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Withholding Treatment -- See Also Resuscitation Orders

Instructions issued by a physician pertaining to the institution, continuation, or withdrawal of life support measures. The concept includes policies, laws, statutes, decisions, guidelines, and discussions that may affect the issuance of such orders
2 Withholding Treatment.   13
3 Withholding Treatment -- ethics.   4
4 Withholding Treatment -- history : The Search for the Legacy of the USPHS Syphilis Study at Tuskegee  2011 1
5 Withholding Treatment -- legislation & jurisprudence : If that ever happens to me : making life and death decisions after Terri Schiavo / Lois Shepherd  2009 1
6 Withholding Treatment -- standards. : Withholding and withdrawing life-prolonging medical treatment : guidance for decision making / British Medical Association  2007 1

Withholding Treatments -- See Withholding Treatment

Withholding or withdrawal of a particular treatment or treatments, often (but not necessarily) life-prolonging treatment, from a patient or from a research subject as part of a research protocol. The concept is differentiated from REFUSAL TO TREAT, where the emphasis is on the health professional's or health facility's refusal to treat a patient or group of patients when the patient or the patient's representative requests treatment. Withholding of life-prolonging treatment is usually indexed only with EUTHANASIA, PASSIVE, unless the distinction between withholding and withdrawing treatment, or the issue of withholding palliative rather than curative treatment, is discussed
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