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1 Vagus nerve.   6
2 Vagus nerve -- Diseases : Microbiome metabolome brain vagus nerve circuit in disease and recovery / Elena L. Paley  2023 1
3 Vagus Nerve Diseases -- therapy : Neurostimulation : principles and practice / edited by Sam Eljamel and Konstantin Slavin  2013 1
4 Vagus Nerve -- physiology   2
5 Vagus Nerve Stimulation : Brain stimulation in psychiatry : ECT, DBS, TMS, and other modalities / Charles H. Kellner  2012 1

Vagus Nerve Stimulations -- See Vagus Nerve Stimulation

An adjunctive treatment for PARTIAL EPILEPSY and refractory DEPRESSION that delivers electrical impulses to the brain via the VAGUS NERVE. A battery implanted under the skin supplies the energy
7 Vagus nerve -- Testing : Nursing Assessment. The Nervous System. Objective Data. Glossopharyngeal Nerves and Vagus Nerves / [produced by Medcom, Inc.]  2012 1

Vagus Nerves -- See Vagus Nerve

The 10th cranial nerve. The vagus is a mixed nerve which contains somatic afferents (from skin in back of the ear and the external auditory meatus), visceral afferents (from the pharynx, larynx, thorax, and abdomen), parasympathetic efferents (to the thorax and abdomen), and efferents to striated muscle (of the larynx and pharynx)
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