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1   Multidrug resistance -- 2 Related Subjects   2
2 Multidrug resistance.   12
3   Multidrug Resistance-Associated Proteins -- 2 Related Subjects   2
4 Multidrug resistance -- Congresses. : Update treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis : proceedings of a sponsored symposium to the 29th World Conference of the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases (IUATLD/UICTMR) : Bangkok, Thailand, November 25, 1998 / guest editors, Michael D. Iseman, Praparn Youngchaiyud  1999 1
5 Multidrug resistance -- Prevention : Infection control in healthcare. Multi drug resistant organisms. Strategies to prevent the spread of multi-drug resistant organisms (MDROs) / [produced by Medcom, Inc.]  2013 1

Multidrug Resistance Proteins -- See ATP Binding Cassette Transporter, Subfamily B

A subfamily of transmembrane proteins from the superfamily of ATP-BINDING CASSETTE TRANSPORTERS that are closely related in sequence to ATP BINDING CASSETTE TRANSPORTER, SUBFAMILY B, MEMBER 1. When overexpressed, they function as ATP-dependent efflux pumps able to extrude lipophilic drugs, especially ANTINEOPLASTIC AGENTS, from cells causing multidrug resistance (DRUG RESISTANCE, MULTIPLE). Although ATP BINDING CASSETTE TRANSPORTER, SUBFAMILY B share functional similarities to MULTIDRUG RESISTANCE-ASSOCIATED PROTEINS they are two distinct subclasses of ATP-BINDING CASSETTE TRANSPORTERS, and have little sequence homology
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