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Inservice training -- See Employees Training of

Here are entered works on on-the-job training of employees. Works on vocational instruction within the standard educational system, usually at the secondary level, are entered under Vocational education. Works on the efforts of educational institutions and the community to teach individuals the values of a work-oriented society in preparation for meaningful employment are entered under Career education. Works on the process of training individuals in a particular skill after termination of their formal education are entered under Occupational training. Works on retraining persons with obsolete vocational skills are entered under Occupational retraining

--subdivisions In-service training and Training of under occupational groups and types of employees; and subdivision Employees--Training of under types of industries, e.g. Construction industry--Employees--Training of
2 Inservice Training   309
3 Inservice Training -- methods.   7
4 Inservice Training -- organization & administration.   3
5 Inservice Training -- organization & administration [MESH] : Managing the training process : putting the principles into practice / Mike Wills  1998 1
6 Inservice Training -- standards. : Developing policy and procedure manuals that work / written by Jennifer Schofield  1998 1
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