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Description Collection includes resources for nursing professionals and students. Subject areas cover the challenges of nursing, developing management skills, and building critical thinking skills.
Subject area Nursing and Midwifery
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Other name HC Pro nursing e-books
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HCPro e-books The effective nurse preceptor handbook : your guide to success / Diana Swihart
HCPro e-books Evidence-based age-specific care : training handbook for nurses and clinical staff / Adrianne E. Avillion
HCPro e-books Handling difficult patients : a guide for staff
HCPro e-books HCPro's e-mail tools for the ANCC magnet recognition program
HCPro e-books HCPro's guide to assessing, pursuing, and achieving excellence in the ANCC magnet recognition program / Marian C. Turkel
HCPro e-books HCPro's handbook for the nursing staff on the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program
HCPro e-books High-alert medications and safe practices : a study guide for nurses / Marla Husch, Jennifer M. Groszek and Denise Rooney
HCPro e-books Hospital case management models : evidence for connecting the boardroom to the bedside / Karen Zander
HCPro e-books Nurse preceptor program builder : tools for a successful preceptor program / Diana Swihart
HCPro e-books Nurse retention toolkit : everyday ways to recognize and reward nurses / Lydia Ostermeier, Bonnie Clair
HCPro e-books Nursing documentation : reduce your risk of liability / Patricia A. Duclos-Miller
HCPro e-books Observation status : a guide to compliant level of care determinations / Deborah K. Hale
HCPro e-books Pediatric high-alert medications : evidence-based safe practices for nursing professionals / Jill Duncan, Jason Corcoran
HCPro e-books A practical guide to staff development : evidence-based tools and techniques for effective education / Adrianne E. Avillion
HCPro e-books The Project director's toolkit : HCPro's guide to collecting evidence and writing narratives for the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program
HCPro e-books Ready, set, designation! : HCPro's guide for the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program site visit / Cheryl A. May and Carolyn K. Lewis
HCPro e-books Shaping up the image of nursing : your ethical and professional role / Shelley Cohen, Kathleen Bartholomew ; [Diana Swihart, contributing author ... and others]
HCPro e-books Stressed out : about communication skills / Kathleen Bartholomew
HCPro e-books Stressed out about difficult patients / Joan Monchak Lorenz
HCPro e-books Stressed out : about drug interactions / Sheri Lynn Jacobson