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Community participation -- See Political participation

--subdivision Political activity under names of individual persons, corporate bodies, and families; and under classes of persons, types of industries and corporate bodies, military services, and Christian denominations, e.g. Construction industry--Political activity; United States--Armed Forces--Political activity; Catholic Church--Political activity; and subdivision Citizen participation under headings designating government activities, e.g. Crime prevention--Citizen participation
2 Community Participation   92
3 Community participation Child care services Australia Victoria : Childcare is a family issue : a guide to assessing, selecting, using and evaluating child care options for families / written by Jan Barrett for the Community Child Care Association of Victoria on behalf of the Victorian Women Lawyers Association  2000? 1
4 Community participation Community health services Developing countries : Tindakan Masyarakat Dalam Menangani HIV : Buku Pendoman bagi pencegahan dan perawatan HIV / Edited by Tamnara Aboagye-Kwarteng and Rob Moodie  1997 1
5 Community participation Conservation of natural resources Australia : Community-based environmental education : government and community, economics and environment / Jennifer Andrew  1997 1
6 Community participation Crime prevention Great Britain : Democracy and policing / Trevor Jones, Tim Newburn, and David J. Smith  1994 1
7 Community Participation -- history   2
8 Community Participation -- methods.   10
9 Community Participation -- psychology : Consumer knowledge and financial decisions : lifespan perspectives / Douglas J. Lamdin, editor  2012 1
10 Community participation Public health Developing countries : Participatory development tool kit : materials to facilitate community empowerment / compiled by Deepa Narayan and Lyra Srinivasan  1994 1
11 Community Participation -- trends.   2
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