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GTP-binding proteins -- See G proteins

2 GTP-Binding Proteins   22
3 GTP-Binding Proteins -- analysis.   5

GTP-Binding Proteins, Heterotrimeric -- See Heterotrimeric GTP-Binding Proteins

GTP-BINDING PROTEINS that contain three non-identical subunits. They are found associated with members of the seven transmembrane domain superfamily of G-PROTEIN-COUPLED RECEPTORS. Upon activation the GTP-BINDING PROTEIN ALPHA SUBUNIT of the complex dissociates leaving a dimer of a GTP-BINDING PROTEIN BETA SUBUNIT bound to a GTP-BINDING PROTEIN GAMMA SUBUNIT
5 GTP-Binding Proteins -- isolation & purification. : Adenylyl cyclase, G proteins, and guanylyl cyclase / edited by Roger A. Johnson, Jackie D. Corbin  1991 1
6 GTP-Binding Proteins -- metabolism : Signal transduction : a practical approach / edited by G. Milligan  1999 1
7 GTP-Binding Proteins -- physiology.   8

GTP-Binding Proteins, rho -- See rho GTP-Binding Proteins

A large family of MONOMERIC GTP-BINDING PROTEINS that are involved in regulation of actin organization, gene expression and cell cycle progression. This enzyme was formerly listed as EC
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