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Environmental illness -- See Environmentally induced diseases

--subdivision Environmental aspects under individual diseases and types of diseases, e.g. Cancer--Environmental aspects; Heart--Diseases--Environmental aspects
2 Environmental Illness   26
3 Environmental Illness -- epidemiology : Spatio-temporal methods in environmental epidemiology / Gavin Shaddick, University of Bath, UK, James V. Zidek, University of British Columbia, Canada  2016 1
4 Environmental Illness -- etiology.   5
5 Environmental Illness -- prevention & control   2
6 Environmental Illness -- psychology.   2
7 Environmental Illness -- therapy. : Environmental illness : myth and reality / Herman Staudenmayer  1999 1

Environmental Illnesses -- See Environmental Illness

A polysymptomatic condition believed by clinical ecologists to result from immune dysregulation induced by common foods, allergens, and chemicals, resulting in various physical and mental disorders. The medical community has remained largely skeptical of the existence of this "disease", given the plethora of symptoms attributed to environmental illness, the lack of reproducible laboratory abnormalities, and the use of unproven therapies to treat the condition. (From Segen, Dictionary of Modern Medicine, 1992)
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