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Transportation of Patients -- See Also Moving and Lifting Patients

Moving or repositioning patients within their beds, from bed to bed, bed to chair, or otherwise from one posture or surface to another
2 Transportation of Patients.   36
3 Transportation of Patients -- history. : Farmcarts to Fords : a history of the military ambulance, 1790-1925 / John S. Haller, Jr  1992 1
4 Transportation of Patients -- methods.   6
5 Transportation of Patients -- organization & administration. : Safety and quality in medical transport systems : creating an effective culture / edited by John W. Overton, Jr. and Eileen Frazer  2012 1
6 Transportation of Patients -- standards. : Guidelines for air and ground transport of neonatal and pediatric patients / author, Section on Transport Medicine American Academy of Pediatrics ; Robert M. Insoft, editor-in-chief ; Hamilton P. Schwartz, associate editor ; Jan Romito, special consultant ; S. Nicole Alexander, AAP staff  2016 1
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