Lin Shang and Mengjie Zhang
Exploiting Independent Relationships in Multiagent Systems for Coordinated Learning / Chao Yu, Minjie Zhang and Fenghui Ren -- A Model of Intention with (Un)Conditional Commitments / Dongmo Zhang -- Group Polarization: Connecting, Influence and Balance, a Simulation Study Based on Hopfield Modeling / Zhenpeng Li and Xijin Tang -- Combined Optimal Wavelet Filters with Morphological Watershed Transform for the Segmentation of Dermoscopic Skin Lesions / Alaa Ahmed Abbas, Wooi-Haw Tan and Xiao-Ning Guo -- Predicting Academic Emotions Based on Brainwaves, Mouse Behaviour and Personality Profile / Judith Azcarraga and Merlin Teodosia Suarez -- Extraction of Chinese Multiword Expressions Based on Artificial Neural Network with Feedbacks / Yiwen Fu, Naisheng Ge, Zhongguang Zheng, Shu Zhang and Yao Meng, et al. -- Intelligent Situation Awareness on the EYECANE / Jihye Hwang, Yeounggwang Ji and Eun Yi Kim -- The Use of Sound Symbolism in Sentiment Classification / Takuma Igarashi, Ryohei Sasano, Hiroya Takamura and Manabu Okumura -- Enhancing Malay Stemming Algorithm with Background Knowledge / Leow Ching Leong, Surayaini Basri and Rayner Alfred -- Using Tagged and Untagged Corpora to Improve Thai Morphological Analysis with Unknown Word Boundary Detections / Wimvipa Luangpiensamut, Kanako Komiya and Yoshiyuki Kotani -- Image Retrieval Using Most Similar Highest Priority Principle Based on Fusion of Colour and Texture Features / Fatin A. Mahdi, Mohammad Faizal Ahmad Fauzi and Nurul Nadia Ahmad -- Computational Intelligence for Human Interactive Communication of Robot Partners / Naoki Masuyama, Chee Seng Chan, Naoyuki Kuobota and Jinseok Woo
Healthy or Harmful? Polarity Analysis Applied to Biomedical Entity Relationships / Qingliang Miao, Shu Zhang, Yao Meng, Yiwen Fu and Hao Yu -- Semi-automatic Segmentation of 3D Point Clouds Skeleton without Explicit Computation for Critical Points / Kok-Why Ng, Abdullah Junaidi and Sew-Lai Ng -- Implementation of Automatic Nutrient Calculation System for Cooking Recipes Based on Text Analysis / Jun Takahashi, Tsuguya Ueda, Chika Nishikawa, Takayuki Ito and Akihiko Nagai -- A Feature Space Alignment Learning Algorithm / Chao Tan and Jihong Guan -- An Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization Approach to Computer Go Controller Synthesis / Kar Bin Tan, Jason Teo, Kim On Chin and Patricia Anthony -- Mining Frequent Itemsets with Dualistic Constraints / Anh Tran, Hai Duong, Tin Truong and Bac Le -- Extraction of Semantic Relation Based on Feature Vector from Wikipedia / Duc-Thuan Vo and Cheol-Young Ock -- [tau][epsilon]2asp : Implementing TE via Answer Set Programming / Hai Wan, Yu Ma, Zhanhao Xiao and Yuping Shen -- Investigating Individual Decision Making Patterns in Games Using Growing Self Organizing Maps / Manjusri Wickramasinghe, Jayantha Rajapakse and Damminda Alahakoon -- Automatic Multi-document Summarization Based on New Sentence Similarity Measures / Wenpeng Yin, Yulong Pei and Lian'en Huang -- Using Common-Sense Knowledge in Generating Stories / Sherie Yu and Ethel Ong -- Context-Based Interaction Design for Smart Homes / Zuraini Zainol and Keiichi Nakata
A Visual Approach for Classification Based on Data Projection / Ke-Bing Zhang, Mehmet A. Orgun, Rajan Shankaran and Du Zhang -- On Modelling Emotional Responses to Rhythm Features / Jocelynn Cu, Rafael Cabredo, Roberto Legaspi and Merlin Teodosia Suarez -- Harnessing Wikipedia Semantics for Computing Contextual Relatedness / Shahida Jabeen, Xiaoying Gao and Peter Andreae -- Chinese Morphological Analysis Using Morpheme and Character Features / Kanako Komiya, Haixia Hou, Kazutomo Shibahara, Koji Fujimoto and Yoshiyuki Kotani -- An Improved Recommender Based on Hidden Markov Model / Jialing Li, Li Li, Yuheng Wu and Shangxiong Chen -- Event Recognition in Parking Lot Surveillance System / Lih Lin Ng and Hong Siang Chua -- Heuristics- and Statistics-Based Wikification / Hien T. Nguyen, Tru H. Cao, Trong T. Nguyen and Thuy-Linh Vo-Thi -- Identification and Visualisation of Pattern Migrations in Big Network Data / Puteri N.E. Nohuddin, Frans Coenen, Rob Christley and Wataru Sunayama -- Improving Top-N Recommendations with User Consuming Profiles / Yongli Ren, Gang Li and Wanlei Zhou -- Towards Providing Music for Academic and Leisurely Activities of Computer Users / Roman Joseph Aquino, Joshua Rafael Battad, Charlene Frances Ngo, Gemilene Uy and Rhia Trogo, et al. -- Overlapping Community Discovery via Weighted Line Graphs of Networks / Tetsuya Yoshida -- Community Structure Based Node Scores for Network Immunization / Tetsuya Yoshida and Yuu Yamada
Summary This volume constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 12th Pacific Rim Conference on Artificial Intelligence, PRICAI 2012, held in Kuching, Malaysia, in September 2012. The 60 revised full papers presented together with 2 invited papers, 22 short papers, and 11 poster papers in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 240 submissions. The topics roughly include AI foundations, applications of AI, cognition and intelligent interactions, computer-aided education, constraint and search, creativity support, decision theory, evolutionary computation, game playing, information retrieval and extraction, knowledge mining and acquisition, knowledge representation and logic, linked open data and semantic web, machine learning and data mining, multimedia and AI, natural language processing, robotics, social intelligence, vision and perception, web and text mining, web and knowledge-based system
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